Opening songs
OP 1-Color (MARiA)

Ending songs
ED 1-Kimi no mamoritai(Aika kobayashi)

Genre:Action, romance, science fiction


Starting to get rather busy here, so posts may not come as often (actually I'm just lazy to do school work and leave them for last minute.... thats why I cant post often since all my deadlines are coming up). Anyway, for today, we have once again, another badass anime in the spotlight. Freezing is something that many will watch because of SEXY GALS. Well, nothing wrong, its the same for me. I googled freezing and checked under the images, I was already convinced to watch it XD. Well, luckily, while it has some very sexy anime girls in it, the overall plot and its fight scenes are really up to par with some of the better animes out there. I would say freezing is an amazing 2 in 1 package (solid fighting + hot girls with fanservice), and it should be on the list of any anime watcher who finds appeal in these 2 genres.

Not many songs here, thats too bad. The opening song is 'color' by MARiA. 'Color' is supposedly a cover song by hatsune miku I think? Well, it is a pretty song, and MARiA's cool and clear vocals make it quite pleasing to listen to. As for the ending, 'kimi no mamoritai', its nothing special. Its already obvious that these kind of songs don't appeal to me, so lets move on.


Where queen's blade fails, freezing succeeds, that much I will say. Freezing is basically an extremely pimped up version of queen's blade. Animations, story, fight scenes and so much more make freezing outshine queen's blade in so many ways. Queen's blade tried to combine TONS of fanservice with some fighting and an engaging storyline. It failed so hard because soooo much of the effort was forced onto the fanservice. Freezing's fanservice is damn good, BUT the developers balanced it out, and didnt make it the MAIN focus. The fanservice only takes up a minority of the show, and so much more was put into the plot and fight scenes. Freezing does a good job in making some intense fights AND fanservice good enough to turn us guy viewers on XD.

You do NOT fck with satellizer.

Like so many shows here freezing features yet another male lead (whats with male leads, we could use a girl lead once in awhile), and his name is kazuya aoi. Kazuya is just your run-of-the-mill troubled school kid living in this messed up world. He lost his sister to the nova, a specialised group of monsters that threaten to cause destruction to the world. To combat the nova, schools were created to educate its students on fighting these creatures. The female students are called pandora, and they do the majority of the fighting with swords and stuff, the male students are called limiters, and they have access to freezing abilities to limit enemy movements. Male and female students usually form a pair to have maximum combat potential. Kazuya's sister is a top pandora, and her dieing to the nova was somewhat an honour. Since kazuya's sister was so talented, kazuya himself is a top tier limiter, able to perform crazy feats even though he's just a 1st year student in the east genetics. On the day of his transfer though, kazuya runs into satellizer el bridget, the current strongest pandora amongst the 2nd year students, and she strongly reminds him of his sister. Thus begins a weird relationship that would spark a great commotion in the school.

Freezing bears quite a huge name upon itself. It boasts to be one of the few in its genre (fanservice hentai + action) to be so damn good. The end of this season hints at a sequel, which I will be looking foward to. Who knows, there may not be one, but a man can hope! Freezing is great, and I would recommend it to you hentai lovers who love to see solid fighting.