Hey guys, its me again, and I'm talking about Marvel Vs Capcom 3 again. Even though the game is out, here I am doing posts about it. Some of you guys may be sick of hearing me talk about marvel 3 stuff....but hey, bear with me, I just want to make some stuff clear.

For today, Im talking about tiers in marvel vs capcom 3. Those who play fighting games should know what tiers are. Characters are split into tiers, seperating from the good, bad, godly and really pathetic. This is always the case for most competitive fighting games. For today, we will be talking about tiers in MVC 3. After seeing tons of shanenigans in tons of tournaments, I can safely group some of the characters.

The Top Tier

These 5 characters are seen most in tournaments, and are definetely godly in one way or another. From what I can see, these guys are going to get nerfs in UMVC 3, cause leaving them the way they are is just going to make things nasty. These guys can wipe teams in seconds, and can easily beat out the other 2/3 of the roster in terms of point combat. These are based in rank, so its going to be highest to lowest.

1. Phoenix

Alright people, you should have seen this coming. Have you seen EVO 2011? Wow, wtf? Phoenix baby! Just look at that bitch, shes in almost every top mvc3 team during tournaments. Go watch some WNF fights, while players like JW and combofiend still own with teams of thier owns, phoenix is always a character that gives trouble to most players. Heres the catch, you gotta snap her in and kill her before she gets 5 bars, or you are gonna get your ass pawned. Most of the time, when people snap her in and try to kill her, she either just blocks all attacks and hard tags out, or super jump and spam TK shots. Really? OKOK, assuming they dont do those stuff, phoenix on point is also really good. Her damage is quite solid and if you seen some people who are actually GOOD with phoenix, she can perform some solid combos of her own too.

Press light punch and kill everybody! Great!

Heres the fked up stuff, when she turns dark. This is a favourite of players, leave 5 bars for phoenix, have her as your final character. When she turns dark, level 3 x factor, teleport around, spam TK shots and throw out tons of light punches. When phoenix is dark, she is INSANE. She is fast as hell, and many of her moves get a TON of priority. Spamming her normal shoot out a TON of those little fireball things, and they CHIP. God. Just see those high level competitive matches with phoenix, they do the same thing over and over, and they always win! "Teleport! Teleport! Dodge this dodge this! Burn in the flames!", there goes your whole team. Trust me, I have tried phoenix, and she is really really overpowered. "But shes a glass cannon! You can snap her out!" Blah blah blah, it does not change the fact that shes REEAALLY good at running, and if you dont have a character like wesker, dante or wolverine...you know, those that can actually chase, you are going down.


Dive kick bitches! Wolverine is the 2nd most powerful character in the game in my opinion. Basically, its all about justin wong, have you seen his wolverine? SHIT, THATS GAY! Now everyone is is using that exact same combo to kick all sorts of ass. Wolverine is fast, and his combos hurt, bad. Plus, they are simple to do. Took me no longer than 10 minutes to learn that one combo that everyone does in tournies. His berserker slash too, it actually crosses up and goes behind his opponent. Wow. At first, I didnt find that really bad, but when I see that akuma tatsu and wolverine berserker slash crossup...I was so suprised. No wonder they are the BFFs. Wolverine is just SICK, dive kick mother fckers!

You can bet hes gonna follow up with a dive kick.

Wolverine is a complete team destroyer. With his bersker slash and dive kicks, he has some really insane crossup tactics. With the right assist (more particularly, akuma), he destroys teams for free. Also, berserker's charge gives him the speed of a madman, letting him becoming an even bigger force to reckon with. Combine that with x factor....he gets insane speed. Even the commentators says he becomes even too fast to control. All in all, wolverine is this very simple formula. Speed + High damage + Great crossup ability + DIVE KICKS = Wolverine. Sorry, its just that I keep seeing that damn dive kick catching so many other players in high level competitive play.


Another character you would have seen coming. Wesker is so cheap, he gets complained on by so many people. His standard damage is dangerously high, he can teleport like free and he has higher health than the likes of ryu and captain america. What is he, some sort of speedy tanker?! Look at the way he telports, scary! His S launcher is also pretty damn fast. His maximum wesker hyper also crosses up occasionally. He is ALSO a great battery, building up meter like its nothing and saving it for his infamous OTG gunshot followed by a team super.

You can totally combo off a gunshot,

Wesker's most annoying thing to deal with in my opinion though, is his fking gunshot. Look at those videos, wesker just teleports up and down firing gunshots. When one gunshot HITS, he goes over and starts comboing. WTF? Dude can totally combo off a single gunshot, which comes out QUICK AS HELL. Just like *bang*, you get hit, prepare to receive some major pain. It also OTGs, and he can follow up with a team super, as said just now. Just like many of the top tier characters, his attacks hit so hard and his combos are so easy to execute...wesker is a total monster. In level 3 X factor, hes a total beast, stronger than so many other characters. SO FAST, SO POWERFUL, HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO STOP HIM? Oh yeah, and Im saying all of this as a wesker mainer myself. I main wesker, yes, but I sincerly think he should be nerfed. 


MSS bitches! Fortunately, storm and sentinel arent that big of a problem in MVC 3. On the other hand, unfortunately, magneto is still up there. Have you seen that mother fker's flight cancels and air dashes? This dude can fly towards you at the speed of a rocket! You are at one end of the screen and hes at the other end. You fire a projctile and miss. On other situations this is more or less fine, but if you miss against magneto, get ready to be punished bad. He can fly towards you at inhuman speeds and before you recover he can hit you and go into that stupid loop which involes him hitting you up and down and up and down...who knows how many times.

Go away magneto, this is a happy place.

Mind you thats not the only loop this idiot has. He has another one where he just hits you once, fly fowad towards you, hit you again, and repeat this shitty process. He can do this alot of times too,as seen by Marn, then he can follow it up with an OTG into magnetic tempest, then followed by a zero sougenmu DHC glitch. His magnetic shockwave too, its comes out so QUICK. It punishes so well, and it knocks the other fella really far away as well. Damnit. And lets not talk about gravity cheese. It is probably the CHEAPEST level 3 in the game. It hits anywhere on the map, and people have been using it to punish and perform OTGs like free. Shit man, just.. shit.


Alright, here comes dante. You gotta understand this guy is really popular, but capcom kinda overdid it. Dante has a crapload of moves, over 40. Most people dont bring out the true potential in dante (like myself), but dante can be really really scary. See richard ngyuen, his dante is a god, A GOD I TELL YOU! If you make use of dante's moves and his bold cancels, you can make dante into a totally scary monster whose combos can extend for as long as 20 Marvel seconds.

Expect dante's combos to last 5 times longer than most combos.
 Dante's combos last long, and though they may be really hard to pull off, its sure not hard to get them to start. Dante has ridiculously far reaching normals. Rebellion is a big and long sword, and with it, his normals sure reach far. While he may not be the fastest character when it comes to normals, I would say dante is the easiest character to get hit confirms. He also has lots of tools. That electric guitar is a common thing high level players like to abuse to bait the opponent, missles too. In combos, many of his skills are put to use, such as the acid rain, helm breaker, and that one move where he hits the ground with beowulf for OTG. Combining all this with the fact that he can bold cancel...you get one ridiculous combo. And while devil trigger may not be visually impressive, we have seen it do impressive stuff in terms of healing red life. His teleport also puts him behind his enemies! Scary stuff. All in all, dante is incredibly solid (once again, Im saying this as a dante mainer), but sadly, we will see nerfs, thats for sure, hes currently too damn good as he is now.

Now that was long, heres a shout out to these characters for making it close to being top tier (Once again, all my opinion, dont get mad).

Dr Doom

There will be more posts in the future discussing the top assist characters and the lower tier characters, and how they need to be buffed.

Peace out.