Wednesday, 24 August 2011


Gamespot score:9.5(Editor's choice)

my score:8.8

(+)Pros:-Great graphics,-nanosuit is incredibly fun to play around with,-amazing environments and terrains,-fun to drive around in all the different kinds of vehicles,-alien enemies are great to fight against,-allows weapon customization according to your likings,-smooth learning curve,-cloak mode and maximum strenght are absolutely badass,-campaign is suprisingly long for a shooter.

(-)Cons:-Aliens take far too long to appear for you to fight,-nanosuit becomes quite powerless against aliens.

Gameplay time:10-20 hours

Ahh crysis, crysis, crysis, what an overrated game I thought you were. A gamer ranking average of 9.0? From professional critics? Come on....thats what I thought anyway. After playing the game, obviously, my opinion changed. I always disliked the shooter genre by nature, but just awesome. Seriously, it has been awhile since a shooter has kept me so interested. I would place crysis on par with bioshock, which is already my favourite series from the shooter genre. For all those haters out there (I doubt there are anyway), unfortunately for you, crysis, is one hell of a kickass game. If you don't agree, you either never played the game, or cant enjoy a quality shooter. Crysis rocks, and I bet the entire world agrees with me. Heres my review.

The story of crysis isn't anything special, but it at least makes sense and the game tells the story properly. The story takes place in a deserted island where possibilities of an alien invansion have been sighted. An investigation team is sent there, but they are captured by north koreans taking hold of the island. As part of a special forces team, you are sent to the island to rescue the captives. Your team is clad in the latest technological nanosuit, suits that enhance combat ability by providing a vast amount of abilities. Of course, your team is going in only thinking about fighting off north koreans, but little do they know of the incoming alien threat and how they are in grave danger by just disembarking on the island. As team mates are lost one by one, your mission becomes more clear, and it soon becomes known that north koreans arent the only ones on the islands...

Fill your weapons with cool and kickass upgrades.

Crysis is a first person shooter game, but its not your everyday generic COD ripoff, hell no, its definetely not. Crysis badass beyond belief. You traverse through well designed jungles, caves and alien labrinths in style, taking out enemies in a variety of ways. Most of the game takes place in the island jungle, providing some kind of a jungle warfare scenario. The island is packed to the brim with north korean soldiers, and while your objectives might only point you to either go from one point to another or just activate a few computers, killing these soldiers one by one is a LOT of fun. As mentioned, don't think this is a COD ripoff where you just bust into a crowded area, take cover and shoot everyone to death like rambo, no. In crysis, you die pretty damn quickly, even with your state of the art nanosuit, it takes less than 5-6 shots to kill you even in armor mode.

Let me explain, there are a variety of ways you can use to take down your opponents in crysis using the different modes implied in your nanosuit. Theres armor mode which is the suit's "default" mode. It allows you to take a couple more hits, and serves as the "power saving mode". It doesn't really do much. Maximum strenght gives you crazy power, allowing you to kill most enemy soldiers with just a melee smack. You also jump higher. Cloak mode makes you invisible, letting you kill your enemies before they can even find you. Cloak mode is one of the game's primary modes, since you will probably be doing alot of sneak killing. Finally you have maximum speed, used to run incredibly fast. It can be used as a form of travel or to circle a single enemy during combat and fill him up with bullets. Not really useful in battle.

Hey, check out mah bazooka!

As you can see, you can take your enemy in many different ways, and its definetely great fun. Its fun as heck to go cloak, sneak into a group of 8 korean soldiers and kill them 1 by 1 without the rest noticing. And even if they do notice, they will just wander around helplessly trying to find you while you are just sitting in one corner in cloak mode....hilarious. Of course, they are not entirely stupid, they will still frag suspicious areas or fire at areas where they think you might be at, sometimes even hitting you. While fighting these korean soldiers gun to gun however, you also have some advantages over them.

Your weapons can be customized with whatever attachments you want, making it look super cool and high tech. These attachments are great and help a lot, be it laser pointers, zooms or attached grenade launchers...they feel and play awesome. Figthing aliens are a different story, they are much stronger and take alot more hits to go you might have to play a lot differently than when fighting with soldiers. Of course, the game makes you go through different situations where enemies gradually increase and become stronger, so you will eventually feel ready to fight the aliens. Also, the vehicles in the game are incredibly fun to drive. Some of the jeeps may feel normal and boring, but fear not, there are other badass vehicles for you to drive such as boats, tanks and even helicopters. Most of these piloting of vehicles are done on your own, so it never feels too scripted.

The light! My EYEESSS!!!!

Crysis, no matter how awesome it is, has flaws. For one, the aliens take far too long in the game to appear. They only appear like after th 3/4 mark...or maybe even later. This is sad, given the fact that aliens are kind of the main focus of the storyline. Also, when aliens appear in the game as enemies for you to beat, it kind of takes away the freedom of choice you have in battle. Against the koreans, you could use whatever you had at your disposal to toy with and play mind games with them. Against the aliens, these prove useless. In cloak mode, aliens can still see and attack you. If you go maximum strenght, you cant one shot them like you can one shot koreans, and at close range, aliens can one shot YOU without armor mode. It just boils down to just generic shooting to bring these suckers down.

Crysis is awesome. It beats out most other shooters like COD, brink, operation flashpoint and all the other whatnots. Crysis is far more innovative and gives you much more choices to take down enemies. For a game made back in 2007, the graphics are pretty damn good, and the campaign is surprisingly long. While most modern day shooters take less than 10 hours to complete, or at most 10-12 hours, crysis took me about 15 hours to play through. All in all, crysis is definetely worth your time. If you hunger for a shooter of great standards, look no further, crysis will without a doubt satisfy you.

Happy gaming!