Opening songs
OP 1-Egao no riyuu (Meg rock)

Ending songs
ED 1-Life and proud (Aki misato)

Genre:Romance, Comedy


The holidays are here and I am still being a lazy ass. I apologize for that, but here I am. For today, I will be reviewing Asu no yoichi, which apparently seems like your everyday average harem anime. Well it is typical harem, but its actually one of the better a way. It has more or less every thing a harem should have, even its own swimsuit episode. Its pretty staple, but there are some characters that are very likable and funny, making this one quite worth your time. Also, if you are tired of main characters being powerless, useless and always being bullied, look no more! This anime has a freaking samurai for a main character, instead of being bullied, he beats the shit out of others!

Asu no yoichi has some alright songs being used. For the opening, we have 'Egao no riyuu' by Meg rock. By itself its a pretty good song and gets catchy real quick, but I highly recommend you to check our the remix by exit trance, that one is great. The ending is 'Life and proud' by the all so famous Aki misato. It isnt a bad song, but there are definetely much better songs by her (Scarlet bomb, blood queen etc).


No shit, Im not being biased here, I really think Asu no yoichi deserves it. It shares many similarities with common day harems, and it definetely does NOT fit the theme romance (by now you probably already know what romance means to me). Still, yes, it is funny, and damn, the characters are pretty likable, especially Washizu and his little sidekick. And you will actually even grow to like the main character, which is a special case, like me. Usually main characters in harems are shunned, but I think yoichi is pretty cool, in more ways than one. Oh and lets not forget, no harem is complete without its set of hot girls :D, which this anime has no shortage of.

This scene is legit, Im sure you will agree with me.
 As the title of the anime suggests, the star of the show is none other than yoichi himself. Yoichi is but a meager samurai of the karasuma clan, using wind in his techniques. He is the next successor of the family, and he has been living in the mountains with his father. Unfortunately, his father's training is at his limits, and yoichi can only be as strong as he is now if he continues living with him. So, in hopes to make yoichi stronger, he sends him to the city to live with some acquantinces, who are also training under the wind technique. However, since he has been living in the mountains his whole life, the city proved to be difficulty for yoichi on his first visit. He got into lots of trouble and almost got involved with the police. Luckily, he got picked up by the ones that he was supposed to be living with, and they turned out to be the ikaruga family...a family of girl siblings. And thus, his life begins, as he lives with the a single boy.

Asu no yoichi is a good harem, thats all there is to it. If you are tired of regular high school boys starring in these extremely lucky situations, how bout a, insanely samurai kid who knows nothing about the city? Now this is a legit harem situation. Those harem lovers should already have this under thier belt, but if not, give this a go, its worth your time.