Seriously guys I ALMOST forgot about this tier thing I was intending to do = =. Anyway this is about marvel 3 once again and this time, we are disussing about the bottom tier characters. These guys are downright puny, and they have almost nothing against those top tier hogging assholes such as dante, wesker, magneto and many more.

I know some of you are fking sick by now, but this will probably be the LAST and FINAL MVC3 post I will be doing. Ultimate marvel 3 is already out and what I'm doing is supremely outdated. Still, I had to finish this, and just to clear things up, I am NOT buying ultimate marvel 3. Thats right, you heard me, Im not getting ultimate, for a few reasons....Not that I hate ultimate marvel 3, I enjoyed marvel 3 a hell lot more than most of you dudes, but well, after AFA I'm short of cash, and I am already intending on getting 2 upcoming fighting games, BB:CS II extend and persona 4:Ultimate in mayonaka arena. Yep, that just means I have no room for ultimate. But hey, you all just KNOW there will be a 3rd marvel 3 (capcom and thier greedy shanenigans, you know they're gonna do it), I will try getting that one.

The Bottom Tier

Now lets jump right to the topic. Like my previous top tier post, today's post will be covering all of the characters which I think are at the VERY bottom of the food chain. These guys need A LOT of work and from what I have seen in the UMVC 3 vids, they still need some really significant buffs if they want to catch up to the likes of magneto and gang. Once again, I will place them in order starting from the worst.


Whenever I play against a thor, I cant stop laughing. Seriously, I went up against this thor user online with over 500+ wins, I crapped my pants, I thought he had some mad skills. When we actually fought, I didnt even lose a single character! That guy ran zero, thor and hulk, and all the damage I took was just from regular zero BnBs. His thor came out and just died instantly. Thor is hands down, in my opinion, the WEAKEST character in the game. Crappy normals and pathetic mobility make him nothing but a tanky piece of shit. Sure he has highest health in the game, so what? He gets eaten alive by everyone else.

Thor my man, you can never hope to beat ammy.
 Lets keep on listing thor's shitiness shall we? What other crap that he have that makes him so weak? Basically its just his crappy speed, he has the necessary tools to be an effective character (I am serious), but he does everything so damn slowly, there almost no way to make him work. Sure I have seen high level thor play at evo, but still, Im not impressed. I have seen jwong play thor on WNF, he couldnt do shit against a good magneto. People this is just how pathetic thor is. He can fly, he has a decent projectile, a decent OTG and some pretty damaging hypers. But too bad, so what if you all all these propeties, but can't even hit an opponent with them? Thor is fail, period.

4.Viewtiful joe

Sorry joe, but you just ain't cutting it. Next up on our underpowered list is none other than viewtiful joe, the short red midget. Joe has some solid health for someone so short, but believe me, he sucks. He may not be as bad as thor, but he has a ton of weaknesses and almost nothing to compensate for them. Joe isnt speedy, he doesnt hit hard, and his normals have very very crappy range. Whats up with that? Once again, I have seen high level joe play on WNF by P.gorath I think? Yeah, not that effective at all.

Joe may suck but he's WAY better than thor.
 Joe has good tools. Voomerang is spammable but loses out to most other projectile spammers like doom and magneto. Shocking pink is too unreliable and can be blocked with ease. Most of his other specials and hypers suck too (mach speed isnt bad, actually). What does that leave us with? Red hot kick. Yeah, thats his only decent move, and even if you manage to overhead someone with that, it gets hard to extend combos to do alot of damage since his normals suck balls. The range is too short! Too fking short! I think the only way to redeem joe is to give him longer reaching normals and maybe a little more damage..the damage he does is way too low.


Tis a sad day when I have to put haggar on this list. Haggar may be the mayor of the world, and he may have one of the best assists in the game (we aren't talking assists here, so dont bitch about it), but when on the field fighting, haggar hasn't got much going on. He lacks COMPLETELY of projectiles, and he is slow. He may not be as slow as thor, but yes, he is probably one the slowest characters in the game. The 3rd slowest, I would say. Haggar has some really solid raw melee damage, but thats all he has going for him. It don't matter if you have solid damage and painful grapples, it aint gonna cut it if you have crap mobility and no projectiles.

We all know who's gonna win this.

Haggar needs alot of work. His assist is top tier, but why the hell did capcom have to nerf it? It was the only reason left to use haggar! Without his assist, he is crap. Haggar neeeds to get in REAL close to be able to do effective damage, and he gets easily zoned out by almost anyone with projectiles. Check out EVO, there were quite a few haggars, and on point the haggars mostly got eaten alive. His only redeeming quality on the frontlines is his pipe. That pipe is effective, but it isnt enough. Haggar needs some  speed to be used efficiently as a point character, as of now, he is way too slow.


Man I didnt want hsien-ko to be up here as well, but as things are in marvel vs capcom 3, hsien-ko is one of the weakest characters in the game. Lack of walking speed and proper dashes/air dashes make her really inefficient in combat. She HAS some good combo ability, and can dish out a ton of damage with her combos, but against half decent players, its going to be very very hard to get in with hsien ko. Some of her specials make no sense, and while the gong is super good for countering projectiles, if you cant time yourself properly, she still gets outzoned really easily.

Even though the other 2 darkstalker girls have
redeeming qualities, hsien ko isnt on par with them.

I only saw one hsien ko on stream during EVO, and while she was good, she stood no chance against the likes of wesker, wolverine and all the other whatnots. Like most bottom tier characters in my opinion, she lacks decent mobility to be of any use. Among all the worst 5 characters I listed today, she cant probably do the most damage in a combo...but thats if you can even get her in to perform a combo. She needs speed, and she needs it bad. A proper dash/air dash would be good, and a running animation maybe? Still, her easily most redeeming quality is that super armor level 1 hyper. It is so sexy in level 3 X factor.


You'd all think modok would be on this list woudlnt you? WRONG! Modok is fking scary and incredibly effective at a distance, he is definetely not bottom tier. Arthur however, has some issues. I have seen a MVC 3 top tier list that had arthur in it...the hell? Arthur is definetely NOT top tier. This guy has good zoning, but he gets eaten alive in a melee fight. All you can really do is throw knifes, lances, and shoot crossbows....hoping that the enemy is stupid enough not to approach you. A decent player can shred arthur to bits and avoid his projectiles like nothing.

Arhur is strictly for zoning only.

As stated, arhur may zone well, but he holds no candle to magneto and doom. He is a great sentinel counter, but otherwise, not much else. He is short and has 800k, the standard lowest health category, that means he cant take a good hit. His golden armor super enhances his zoning ability more but seriously, would you waste one bar for 10 seconds of improved zoning? And after that he immediately stirps to his boxers and you have to waste another bar to become normal arthur again. To waste one bar to be on par with top tier zoners is a total waste, and to waste another bar to put yourself back to decent defense is an even bigger waste. Shame, arthur could have been really good.

Thats all for now. I am lazy to do a post about the top tier assists, Im done with marvel 3, time to move onto bigger things. See you all in Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3:Arcade edition.