Opening songs
OP 1 - Forever we can make it (THYME)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Lucky tune (Santos Anna)
ED 2 - Kiss の行方 (Anna)

Genre: Comedy, Romance


I must say I'm many years late to the party. I watched "To Love Ru" some time late last year, and damn, I have been missing out! "To Love Ru" is a great harem franchise, and while I do think season 1 just stands as a pretty good harem anime, the subsequent ones like "Motto To Love Ru Trouble" and "To Love Ru Darkness" are really entertaining! I can say for sure though that all three seasons bear some very strong ecchi content, which is obviously a good thing! A harem with a ton of interesting and likable girls is always a plus in my book! "To Love Ru" MORE THAN fits the bill, for it is GORGED with different types of girls. Technically, it also has a lot to do with aliens.

Yami and Mikan make an adorable pair!

For the first season, there isn't much to like for the songs in my opinion. The opening song is "Forever we can make it" by THYME, and its being used for the entire anime. Its just a pretty bland and boring song in my opinion, for an anime like this, the opening song has to be catchy, or at least a little cutesy to fit the mood (though I'm not into cutesy songs). There are 2 ending songs, and I think they are sung by the same singer. The first one is lucky tune, and I guess it fits a little to into the "Cutesy and Catchy" category, but to my opinion its not really to my liking. The 2nd ending was better, and its actually pretty awesome to listen to. It might actually be my favorite out of all the songs used in the first season.


Season 1 was enjoyable, but I think its merely a stepping stone of the greatness to come. Its pretty old (probably 5 years old now), but don't let the old animation style and visualization stop you, its still a damn good anime with the greatness of harem and ecchi elements that we all know and love. If panty shots, accidental boob groping and such are your thing, then go for it! This anime is for you, because it probably does these moments better than many other ecchi animes. Though this first season can get a little dry at times, it does it job well and can put a smile on the face of viewers.

What the f**k Rito.
Yuki Rito has to be the luckiest f**ker in the world. He's your regular high school kid loser who can't even confess to the girl he likes. One day though, his life changed for the better as a pink haired girl suddenly appeared NAKED in his bath while he's in it. After a brief introduction the girl introduces herself as Lala Satan Deviluke, an alien princess from the planet of Deviluke. Without much incentive, Rito suddenly becomes the candidate for becoming Lala's bride, and before he knows it Lala's royal guard acknowledges it. Now it seems that he will become the next in line for the throne of planet Deviluke...of course not before living a life of bliss on Earth with Lala, meeting new girls and further improving his life!

"To Love Ru" is just the opening door to a great harem/ecchi franchise. The first season has some downs, but is still pretty enjoyable for the most part. If you want to indulge yourself into harem and ecchi goodness, "To Love Ru" is waiting for you. Its a pretty big franchise right now, and I must say its growing with every new season.