Sunday, 6 November 2011

Katsu~~ (Amaendaiyo katsu! review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Amaenaide yō!!(Amae-taii!!)

Ending songs
ED 1-Lonesome Traveler(Mai Nakahara)

Genres:Comedy, romance, slice of life, supernatural

So tired and so lazy nowadays.....Anyway, heres another anime review to keep things along (my anime watching speed is exceeding my reviewing speed once again). Amaendaiyo katsu is the sequel to amaendaiyo, an anime released back in 2005. Katsu was released in 2006, so yeah, both are pretty old shows. So about amaendaiyo katsu...its alot like ladies vs butlers and that didnt really appeal to me at all, so this is pretty much a no-go. It has tons of ecchi stuff like panty shots, boobs exposure, boobs grabbing...and many more stuff about boobs. Katsu takes it to another level, and while its not queen's blade standard, I cant say I enjoyed it alot.

The songs in this show I couldnt really care for. The opening song is Amaenaide yō!! by Amae-taii!! and the ending song is Lonesome Traveler by Mai Nakahara. Both arent really that nice in my opinion and I skipped them alot, so not much comment here.


No homo, but I think animes like these arent really entertaining and I certainly dont see the appeal in most of them. The anime is 12 episodes long and most of the time episodes have tons of ecchi exposure in bad taste. The visual style is pretty old and the characters look pretty quirky, I cant say the show has managed to turn me on that much at all. Sure the plot is FAR more than than ecchi all the way, even so, its pretty subpar, and the comedy is mediocre. There is fun to be had here in amaendaiyo katsu, but I have yet to find a certain part of me to genuinely like this. I guess this isnt for everyone?

Feel them to compare them, I guess?

So, amaendaiyo katsu takes place after amaendaiyo, and the star of the show is still Ikkou, the pervertic monk living his life in training with 6 other young female monks. As usual they go through everyday life in the shrine and in school, this time progressing through each of the different girls and thier powers. Each of the shrine monks has a special spirit inembed in them, just like sumi has connections with the realm of beasts and hinata has connections to the realms of demons. Ikkou himself still has the power he had from the 1st season, and whenever he is turned on he will awaken with crazy excorcising powers and start one shotting ghosts. Of course, after that he becomes the ultimate pervert monk and requires to be knocked back to his senses. This time round, other than the 6 monks, another one joins thier ranks and that is kazuki, a freshman in thier school. What could she be after and why is she so clingy to ikkou? Just what is her motive?

Katsu seems like it has a deep plot to it. Don't be fooled, it isnt that deep and impressive at all. Katsu isnt that appealing in my opinion, and I found myself not really enjoying the show. There are far better shows to waste your time on (well watching anime is for burning time after all XD), and katsu shouldnt be on the top of your list if you want to look for a decent ecchi anime. Trust me, there are many better ecchi/harem shows that are much better and actually do a decent job in turning you on or making you laugh.