Opening Songs
OP 1 - Avenge World (Konomi Suzuki)

Ending Songs

ED 1 - Sekai Wa Kizu O Dakishimeru (Konomi Suzuki)

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Episodes: 12

Ever seen an anime take such a drastic turn in terms of genre? Remember the transition from season 2 of "Shakugan No Shana" to the 3rd and final season? Yeah...something like that just happened to "Freezing". Before, we got this awesome school life themed harem/romance anime with kickass action between girls...the Pandora. It had a ton of elements that made it enjoyable, as well as segments that made it serious at times. It was a great mix, like many other similar anime before and after...but things really changed in "Freezing Vibration". School life? Throw that out. Having fun and messing around together? Throw that out. Lets take everyone we know and love, throw them into death ring where they'll be killing each other. Not enough? Why not we throw in lots of f**ked up shit! Human experimentation, government corruption...yeah, let's throw all that in! "Freezing Vibration" shows us the dark side of the franchise, and definitely proves to us that the overall plot is not always rainbows and sun-shines.

Don't worry, there's still fan service, though its toned down a little bit.

Not much to say here, I wasn't a fan of the "Freezing" theme songs, be it the opening or the ending. They did switch up the songs a little bit in "Vibration" most probably to fit alongside how different this second season was in comparison to the first. "Avenge World" by Konomi Suzuki is the opening song, and you know, it speaks about vengeance, you know it's going to be somewhat hardcore. It was an alright opening, but the ending theme, "Sekai Wa Kizu O Dakishimeru" (also by Konomi Suzuki), was slightly better in my opinion because it felt a little bit more upbeat. The tune was also quite catchy.

Rating: 7.5/10

The second season focused on a more serious side to the story...not that it was a bad thing. The story in season one was already decent to begin with...and it had this whole school life thing going on which made things a tad bit spicier (you know, hanging out in rooftops, student beauty pageants and shit) . In "Freezing Vibration", the school life was completely taken out, instead, we get everyone living in an experimentation laboratory where they'll be fighting against other Pandoras from other academies for battle data. Doesn't sound too bad, but it quickly turns to this completely new show when they bring in mature themes like corruption and human turns dark WAY too quickly, something I did not expect with the "Freezing" franchise. In a way, this bold turn in the story was good, but the series as an overall felt less "fruitful". Well at least we got to see some cool action scenes regarding the 5 strongest Pandoras...(Charles's abilities were particularly awesome, no matter how much of a bitch she was).

Well, fan service WILL always be fan service.

The story follows that of our hero and heroins from the first season, as they receive an invitation to take part in a training program over in the north pole. They are to help harvest and train the E-Pandoras, artificially created Pandoras that can function just like the originals. This was to help counter the shortages of Pandoras worldwide, or with those unwilling to become one. Satellizer, Rana, Kazuya and others were among the few selected to become battle partners of the E Pandora, whom desperately want to become stronger. Everything seems bad at first when the original Pandoras start to disrespect the imitation E Pandoras, though through the words of Elizabeth, a student from West Genetics, everything was cleared up...the Pandoras and E Pandoras were inspired to work with one another. Of course, everything goes to shit again human experimentation takes place, one of the E Pandoras turn into  Nova....

"Freezing Vibration" is a...bold continuation of the story. Its very different from the original, though I am certain this all this is canon (I went to read the manga after finishing this). There are some parts that were censored, so in many ways, "Freezing Vibration" seems a lot less violent than the original (though I don't see why they would censor the violence when they are always showing Elizabeth's tits off). In my perspective, the story made me intrigued about whats to come, but returning to the school life thing doesn't sound too bad...