And its that time of the year again..

Yo people, hows it going. Today, 20 august 2011, marks the beginning of the singapore toys, game, comic convention of the year. Last year, I had a good ass time, and bought a whole shitload of anime related goodies. All was well, and I enjoyed myself, but today....I cant say the same. 

For one, I'll say this, the entrance fee for the convention has increased from $8 to $10. Not much of a deal, its just $2, still this $2 increase is totally uncalled for. Me and my friends went in early today, and we got a free ironman 2 poster that looks like pretty damn plain and stupid (its a free gift for the first 500 who buy tickets). Whats more, I have to say...STGCC this year was a major let me at least.

Yeah, I went in expecting tons of anime goodness, like last year. Last year's STGCC was packed with anime goodies left and right, just check my post last year, it was great stuff. Unfortunately, this year is so different. The moment we walked in, the 1st thing that we saw was a giant thor poster. It turned me off immediately. This year's STGCC was filled with marvel and DC stuff, kind of a let down to me.....

Well...lets get on with some of the stuff I took pictures of...

No idea what this is, looks like some pirate scene with a girl being raped the hell out of. LOL. Just took this because theres nothing else really amazing to take.

Yeah, its blur, lots of people taking this. Its tony stark, aka iron man putting on his suit. Nothing really special, but I like iron man, so....

Not gonna comment, just took this because it looked better than a lot of the other stuff.

All right, an army of storm troopers. Cool stuff. The casing for this is huge, so theres actually a lot more storm troopers than this. Well, you get the picture.

More misc stuff..

Iron man 2 poster. Nothing really special, they were having a ton of these "movie posters" put around the place, framed up nicely. Once again, I like iron man, probably one of the only marvel heroes I like, so I just took a picture of it.

The rocketeer.....well, no idea who he is. Still, I found the design of the poster pretty retro and the rocketeer himself didn't look too bad. Well, I guess Im a sucker for designs based on robots.

Time for figurines to shine! Its too bad Im not really interested in like, 95% of the stuff displayed at STGCC today. Such a pity, I play marvel 3, but still, Im not reeally into marvel and or DC characters. Damn...Still, here are a couple of figurines I liked.

Emma frost! And the japan made version at that, now THIS looks like a figurine I would get. Not really a fan of the original Emma, but this version looks awesome. This figurine belongs to a series known as marvel bishoujo.

Another one for marvel Bishoujo. I didnt like phoenix in marvel 3, at all. Not one percent, zero, zilch. But you gotta agree, her japanese version figurine looks pretty darn good. Dont know why theres 2 versions though.

Unfortunately, thats all I got. Sure, there were others like psylocke, rogue and more, but really, not really much of a need for me to take that much.

More misc stuff..

I have no idea why the hell animax even showed up, there was almost nothing by them but a stupid shangri-la wall! Still, sick art, and that arm with the thumbs up belongs to my bro. Animax came, but they should really bring in more anime stuff!

A haruhi banner once again put there by animax. A pity though, the anime love here is so little, even a small banner like this stands out in the middle of all those comic stuff.

Now for some marvel! Well games is part of STGCC anyway, so its expected they would put up some kind of show. Very very glad to see some marvel 3 being played here. When we first came in to see some matches, the matches were very basic and of mediocre standard. Me and my friend even felt that we could win the tourney! Thats how low the level of skill they displayed was. Pathetic, really.

Fortunately, when we came back hours later, the mini tourney had progressed into the top 16 or something, and we were shocked. The gameplay level then was definetely high, much higher than something I could manage. Crazy dante combos, zero loops, crazy crossups...yep, it definetely felt like marvel. It may not feel like justin wong or combofiend playing, but the standard we saw was AT LEAST something that could be showcasted at EVO. Yep, its that good.

Heres a match taken by my bro, credits go to him.

Now for the main attraction, cosplay! Enkoy!

No idea who this is, Im guessing milky holmes? Anyway, good cosplay, the girl is pretty cute, and she sure got attention.

I know they are from gundam, but I dont really know their names. Well, not too bad I would say, the girl looks pretty good, better than the guy IMO.

Yeah! Angel effin' beats! Didnt see a yuri during cosfest, but here she is in STGCC. Great job on the costumes and poses, for both cosplayers.

Erm, once again, no idea who this is. Im guessing chobits but she looks like a vocaloid too. Well, not too bad.

Cantarella~~~! Every fangirl's dream song from kaito. Well, in this picture, kaito's a girl, so... yeah XD. Not bad though, she looks like a pretty boy, so I guess that works. And from the way they pose, it really looks like a guy X girl pair.

Wohoo! Suigintou baby!  Don't know who the girl beside her is though. Costume is great, to say the least. Still, its rare to see rozen maiden cosplayers, its good to see that the anime is getting some love.

Miku and....unknown person. The miku is alright, but damn, the other girl looks pretty damn tired and ready to take a nap!

Wassup kakashi, looking good. Not many naruto cosplayers out here, so kakashi automatically stands out. Plus, looks and body wise, I'd say the cosplayer fits the role. Great stuff!

Hmm, not a pair you'd see very often. Miku and mio is definetely a weird pair, but seeing as how they are both connected to music...I'd see things work out between them. Both girls look alright, no complaints here.

Magnet miku and luka, and a mysterious third character that looks so much like rin. Great costumes, but I'd say the rin look alike stands out the most.

Tifa lockhart!! As always, its good to see final fantasy love, especially from final fantasy 7. Though I agree other final fantasies need some love as well, 7 is my favourite and its good to see characters from 7 being cosplayed as. Anyways, great stuff.

Alright, moon walk time, cause TK is in the building! Didnt expect to see a TK, but hey, at least he doesnt look bad.

More rozen maiden love! Nice, this time its shinku and kanaria, with a civillian at the center. Once again, nice stuff, and kanaria looks really cute in this one :).

Random girl in random maid outfit? No idea who this is, but...not bad. She gathered quite alot of attention too.

NOT A COSPLAY, R-15 IS REALLY A ROBOT. Great great stuff, they really went to program a real robot that moves around and responds to people. No shit! I was simply amazed. Plus, it looked pretty damn cute moving around and rambling about random stuff.

Kamen fking rider! Superb costume, as expected from a kamen rider. So far, all kamen rider I have seen in all events I have been to have excellent costumes. Must have been made from the same guy...

Yui with cat ears and posing like a cat girl. Cute, to say the least, and she definetely has a good body. I like what I see XD! Great cosplay overall!

Bankai ichigo and Mr "get over here!" scorpion. Ichigo could have been better in my opinion, but scorpion looks just fine. He even yelled his main catch phrase out loud, to fit the character even more. Good stuff.

Call of duty people? Anyway, not the first time I have seen something like that, so it didnt really suprise me. Have seen better soldier cosplays, but this one's pretty okay.

Alot of normal guys here, why did I even take the shot  -.-||? Anyway...I guess this pic is directed more to the 2 corner guys, who look suspiciously alot like arthur and arawn from tears to tiara. Then again, I'm not really sure.

A little bit blur on my end, but its not hard to tell. Its lubu from dynasty warriors. The guy is downright huge, and he has big weapons as well. Great costume.

Lol, it you look closely, its the same angel guy from cosfest! Fancy running into him here. Like before, he doesn't look bad.

Chainsaw lady? No idea who this is, but damn! Good looking chainsaw, other wise, everything else is kinda meh-ish.

Iron man, sweet. Theres a better one later on though, but this guy is alright. He looks a little bit blocky and stiff. As iron man however, he looks great, no complaints.

Now onto my top 3 favourite cosplayers of the day. Unlike cosfest, I didnt get many pictures for STGCC, since the event was overall disappointing compared to cosfest and last year's STGCC. Due to lack of pictures, I'll just choose 3 of the best cosplayers. Once again, these are are in no particular order. Here they are.

AwwrrgghghhHH!! This rin is adorable! Probably the one and only fitting rin in the whole STGCC! Shes short, shes the right size, shes almost like a rin clone! Oh man, this is just too good. To prove it, there were tons of other people trying to take her picture as well. Nice nice nice! NICE!!! Shit, I must be sounding like a lolicon right now.

Yeah, next up are 2 badass bastards. On the left we have a pretty awesome looking predator, and on the right, we have an even more badass looking iron man. The armor is detailed as hell, and it looks insanely cool. Great stuff from both cosplayers.

Awwww yeaaaahhh! Pyramid head bitches! Now this is cool. Look at the dude, he totally looks the part, holind that cleaver and all. Definetely an awesome cosplay, and super suprising to boot. I practically shouted "Pyramid head!" as I ran towards him. Never expected to see him in STGCC, and hes definetely one of my favourites today.

Thats all for today, and perhaps for the entire STGCC of 2011. Theres really nothing much that interested me here. Last year for STGCC I bought my very first figma, the BRS. This year, I got nothing but an A3 K-on poster. I am disappoint, theres really nothing much this year for STGCC. AFA will definetely be a blast, look out for my post this november 11, since thats when AFA 2011 when take place. Lets hope there will be more anime stuff for STGCC next year, since this year's anime related stuff is totally underwhelming. For now....

Peace out!