Heres another post to commemerate some of my favourite anime characters. Going down in alphabetical order once again, today we have Asu no yoichi, Asura cryin and the funny as nuts baka test. Asura cryin is great, asu no yoichi is pretty good and baka test is just phenominal, all are good choices when it comes to quality anime worth of your time. But when it comes to characters, there are just some that interest you way more than others, so without ado, here are my favourite characters from these individual animes!

Spoilers ahead, ye be warned!


Asu no yoichi

Lets start off with asu no yoichi, known as the samurai harem. It may not be very well known, but its definetely a good show worth watching for those anime addicts (like myself). Its plot may not be very strong, but the characters are very likable. Plenty of awesome and funny characters pull this to one of the better "good" animes I have seen.

Gangsta? No! Joker!

First up for asu no yoichi, heres the man of the hour. Washizu looks like a gangster, a badass, a delinquent, someone who would beat the shit out of you for just looking at him, but believe it, he's a joker! Thats right, he's funny, and when paired up with his little friend torigaya, they make a dynamic joke duo! But besides the point, more than just being funny, Washizu was the character in the anime that made the biggest character developement, and that was what sealed the deal for me.

Washizu is what people consider a delinquent, and is known for being the strongest guy around, unbeatable by any gangster. His friend torigaya always hangs around him, boasting washizu as "wa-san" and promoting to everyone to how strong washizu is. But, despite being the big boss around town, Washizu has a crush on Ibuki Ikaruga, and that caused him to change. Now around Ibuki, he acts all nice and gentlemen like. But! Because of Yoichi, he sees yoichi as a rival, and thats where the shit gets real!

Washizu challenges yoichi to fights to win over ibuki as a huge misunderstanding. Being the thick headed fool that he is, he is stubborn and doesnt give up. He usually loses, but that doesnt stop the ikaruga family and his friends to be entertained. From, a loner, he gains alot of friends, and his personality started to change, becoming a nicer person. And the nicer he gets, the smaller torigaya becomes (this is just lol), until the last episode torigaya becomes a little chibi! An overall interesting, funny and favourable character, I must say. And to add to it, though he is mostly an ignored character, he is actually liked by tsubasa, one of the show's cuter girls. Tsubasa X Washizu bitches!

Asura cryin series

One of the better shows out there, Asura cryin is a fantastic anime with a nice blend of occult demon lore and mecha action. It had its share of good characters within its splendid world and solid plot, but if I had to choose one has to be her.

When it comes to cool girls, it doesn't get any cooler than this.

All hail Toru kitsutaka! If there were to be a character I would choose to be with in Asrua cryin its her! Shes looks like a typical gothic emo girl with all that fringe covering one eye like a typical bishounen, but those of you who watch the anime should know, she has a funny and cute side to her! Its a pity her love for tokiya blinds her and turns her against Tomoharu and gang later on, and she gets turned into a burial doll.....still, my love for this character won't dwindle! Toru taichou will be the coolest character of the entire Asura's cryin series.

Before toru turned rogue in season 2, she was cool as hell in season 1. She didnt make that big of an appearance at first, and she was the first to the gang to introduce herself as an ex machina weilder. Towards the end of season 1, when kagakagari attacked the passenger plane, toru showed up as reinforcements and did a number on him. Kicking ass with the big ass katana of hers, she sure knows how to fight with style, and being the first to introduce magic immunity as an ex weilder, she sure turned the tables for that fight.

But things get better when she shows off her more feminine side. Seeing her go all girly for tokiya really makes my heart melt, so kawai! And it only makes tokiya looks more like an ass for still going nuts for aki, toru's sister. Acting like a big sister/onee-san figure really only makes her all the more worthy for my vote. Definetely toru, shes definetely gets my pick. Shuri gets a close second though, shoutouts to her. 

Baka to test to shoukanjuu series

A must watch for any anime and comedy fan. Baka test is still up to date the funniest anime I have ever watched, and I remember almost every individual episode clearly in my mind. I have yet to watch season 2 though, so no comment on that, but since the characters are still the same, I am more than ready to make my verdict. And since baka test is such an amazing anime worthy of so much praise, theres no way I can choose only one character! So here are my 2 favourites!

Is that a geass I see?!?!

You ALL saw this coming. Who the hell can resist the urge to like this guy???!?! He's possibly the funniest thing I have ever seen in an anime. Every character in baka test is ridiculously funny, but voyeur takes it to the top. Voyeur is a class F student like Akisa and most of his friends, and he is the class pervert, bringing his trusty camera wherever he goes. Completely filled with nothing but lust to take pictures of pervertic shots, he is a complete comedian. Rushing to scenes where he can get panty shots or other shots of girls changing, he goes to whatever measures required to get the job done.

Voyeur is easily turned on, and has all the knowledge about perverted stuff in the world stored in his mind. He takes pictures at the beginning of school, going to class early, sniping at unsuspected girls walking in through the school gate. He has pictures and information of every girl in the school, supposedly, and he keeps data on them in his trusty PC. A true pervert I would say, and he keeps copies of pictures he takes and sells them to fellow male classmates, mostly to Akisa though.

Voyeur, as I said earlier, is turned on easily, he nose bleeds at the sight of panties, and by getting sweet talked by another girl he nose bleeds as well. The swimming pool episode has him and akisa nose bleeding every 20 seconds everytime a new girls shows up in bikini. Awesomely funny, in so many ways. All camera systems in the school belongs to him, and he can easily get all footage of girls changing in the school, sneaky bastard. And to make things even better, his best subject is health, and hes so good at it, that he can defeat an A class student in a summon being battle in relevance to a health subject! Awesome.

Beauty is not what it always seems!

Heres my other favourite of baka test, shouko kirishima. Shouko is hot, but thats not why she's here on the list, its because she is no doubt, pretty damn funny. Despite being an incredibly good looking and smart young woman (she is the rep of class A, the best class in school), shouko has turned down every guy, and only has feelings for one, true idiot. Yuuji sakamoto of class F. Being childhood friends, she has a deep admiration for him since young.

Shouko is a strict and demanding girl. She loves yuuji and claims him for her own even though yuuji refused over and over to go on a date with her. Many a time she is seen dragging him along with her, with him being the one in distress. She restricts yuuji to have interests in any other girl but herself, and if she has the slightest suspicion, she will go and "clarify" with yuuji, in her own painful ways. Everytime yuuji is seen talking with a girl, she shows up and the moment she does, yuuji starts to act quieter, in fear that he will be attacked. This alone is hilarious, as her prescense itself makes yuuji quiver like a frightened puppy.

To further explain her feats, she brings yuuji along in an amusement park date, and has her purposely dragging him along to do all the fun stuff. The entire F class crew even goes and volunteerly acts as amusement park workers to cleverly set up the mood. In the swimming pool episodes, she ties yuuji and blindfolds him in a corner, forbidding him to look at any of the other girls in thier swimsuits. Also, she brings a taser along with her at times, like when bringing yuuji to watch that long ass movie 3 times. Funny stuff. When it comes to a restrictive girl who likes to control her man, no one does it funnier than shouko.

Peace out for now.....