Welcome once again to greatest boss fights on gamer--freakz. Where selected bosses from select games are featured in all their glory. For the record, each and every one of these bosses are selected from my POINT OF VIEW, so don't go bashing or hating, since its just opinions. So, without further ado, here we go, enter the darth moab.

Darth moab is a boss from the prinny series, but the darth moab we are going to focus on today is the darth moab from prinny 2. This guy, if I'm not wrong, is the brother of morgan, another badass boss of the prinny series. Darth moab floats around and has some magical abilities of his own, including firing thunder bolts, generating wind, shooting fire balls.. etc. Normally, these wont look very special in many cases, but darth moab is an exception. He's way too cool to overlook.

Darth moab in all his glory in the first prinny game.

First of all, in both prinny games, darth moab appears as a compulsary boss fight. He appears in the final stages of both games. In the 1st game, he was more bent on fighting up close where as in the 2nd game, he plays a more turtling style. Since we are talking about prinny 2 darth moab here, lets get down to his arsenal. Lets get 1 thing clear though, the area you fight him in is very strict, and attacking the bone platforms will cause them to break. Yeap, very annoying.

Darth moab may not be insanely hard like most of the bosses I have previously talked about, but he is no pushover (then again, so are half the bosses in the game). He comes into battle with a fully powered battle ship floating in the background, automatically making the battle an epic one right off the get go. Darth moab's arsenal in prinny 2 basically comes off as something basic. He has only 2 main attacks, and one of them is rather predictable. He takes some time to actually even cast these attacks, giving you some time to butt stomp him. His 1st and most predictable attack is his lightning blast. After his ridiculously long cast, he lets loose a WIDE range electric blast that can cover ridiculous areas if you arent careful. You can control where these waves hit by moving around or jumping, but doing so wrongly or carelessly will  him electrifying an unfavourable area. His next move is a more dangerous one, but he uses this less frequently. He brings down a couple of meteors on your head, which come down fairly quickly. These are hard to dodge, but as long as you don't stay in front of him, you're good.

Keep up the usual butt stomps and you're good.

But heres the fked up part. Darth moab himself is nothing, nothing at all, but the battle itself becomes much more annoying and irritiating because of the battle ship that backs him up. You gotta make this fight quick, cuz if you don't that ship's gonna screw you up. The ship is always in the background, firing craploads of cannon shells at you, destroying the bone platforms if any of the shells hit them, that is. You will already be wearing these bone platforms with your attacks, SURELY some of your attacks would hit these platforms, its highly unlikely that you will get full accuracy over darth moab.

Killing darth moab with that pesky ship shooting stuff at you is nigh impossible, so what do you do? Bingo, take the ship down. Now dodging darth moab is alright on his own, but dodging BOTH darth moab AND cannon shells can be difficult. You are going to have to bait darth moab into hitting the air, then go butt stomp those cannon buttons scattered across the area. Successfully butt stomping all cannons will temporary disable the ship, and send it flying off for abit. But if doesn't stop there, ohh no. After you manage to bomb the ship with all the cannons, he will launch a bomb at your current position, flaring up a huge flame sphere with enourmous AOE. This is enough to kill you, it can destroy even the large dragon head platform and send you falling to your death.

After you blow up the ship and manage to survive all that you have been through, go all out on the darth moab with whatever time you have left, because the ship WILL come back if you dont kill him before then. Alone, darth moab isn't much, make use of the fact that the ship is gone and smash him, before its too late. If the ship comes back, its probably over for you, because you will either already be drained of most of your life, or you wont have much time left to destroy the ship again and attack darth moab. Its quite restrictive, but thats how things are.

Thats all for darth moab. He probably isn't that hard compared to guys like garam and masala, junkie etna (whom I did not beat), the phantom thief, ji guang long, dolvalky and so on. Still, darth moab is the most memoriable fight for me in prinny 2, for multiple reasons. He looks cool, the stage to get to him is hellishly difficult, he has morgan as his brother and you have fought him before in the 1st game. Overall, hes a fun boss to fight. He may not be overly challenging, but to say the least, hes a fun one to beat. I lost over 20 prinnies trying to kill him on standard.


Video 1- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMM91SQLkL0
Video 2- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OHRwVPtXWJg