Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Persona 5 and more on the way!

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YESS!!!! This time its really here! Atlus has finally stepped up thier shit and started working on persona 5. Hell yes, things cant get any better than this! And thats not all, theres more! Atlus is currently working on three games, all of which spell AWESOMENESS for any persona fan out there. All of this has been revealed via a famitsu article.

Persona 4 seriously can't get any more awesome that it already is..
 First up, we have an announce on the remake of persona 4 for the vita. So I assume its gonna be P4P? Sweetness! This might heavily influence on my desicion to get a vita! Atlus has done this before with persona 3, and we got P3P for that. How did that end up? I don't know about you guys but for me, P3P was a mother f***ing success. Even if it was my third time playing the game, it was still tight as hell. And I think more than half the world thinks that. seeing that it got an amzaingly high meta critic average score (more than 9.0).

So we can assume P4P to be as or even more awesome than P3P, thats what I think. The original persona 4 was better than the original persona 3 IMO. So far, as far as revealed info goes, theres a new character called mary in the vita version of persona 4, how does that affect us?.....Honestly, I dunno, but if its brings forth some new story elements, I'm all for it. And, HOPEFULLY, we get a female protagonist for this one too, so we get another different story perspective once again. That would be friggin' badass, I assure you.

Persona 4 vs Persona 3? Damn, imagine the possibilities! 
 Next up we have something rather strange. This was also confirmed by atlus during their article, its a fighting game. Strange right? Especially since its coming from atlus. The game will be called  Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, featuring the cast of persona 4 and persona 3 fighting against each other. I dont know how persona characters will translate in a fighting game, but I sure as hell cant wait to see more info regarding this.

Whats more, we have arc system works, the genuises behind the blazblue and guilty gear games, working on this with atlus. Hopefully this won't make the game suck and they will help turn this game into one of their many masterpieces. Theres really nothing else for me to comment on this, hoping to see how this shapes out!

Lets hope its awesome, seriously.

Here we are...the main attraction that EVERYONE has been waiting for. PERSONA 5!! Well, theres not much I can say here, since nothing has been revealed AT ALL, but we know that shoji meguro and crew behind persona 4 will be working on this...thats reasurring enough. We will be getting something badass, thats for sure! And this better be for the PS3/XBOX360, not the vita or some shit, persona 5 deserves the BEST, and I literally mean the best, it has to be something of the persona 3/4 calibur, NOTHING LESS. Altough, knowing them, things will probably go well, and they will cook up a fantastic game. I have faith in atlus.

Too much....seriously. Theres far too much goodness packed in one day. Thank you atlus for these 3 coming projects, and I'm sure you can pull each and every one of them off successfully. Cheers! Now I just have to buy catherine!