Don't write me off just yet! I'm still alive....and for now I can resume posting at regular rates. School holidays are here, and MAN I am hell excited about it. Say goodbye to school and back to my life of slacking and bliss. Anyway, seems like blogger's posting interface has changed a little since my absence, and I must say its for the better. So...greatest boss fights, we meet again! Its been awhile definitely, and here's another boss to quench the thirst of all you boss vanquishing warriors. Behold, Melad Margus of knights in the nightmare.

I may be giving knights in the nightmare a little bit too much of a spotlight here in my blog (getting both a greatest game character and greatest boss fight), but the game just deserves so much more than it does right now. I typed of Melad Margus on google and I was suprised how little pictures and videos there were. -.-, come on internet, how can you be like that? Anyway Melad Margus is a badass looking boss, suitable for the true final boss of Knights in the nightmare.

Being a game of skill rather than stats, Melad Margus is extremely cheap. I mean yeah, one of the game's genres is bullet hell, and I'm sure you have encountered tons of bullet dodging in the game. BUT, you won't truly experience what bullet hell is, until you have faced Melad Margus. Melissa, hungry for power, after seeing zolognark being defeated, decided to merge his soul to hers, in desperation for power. The result? The grotesque form of Melad Margus. Looking like a badass mixture of angel and devil, she is more than ready to beat your ass down.

Suck on this sephiroth.

Being the final boss, her stats are ridiculous. Easily surpassing zolognark's HP, she can withstand a monstrous amount of damage, as much as she can dish out ridiculous attacks of her own. Unlike zolognark, she can move around, and teleports around the screen, making it extremely hard to hit her with your stationary knights (and maria). You can do nothing but helplessly dodge and watch her unleash waves of spirals and electrical orbs...whilst splitting your screen into mini segments with enormous slashes. Waiting for her to get into the range of your attackers is so annoying, and when you finally see that opening to strike shes going to burst out one of her powerful ass attacks....thus interrupting your momentum of attack. Landing a successful hit on her is already ridiculously difficult, combine that with her HP, you get one nearly unbeatable boss.

Her attacks are nearly undodgable. Nearly undodgable, but not impossible, videos in youtube make dodging her attacks look difficult already, playing it yourself is always 10 times worse. She can split your screen and let blood drip from those three humongous cuts, summon 3 spirals that swirl uncontrollably and spawn tons of electric orbs, and even trap you within a spiky circle. Her rage move spawns two wings herself, and while they flap continuously, deadly sparking glitters fill the map, and after awhile, she disappears, and those glitters turn into balls of doom that float upwards. 

Reading this all doesn't sound very terrifying, but in the game, you can bet your ass it is. Its stupidly hard to dodge these attacks, and each hit can easily take off 10 seconds or more off your timer, and the worse thing is, you may be getting hit multiple times, meaning that can die in about 1 or 2 skills if you're horrible at dodging or are unfortunate enough to get caught in unfavorable positions.

All in all, its nearly impossible to beat this crazy bitch without retrying, if you can, you must be of godly skill, like the guys in the videos I am about to post. On your first few attempts, killing her without retrying is just impossible, and trying over and over again will make you ask yourself why you are committing  yourself to this blasphemy. If you can beat this bitch without retrying, it means you have accomplished an incredible feat, props to you, because I didn't have the motivation to do so.


Credits to the rightful owners of these videos, for beating such a monstrosity without retries.