Saturday, 26 November 2011

Greatest game character: 26 nov 2011

Because she is hot. That is all.

..........I guess that doesnt cut it, doesnt it. Anyway guys, welcome to another "best game character" post. Time for hazama to step down (as awesome as he was), and for another character to replace him. For today's best game character, we have Maria the fallen angel, from knights in the nightmare.


Okay, before I go listing alll of her feats in the game and whatnot, I have to say that Maria is smoking hot. She has to be one of gamings most awesome looking female knights (male knights always looked so much more badass in their armor anyway, Maria helped out and gave a few points to the girls). Look at dat armor! I would go as far as to say she even has some of those badass armored guys beat, in terms of design anyway. I wouldnt lie, I got knights in the nightmare because I saw maria on the cover. I mean, who wouldnt want a game with a badass female knight?!

Name me ONE female game character in armor that looks sexier than this.

Now then, while she is on the cover of knights in the nightmare, Maria is no main protagonist. She isnt out to "save the world" or "attain world peace". In fact, for about 60% of the game, you won't be using maria at all! For KITN, you play as the king wilmgard's soul, taking the form of a wisp. King wilmgard is supposedly dead, but Maria went into his castle, beat tons of soldiers to thier deaths, grabbed his soul, and revived it as the wisp. Then later on she goes off on her own accord and watches from a distance as the wisp fights off monsters and demons. After she deemed the wisp complete, she showed herself to the wisp, and fought alongside him, as he tries to make his way to aventhiem caslte.

Now there's the first part of Maria's ..."charm". You see and hear her in cutscenes many times at the start of the game, yet you aren't even using her at all. The anticipation to meet your mysterious armor clad helper becomes so huge that you eventually grow impatient. Just at the point where you were going to burst in anger and started to grow hopeless, she comes before you, delivers an epic speech, and before you know it, she's by your side as a permanent character that you cannot remove for the fights to come. And to top it off, she's so godamn strong! What normal knights can achieve in terms of damage she can achieve so much better. She can equip any weapon in the game and her attack styles all vary depending on what you use. She also has her own special EX burst move and is always at a superior level compared to all your other knights.

Yes....oh yes indeed! Do want now!

Maria also has a very deep and mysterious plot to her character background, and when you figure it all out at the end of the game, your affection for this particular character further deepens even more. Somewhere in the quarter mark of the game you will run into a charatcer called melisa. Melisa is what Maria acknowledges to be her enemy, and many a time you and Maria will combat melisa during the course of the game. Later through flashbacks and cutscenes, you find out that Melisa is actuallly Maria's other half. Maria was originally one complete being combined with Melisa, called Marietta. If you played yggdra union like me, this name means alot to us. Marietta was the angel that appeared before yggdra in yggdra union. *Gasp* Also, according to the wiki, marietta was one of the accursed in Riveria:the promised land (a game that I couldnt stand to play).

Maria also appealed to me as a character through her role in the game. Though she mainly appeared as a simple follower, her dark personality and the fact that she didnt reveal much about herself was truly awesome. Fortunately they didnt make her the kind of cold and "cool" character without a personality, she was still quite a lively one. Her back story provided more than enough of a reason to like her. Plus, while her purpose for hunting zolognark down was partially for revenge, she actually wants to merge with melisa to become Marietta once again, since zolognark was the one who tricked her and split her into two. For that, she needed the Ancardia, a staff guarded by that Fat dude in 23.5 (Scorg? Was that his name?), thats why she constantly left the wisp's side. And when you finally beat up scorg and she finds the Ancardia, it feels really good that you were able to help Maria in one very important way : D.

Maria is awesome. It has been awhile since a video game character made me think that much about. Her backstory, role in the game, and her entire character itself makes her one of the most memoriable gaming characters ever.

"I will send you crawling back to the gates of hell!" -Maria