Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Dark souls boss profiles: Asylum demon

Boss stats

Asylum demon
HP: 800~
Skills: Hammer swing, Downward smash, Foward smash, Flying butt slam

Times died on 1st playthrough: None

Welcome back people! As said before in my final demons' souls boss profile on king allant, I will be doing a boss profiles section for every boss in dark souls as well. I finished dark souls, reviewed it, and it was awesome, one of the best games I ever played. Now then, I would like to go through every boss like I did in demons' souls, in hope to share with you guys my experience on how I beat them and how you can beat them as well. Anyway, lets get started on the very first boss in the game, the Asylum demon, the boss of the northern undead asylum.

Thats quite a belly.

Well, the Asylum demon is the tutorial boss in the game, so yeah, he's incredibly easy. And people are comparing him to vanguard in demons' souls. Though they do have similar moves, Asylum demon is wayyyyy easier. It may seem impossible to kill him at first, but once you get proper equipment and a free jumping stab on him, you will see how ridiculously easy this fatass is to kill.

Hammer swing- His main method of damage. No need to fear, its nothing but a lousy hammer swing. It does alright damage, and its slow as hell. A good roll will put this move in its place.

Downward smash- He holds his hammer differently and points it downwards, then thrusts it down. Very very easy to avoid, and he does this very slowly. As usual, roll away.

Foward smash- He does this when you are at a distance from him. He lifts his hammer and jus smashes it foward, covering quite the range. This is his most painful attack, but its easy to avoid it as well. You can roll away, or jus move foward a little. If you are hit by the hammer's stick, it doesnt do much damage as well.

Flying butt slam- Similar to vanguard. He floats up a little then falls down, landing on his ass. This hurts, but its sooo easy to avoid. Just move away when you see him float up. Be aware that if you are near him when he immediately lands, you might take some minor damage for just touching him.

Easy peasy. As usual I will be putting an asterisk on any potentially dangerous move. Fortunately, the Asylum demon has none. Its an incredibly easy fight, possibly the easiest in the game. Not much you can expect from a tutorial boss now, can we?

First of all, you cant properly fight the Asylum demon the first time you encounter him, since you only have a broken sword. Run through the the left door and get your weapons 1st. Note that if you DO kill him without going through the left door, he drops his hammer (which has some sweet stats btw). After getting all your stuff and re-entering the fight via a higher ledge, take the fight to him by delivering a jumping slash, and this easily takes off half his life.

Now the real fight begins, with less than 400 HP left, his fate is sealed. All of his attacks arent too much to be afraid of. His hammer swing is what you will be seeing most of the time, but everytime you see his lift his hammer to the side, just roll away, you will escape unscathed. Keep close to him at all times and just keep punishing him everytime he misses his moves. His flying slam and downward smash are too slow to be of any use, everytime you see him point his hammer downwards or fly, just back off, you wont take a single point of damage.

If for some godforsaken reason you need to heal (you shouldnt, this fight is so damn easy), back off and do it, you should be safe. However at a distance he still can hit you with his foward smash, but a simple roll sideways or a roll foward can easily save you. You will be suprised, rolling foward actually saves you from the main damage, since getting hit by that puny stick handle is nothing. Like all of his other moves, this is very punishable.

You may shit bricks when you first open those double doors,
but don't. This guy is a pushover.

Meh, for a first boss, this guy is nothing. Probably the easiest boss in the game I would say, but don't worry, there are much tougher bosses to come. As a tutorial boss he has to be easy. When you down this fatass you get 1000 souls, a good start to level up when you finally head to lordran. Fret not though, we have yet to see the last of this fatass.