Gamespot score:n/a

My score:7.5

(+)Pros:-Same great dueling system with slight inferface improvements,-adds more content to previous iterations such as cards and costumes,-new story feels slighty better and more original than that of previous games,-soundtrack remains great and has new tracks.

(-)Cons:-Much of the game feels recycled,-puzzles have been largely removed,-the game STILL lags.

Gameplay time:20-30 hours

Its has been quite awhile since I played a yugioh game, much less one on the DS. Yes...too long indeed. Anyway, though its already 2012, I only recently played world championship 2011. It doesn't really matter to me anyway, since I rarely play via wifi. Not much to my suprise I realize the game hasn't changed much, and while this pleases me, in a way it feels kind of disturbing. True, the dueling system is not something to be tweaking here and there, but the overall game feels like it hasn't been very touched up upon. Still, if you enjoy dueling as a whole, theres no reason not to get it, because the main point still stays. You duel like you never have before.

I haven't really followed the anime's story after the dark signers ark, the arc after that was just too boring and painful to watch, so I kind of expected the worse when I started story mode. Fortunately, after a rather slow start, it starts to become a rather good story, and towards the end it gets even better before coming to a appopriate conclusion. The story once again, places you, a random nameless duelist, as one of a group of 4 friends in the lonely crash town. You've always dreamt of becoming a turbo duelist, but your gurdian klaus dis permits it, saying its too dangrous. Of course, like most stories, something happens that forces you to take up a duel runner and take off in the footsteps of your parents, and you eventually get involved in a bigger scheme that soon haves you saving the world.

A slight user interferance change can make things look better.

Like all yugioh games, the dueling system remains in tact, and of course this has to stay. Changing the dueling system means changing the very world's dueling formula as well. It still feels fun dueling, but Im definetely still waiting for the synchro fad to die out....guess thats not going to happen anytime soon. The duel field has received some changes, instead of potraying the feel that you're actually dueling your opponent, it now feels as though you are playing a game of chess. The view of the dueling field is now from directly above, and like in previous games, when monsers collide, instead of ugly 3D models its the artworks of both monsters.

Also now, instead of having your character's face beside your life points doing all the talking, it now actually shows your character's full body at the top screen.This can be rather weird since it gets in the way when you are reading cards effects, but you get used to it, and it soon disappears from your mind as a problem. As usual your character can be customized right off the bat (I always go with the female characters here, the character creator always lets you create some incredibly sexy girls), and you get costumes and duel disks as you progress.

Such a cliche line to say.

As with each sequel more cards are added to the already insansely huge card database, giving it over 4500 cards now. Thats crazy, considering I remembered that 2008 only had about 2800 cards or so. There are also some new, but under appreciated features in 2011 that I think deserve a good note. For one, you can now add card sleeves to your cards. Previously its all just plain original card back arts, now its definetely more colourful when you attach red or blue card sleeves to your cards.

Another new and great feature, is the ability to select music during free battles. This is great, since the soundtrack for the DS yugioh games have always been fantastic, ever since 2009. Selecting epic music for each and every duelist you face off with is awesome, and whats even better, is that there are tons of epic tracks here, so you can mix it up every now and then so you don't get bored.

Oh really?! Lets get on that sofa and do it RIGHT NOW!

Well the flaws for this game are pretty obvious right off the bat. It looks like not much effort has been put into the game's rehauling. Everything looks the same, and its just downright lazy. The old maps haven't gone through any drastic changes, and most of the NPCs have same names as previous games. I don't know if its the sake of cameos or something just seems lazy. To top it off, the optional puzzles in 2010 to get costumes and DP are GONE. OMG WHY, THOSE WERE ACTUALLY FUN. AND, the game still lags, wth? You would think that 3 years later they would have fixed the problem? Well at least the lag isn't as bad as it was in 2010.

Yugioh WC 2011 is still a good dueling experience despite its flaws. At times it look and feels lazy when you play through it, but if you're a fan of the series, these are easy to look by, and you'll still get your time's worth playing through the whole game. Now that 5Ds have concluded...its time to move to the zexal era....oh no...



Happy gaming.