Opening songs
OP 1 - Loop-the-Loop (Kotoko)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Baby baby love (Haruka Tomatsu)

Genre: Comedy, Romance


I have been really busy lately, thus the lack of posts, I apologize for that. Some of you might wonder why I even bothered to review "To Love Ru" and "Motto To Love Ru" separately. They are more or less the same thing! Yes its true, but I do think this 2nd season does deserve a separate review on its own, because it's actually better. There are quite a few factors that actually make it a more enjoyable series than before, which makes me happy. Though in the end it really doesn't matter that much, because if you liked the original, there is really no reason to refuse this 2nd season. "Motto To Love Ru" should satisfy your inner otaku needs as much as the first did.

Girls galore

The opening song for "Motto To Love Ru" is great, and in my opinion is a great step up from the opening song used in the original. "Loop-the-Loop" is an incredibly fast beating and catchy song, a song much more suited for this kind of anime. Plus, its Kotoko, you really can't go wrong using her songs in an anime. The ending is "Baby baby Love" and its really just any cutesy song. Its by Haruka Tomatsu, whom I'm growing to like more nowadays. She's the VA of Lala, that'll earn some respect (and many other well known characters as well).


Ecchi and fan service behold, "Motto To Love Ru" has a boat load of these in store for you. This season has just as much, or in some cases even more fan service than the original had, and well, this is a good thing. Also, "Motto To Love Ru" has a HUGE step up in terms of visual quality and art style, because it looks so much better than it did in season one considering the time gap. And since the episodes are now split into 3 individual short sections, we get more screen time from characters that either don't get much attention, or characters that need a lot more love. I personally think this is a wonderful change of pace for the anime, they get to cover more story related stuff as well.

Hmmm..why the faces in such an awesome situation?

Well Rito's life just keeps getting better. Following the events of the first season AND the OVA, Rito now has even more girls than before to add to his harem. Its practically the first season all over again, but with more girls and more outrageous stupidity. Rito's house now has Celine, the plant baby from the OVA, and Lala's two sisters, Momo and Nana, living in it. Now he thrives to have an even better life, and I mean with all these new girls, he is bound to be happy. Of course, with so many girls that like him, there's going to be quite a lot of issues following up!

Being a sequel to...nothing much, "Motto To Love Ru" is just an upgrade of the first season. You can see the quality improvements, and all in all, its just a much better experience. "To Love Ru Darkness" is basically a sequel to this, so if you haven't had enough, don't worry, there's more to come, and I think there's even more to come in the future regarding this franchise. Its too awesome to die.