Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Top 5 badass villians (anime) 17/08/11

Okay! As usual, 5 anime villians, spoilers and shit, blah blah blah. You all know the drill now, expect spoilers, if you have yet to watch anime of the animes below then ignore this entire post completely. Now then, lets begin right away.

No, he's not your everyday common breed nerd.

5.Takaya kagakagari
From: Asura cryin'

First up, we have a villian from the asura cryin series, more particularly, season 1. Introducing, takaya kagakagari (I always misread or mispell his name, seriously, kagari is enough).

Originally a major antagonist in the 1st season of asura cryin, and later becoming a character with a more supporting role in the 2nd season, kagakagari always stood out as quite a badass to me. Sure, he isn't totally crazy or insane like the true antagonist of season 2, but hes much better than him. Takaya keeps his cool, and acts calmly most of the time, proving to be quite the badass.

In season 1, during the final few episodes, kagakagari is after the igniter that tomoharu has, and for that, he goes for some quite extreme methods. He hijacks an airplane with students in it and uses them as hostage. He uses his asura machina, road-knight, and makes use of its ability to stop time within the plane, temporary stopping it. He's also the 1st character in the series to demonstrate the true power of asura cryin, by syncing the power of an asura machina and a demon. He practically stomps  half the cast during the final episodes of season 1, and he kind of caused aine, the spirit chanelling hisui, to disappear, you cant help but bear some hatred to him. Plus, during season 2, when his plan fails and he loses his spirit AND his contracted demon, you will feel sympathy for him, since after all, he was just trying to help them. A true memoriable villian indeed.

Intimidating looks bring out the villian of even the hottest girls.


Next up on 4th position, we have Alphard from CANAAN. Being the only female villian today, she definetely stands out, plus, comparing her to most other female, she hot.

Anywho, back on topic. Alphard is one of the antagonists in CANAAN, and probably the main "rival" that canaan is trying to surpass in the anime. She isnt that "bad" in terms of villiany, when it comes to that, liang qi takes it. Alphard is just there as a symbol of power, liang qi does all the evil work, alphard is just the imposing bad guy figure that appears in canaan's way only to take her down.

Alphard is the leader of the terrorist organization snake, which is responsible for many bioterrotist attacks. In the past, alphard was siam's apprentice, just like canaan. She was the "first" canaan however, she later abandoned her name after betraying the current canaan and siam. She killed siam during her betrayal, leading canaan to want to avenge him. Alphard appears before canaan time after time, intending to settle thier rivalry to see who can be the "real canaan". She easily takes down canaan most of the time, but the final epic struggle is one to behold, and Alphard's final desicion is one that makes viewers admire her even more.

Black butler anyone?

3.Tykki mikk
From: D.grayman

Number 3 today on the list is tykki mikk from D.grayman, a fella who looks suspiciously alot like those damn butlers from black butler.

Being a noah, tykki mikk is destined to be a bad guy. Look at him, hes totally got the face of a sneaky guy that might backstab you as soon as you turn your back on him! Also, I bet his face makes fangirls scream in joy. Anyway, tykki is pretty much a sly fella. He has done his share of bad deeds, mainly the execution of exorcists.

My main moment with tykki that carved him so deeply into my memory as a villian...was the moment he "killed" allen and destroyed his innonence arm. The way he tested allen, then brutally destroyed him and took his innonence arm away...totally priceless and unforgettable moment. He also caused that once guy to go astray and become a fallen one, one of the most grosteque things I have seen in the anime. He is also pretty damn powerful when allen faced him on the arc with his crown clown, though he lost, props to him for being so damn cool. His awaken form makes him look even cooler, too bad the anime stopped so damn early...

No pupils....scary.
From: Needless

For 2nd place today we have the one and only saten from needless. The mysterious and enigmatic member from the simeon's elite four grabs a seat here today, so, what's he got?

Saten is a true badass. I mean yeah, his outfit doesnt really show much, hes just a half naked guy with tons of bandages, a badass cape and a couple of metal gaunlets. A big part of saten's badasstitude comes from his insanely cool powers, but his personality and said course of actions also place him as one of anime's most impactful villians. Note that saten is the 2nd villian from needless to have made it into my top 5...shows how awesome that show is.

Saten is actually a 3rd adam in the show, but before that, during his 1st encounter with the gang, his powers shown then were unique and extrodinary. Forth wave is incredibly badass, and probably my favourite fragment power from the show. It may probably be a fraud from saten himself since he has control over who knows how many fragments, but the forth wave was truly incredible. I mean, absorbtion of heat particles and releasing them? Genius! Also, later on, he betrays arclight and temporary kills him. He reveals that he is the 3rd adam and tries to rule over the entire satellite through fear. Great stuff, a good show from saten.

Don't mistaken him for a pirate, he eats tanks for breakfast.
From: Fullmetal alchemist:Brotherhood

Finally, our number one villian today, is one of the 7 homonculous. He is none other than king bradley, also known as wrath by his brothers.

Bradley is a beast. He wears the face of the country, and is respected by all of its people, but little do they know that the true face behind this man is one of the 7 homunculi, and hes one of the strongest one at that. He even has a wife and a child, whose also one of the homunculi, known as pride.

Bradley does tons of bad stuff, deceiving the country is just one of them. When lin was still good, bradley confronted them and did a number on them. He cut off that girl's arm and made her disappear for a long period to get an automail arm. Also, during the promised day, he too, participated by attacking the amestrian forces himself. He takes on tanks, kills soldiers like free and destroys much of the briggs army that they are known for. He also kills the one guy with the metal arm (from briggs) and one of lin's followers (the old man). He takes on greed, helps subdue roy mustang and finally takes on scar as a final battle before actually going down. Wrath is one hell of a man, even without hands, he goes around grabbing his blade with his mouth to inflict critical hurt to scar. A truly scary and memoriable villian, perhaps even more so than pride.