Opening Songs
OP 1 - Angel (Angela)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Tokumade (Angela)

Genre: Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction

Episodes: 13

"Coppelion" is not something that you'd find everyday on the huge scheme of things. Its a different kind of anime that simply surprises you the first time you actually see it. Its appealing visual style is one thing, but the entire premise and concept of "Coppelion" is not something you see everyday. It sounds simple, but no matter much it seems so, you cannot argue that you haven't seen anything quite like it. "Coppelion" is an adventure anime featuring 3 girls that takes place in a post apocalyptic environment, where the 3 girls are to wander a devastated ghost town to look for any survivors. Sending 3 school girls to scavenge a nuclear devastated city for a very simple yet strong premise, because its not something we get to see often. Believe it or not, if you get past the slow start, "Coppelion" will surely deliver the viewers an emotional and intense experience. 

Our 3 girls looking badass.

Its good to see Angela back on normal duty....they did both the opening and ending themes for "Coppelion", which is pretty cool. "Angel" is the opening, and its classic Angela on all ends. It sounds slow at the start and gets epic towards the end....something I'm used to with Angela songs. The ending theme "Tokumade" takes a slower approach than usual, but still has some fast moments in there. I'd take "Angel" over "Tokumade" in my opinion.

Rating: 8.0/10

There's really a lot to like about "Coppelion". The concept and premise alone is enough to catch your attention, the animation style is beautiful. The 3 main heroines are rather strong characters overall (Aoi is annoying at first but gets better), and the entire anime is littered with sympathetic characters. You'll like the 3 main heroines, and to some extent, some of the survivors in the old capital can really get to you. The overall story is simple enough, but since the anime is split into many different arcs, you'll get many different stories here and there (the first few ones are decent, the final arc which stretches about 6-7 episodes long is just awesome). The action isn't too much to speak off, since the anime is more story driven than anything, though there ARE some cool showings between the different coppelions. To be fair, there are also a ton of emotional moments that made me came close to jerking a tear, as well as funny moments that made me throw out a few chuckles.

Ibara loves her bazookas!

The story centers around 3 genetically mutated girls that are sent to the old capital. The old capital is basically Tokyo, but it was blasted to hell  because of a nuclear accident. Many escaped, many were killed, but there are still survivors living in the capital itself. The 3 girls are Coppelion, they have been genetically modified to survive the radiation that the capital emits even now. Normal people in the area need to wear hazmat suits, these girls don't, thus they are sent there to wander the city and look for survivors. Since they have no need to look out for the radiation, they stand out perfectly. With their commander Mishima and his crew being the group that always come in to evacuate the survivors, they are the perfect rescue team. However, what kind of mishaps will they find in the old capital? Will the girls be prepared for whats to come?

"Coppelion" is great. There aren't many animes like it out there currently, and it sure does a hell of a job delivering some unexpected surprises. If there was a movie like this out there, it would be an awesome one. As it stands though, "Coppelion" seems like it could use a second season, solely because of the way it ended. If it does though, I seriously cannot wait for it, because I haven't quite had enough.