Saturday, 25 February 2012

Cosfest 2012 ~Day 1~

Alright here we are again. Earlier than I thought it would be, Cosfest this year came suprisingly early, way too early in fact. To be held about 4 months earlier than it was last year, Cosfest 2012 was quite a hectic drive of madness. Prepare for a long one folks, because I took a hell lot of photos today.

On the bad side though, I, once again, FORGOT to bring my camera. My apologies, that was my bad right there. So, the photos here will be pretty low quality, since everything came from my phone today. No worries though, I'll be sure to bring my camera tommorow (hopefully).

Well then lets dive right in, enter Cosfest 2012!

Guess who! Well with his name engraved on the chainsaw its not too hard to guess. Ayumu as a mahou shoujo is just too funny. I never thought anyone would have the balls to pull this off. Well....its pretty damn good so to speak. Kore wa zombie for the fking win!

Ehhhh....I don't know. Panty and stocking? Oh well, at least she looks good. The katana girl is also a mystery to me.

Once again, I don't really know, looks like someone from one piece though. I gotta say, thats one bold costume, and if she was trying to gather attention, she sure did it well.

Darth vader!!!! Man, it never gets old seeing this guy in cosplay events, and its the same for this year. Very cool saber bro, and that getup of yours is still as fantastic as ever.

No friggin idea, probably a vocaloid, but then again I'm not too sure. Gotta say though, she is without a doubt, good looking.

Don't really know, but one of these turned out to be a friend of my friend. The dude with the guitar looks pretty good. Blur, bad photography on my part.

Once again, bad photography, I must suck with my camera. Miku and Luka, pretty obvious, but then again I might be wrong. I'm quite sure its miku and luka though.

Lightning and FF 13-2 Lightning. Weird to see 2 lightnings cosplaying as a duo but I'm not complaining. Good stuff.

Haruhi and nagato, not something you see often in these events. Alright I guess, but I don't know where those red lights came from.

Miku, Rin and possibly Gakupo, I don't know. Miku and Rin look pretty good here, and that Gakupo looks out of place.

Unknown weird looking duo that I have never seen before. This proves my lack of knowledge in anime...kind of.

Errrr, once again I'm ashamed to admit I don't know this character. Can be just a random kimono girl... but meh. To say the least she is cute.

Temari, Gaara and Kankurou from naruto. This is some good shit, I must say, and that Temari just looks badass.

Miku and Len. As usual the amount of Miku in these events are so damn annoyingly high. Not much else to say..

Ehhh...Ahhhh....Errrr...I don't know. LOL, I suck pretty bad don't I? Anyway, I may not know who they are, but I must say they look pretty good.

Madoka Magica! I haven't watched the anime, but sweet jesus this girl is cute! High points for this, high points!

A little far away, but its 3 girls from the BRS group. I don't know 2 of them, but you can clearly a death master from there.

Ehhhhh....digimon! Yes thats right. I forgot all thier names because it has been ages since I watched digimon, but its not too hard to figure out really.

Blame the darkness, they were turning off the lights for some event. This is that one girl from hitman reborn I can't seem to remember. Yuki? Umi? Yumi? Ah well.

Once again! I don't know! Still......this looks suspiciously alot like black butler, but meh, I never watched that.

Me being a dumbass and not knowing once again, but if I gotta guess I would say panty and stocking. The right girl looks hot, IMO.

Definetely one of the better cosplaying duos today. Roxas and cloud clashing it out is damn badass, if only the Roxas looked away just like Cloud, it would have been so much more epic!

Don't know, but its not an overstatement to say that this girl is pretty damn good looking. Like that chain!

Unknown bunny girl/shrine maiden that doesn't look half bad. Good cosplay, I wish I knew who you were though.

Ezio and some maid girl. Quite the weird pair, but they both look good, no complaints there. The dark environments ruins it though.

Death master, why the hell did I take it at such a lousy angle with the scythe covering her face? Zzzzz, lousy photography on my part, sorry.

Madoka Magica and Rin, I guess. Good looking duo, both are quite pretty. Good to see such a unique duo.

Some princess? Ah well, who cares. I don't know who this is, but she is without a doubt pretty damn good looking.

I guess I have a thing for female warriors, because this girl is sexy. Fking badass armor, shield and sword. Awesome stuff!

Unknown trio, that may be Miku on the left though. All are looking pretty okay, so its all good I guess.

This is probably takagi from HOTD, but bad photography makes it hard to make her out. My bad, still its not hard to tell her apart from her costume.

Hitsugaya taichou! A little blur due to bad photography on my part, but its not hard to make him out. Not bad IMO.

I don't really know, but if I'm not wrong, its a pair of chobits. They are looking good, but blurness is my enemy here.

This is a legit classic Luka, something that is rare in these events. She is good looking, and that pose of hers is so fitting.

Fairy tale people, not my field of expertise. I have seen better, but I guess these aren't too bad, when you look at them.

Taiga from toradora, something I haven't watched myself. Well, not the best, but it isn't the worst either.

Sir yes sir! Storm trooper here sir! Storm troopers are so generic, but they still look pretty good like this.

A bunch of pretty good looking samurais.....butchered by the cause of my horrific camera skills. Pity that I didn't bring a proper camera.

The okumura twins. A little blur but once again its not hard to make them out. Rin actually looks kinda cool here.

Unknown trio with one of them looking suspiciously alot like rin. One of them is holding dual talismans so I guess its a ghost anime or something.

Shana....though I gotta say, a little less make up would do her good. There were better shanas around but meh, I'll see if I can get some tommorow.

Tornberry, that OP piece of shit. He's gonna fking knife you if you don't watch out. Last year's tornberry was significantly better, in my opinion.

World is mine Miku. Pretty good costume I would say, and a good pose to go with that. One of the "rarer" Mikus out there.

SHIT, ITS CLASS ZERO. Its too bad though, the entire class was here (yes, all 12 of them), I could only snap a small amount of them.

Random gun wielding girl is always good, and this is no different. Love her figure, its great, and that gass mask just makes her all the more cooler.

A little noctis love is in order hmm? Noctis is someone I haven't seen before in any cosplay event, so this is pretty cool.

Now without further ado, my top 5 cosplayers of the day!

This was one badass looking robot dude. I never did know who this was, but this is one badass robot indeed. The armor, weapons and lights were just icing on the cake. Hands down the costume with the most effort being put into. Btw, this guy was here last year on the cosplay stage show.

Sweet! Finally, some rare vocaloid love. Kaito isn't rare, but Meiko definetely is! And believe me, this is one sexy Meiko! Its hard to find an exactly good looking Meiko, and this one definetely hits the mark! Of course, the Kaito is pretty cool looking as well, making this one heck of a duo.

Blur, but badass. Tidus and Cloud are a badass duo, and this proves it. The stance, pose, weapons, armor, people in the costume....everything is perfeccct. This is easily the best duo picture in the whole damn tent today.

Believe me I don't know who this is, but there are many reasons why she's here. Shes hot, her costume is great, her pose is great, and overall, she's just awesome looking. Alll too good.....a great picture. Two thumbs up from me!

My favourite! Today's best cosplayer from me goes to these 2, Narukami and Izanagi. Persona and his master, this is just too damn good, and the best part? They both look damn cool. Easily my favourite picture today.

Thats all for now I'm afriad, I'm running late for a gaming session. I'm going again tommorow, so expect more stuff. For now, ciao!