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Persona 5 and more on the way!

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YESS!!!! This time its really here! Atlus has finally stepped up thier shit and started working on persona 5. Hell yes, things cant get any better than this! And thats not all, theres more! Atlus is currently working on three games, all of which spell AWESOMENESS for any persona fan out there. All of this has been revealed via a famitsu article.

Persona 4 seriously can't get any more awesome that it already is..
 First up, we have an announce on the remake of persona 4 for the vita. So I assume its gonna be P4P? Sweetness! This might heavily influence on my desicion to get a vita! Atlus has done this before with persona 3, and we got P3P for that. How did that end up? I don't know about you guys but for me, P3P was a mother f***ing success. Even if it was my third time playing the game, it was still tight as hell. And I think more than half the world thinks that. seeing that it got an amzaingly high meta critic average score (more than 9.0).

So we can assume P4P to be as or even more awesome than P3P, thats what I think. The original persona 4 was better than the original persona 3 IMO. So far, as far as revealed info goes, theres a new character called mary in the vita version of persona 4, how does that affect us?.....Honestly, I dunno, but if its brings forth some new story elements, I'm all for it. And, HOPEFULLY, we get a female protagonist for this one too, so we get another different story perspective once again. That would be friggin' badass, I assure you.

Persona 4 vs Persona 3? Damn, imagine the possibilities! 
 Next up we have something rather strange. This was also confirmed by atlus during their article, its a fighting game. Strange right? Especially since its coming from atlus. The game will be called  Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena, featuring the cast of persona 4 and persona 3 fighting against each other. I dont know how persona characters will translate in a fighting game, but I sure as hell cant wait to see more info regarding this.

Whats more, we have arc system works, the genuises behind the blazblue and guilty gear games, working on this with atlus. Hopefully this won't make the game suck and they will help turn this game into one of their many masterpieces. Theres really nothing else for me to comment on this, hoping to see how this shapes out!

Lets hope its awesome, seriously.

Here we are...the main attraction that EVERYONE has been waiting for. PERSONA 5!! Well, theres not much I can say here, since nothing has been revealed AT ALL, but we know that shoji meguro and crew behind persona 4 will be working on this...thats reasurring enough. We will be getting something badass, thats for sure! And this better be for the PS3/XBOX360, not the vita or some shit, persona 5 deserves the BEST, and I literally mean the best, it has to be something of the persona 3/4 calibur, NOTHING LESS. Altough, knowing them, things will probably go well, and they will cook up a fantastic game. I have faith in atlus.

Too much....seriously. Theres far too much goodness packed in one day. Thank you atlus for these 3 coming projects, and I'm sure you can pull each and every one of them off successfully. Cheers! Now I just have to buy catherine!


Welcome once again to greatest boss fights on gamer--freakz. Where selected bosses from select games are featured in all their glory. For the record, each and every one of these bosses are selected from my POINT OF VIEW, so don't go bashing or hating, since its just opinions. So, without further ado, here we go, enter the darth moab.

Darth moab is a boss from the prinny series, but the darth moab we are going to focus on today is the darth moab from prinny 2. This guy, if I'm not wrong, is the brother of morgan, another badass boss of the prinny series. Darth moab floats around and has some magical abilities of his own, including firing thunder bolts, generating wind, shooting fire balls.. etc. Normally, these wont look very special in many cases, but darth moab is an exception. He's way too cool to overlook.

Darth moab in all his glory in the first prinny game.

First of all, in both prinny games, darth moab appears as a compulsary boss fight. He appears in the final stages of both games. In the 1st game, he was more bent on fighting up close where as in the 2nd game, he plays a more turtling style. Since we are talking about prinny 2 darth moab here, lets get down to his arsenal. Lets get 1 thing clear though, the area you fight him in is very strict, and attacking the bone platforms will cause them to break. Yeap, very annoying.

Darth moab may not be insanely hard like most of the bosses I have previously talked about, but he is no pushover (then again, so are half the bosses in the game). He comes into battle with a fully powered battle ship floating in the background, automatically making the battle an epic one right off the get go. Darth moab's arsenal in prinny 2 basically comes off as something basic. He has only 2 main attacks, and one of them is rather predictable. He takes some time to actually even cast these attacks, giving you some time to butt stomp him. His 1st and most predictable attack is his lightning blast. After his ridiculously long cast, he lets loose a WIDE range electric blast that can cover ridiculous areas if you arent careful. You can control where these waves hit by moving around or jumping, but doing so wrongly or carelessly will  him electrifying an unfavourable area. His next move is a more dangerous one, but he uses this less frequently. He brings down a couple of meteors on your head, which come down fairly quickly. These are hard to dodge, but as long as you don't stay in front of him, you're good.

Keep up the usual butt stomps and you're good.

But heres the fked up part. Darth moab himself is nothing, nothing at all, but the battle itself becomes much more annoying and irritiating because of the battle ship that backs him up. You gotta make this fight quick, cuz if you don't that ship's gonna screw you up. The ship is always in the background, firing craploads of cannon shells at you, destroying the bone platforms if any of the shells hit them, that is. You will already be wearing these bone platforms with your attacks, SURELY some of your attacks would hit these platforms, its highly unlikely that you will get full accuracy over darth moab.

Killing darth moab with that pesky ship shooting stuff at you is nigh impossible, so what do you do? Bingo, take the ship down. Now dodging darth moab is alright on his own, but dodging BOTH darth moab AND cannon shells can be difficult. You are going to have to bait darth moab into hitting the air, then go butt stomp those cannon buttons scattered across the area. Successfully butt stomping all cannons will temporary disable the ship, and send it flying off for abit. But if doesn't stop there, ohh no. After you manage to bomb the ship with all the cannons, he will launch a bomb at your current position, flaring up a huge flame sphere with enourmous AOE. This is enough to kill you, it can destroy even the large dragon head platform and send you falling to your death.

After you blow up the ship and manage to survive all that you have been through, go all out on the darth moab with whatever time you have left, because the ship WILL come back if you dont kill him before then. Alone, darth moab isn't much, make use of the fact that the ship is gone and smash him, before its too late. If the ship comes back, its probably over for you, because you will either already be drained of most of your life, or you wont have much time left to destroy the ship again and attack darth moab. Its quite restrictive, but thats how things are.

Thats all for darth moab. He probably isn't that hard compared to guys like garam and masala, junkie etna (whom I did not beat), the phantom thief, ji guang long, dolvalky and so on. Still, darth moab is the most memoriable fight for me in prinny 2, for multiple reasons. He looks cool, the stage to get to him is hellishly difficult, he has morgan as his brother and you have fought him before in the 1st game. Overall, hes a fun boss to fight. He may not be overly challenging, but to say the least, hes a fun one to beat. I lost over 20 prinnies trying to kill him on standard.


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Doll madness! (Rozen maiden review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Kinjirareta Asobi (Ali project)

Ending songs
ED 1-Tomei Shelter (Refio) and (Haruka tomatsu)

Genre:Adventure, comedy, drama, supernatural


I have many anime reviews to get to...I have been watching WAY too much and reviewing WAY too little. So, its time for me to step up, expect more anime reviews. Rozen maiden is quite a unique show. In a way the show is much like your everyday harem anime with a guy surrounded by a ton of girls. In another way, the show manages to be different by setting the girls surrounding the main character as dolls, making the show abit weirder and definetely more unique. Rozen maiden looks alot like a loli anime, with all the different female dolls that start to appear in the show, but its definetely a nice change of pace and a great anime to watch and enjoy.

The opening song for the anime is kinjirareta asobi by ali project. Personally, I didn't enjoy this much. This is my opinion, it just sounds weird...slow...and kind of a turn off. Ali pro has better songs IMO, and this isn't one of thier good ones. The ending is tomei shelter by refio and haruka tomatsu. I know absolutely nothing about refio but since haruka tomatsu is in there, we can expect something cute-sy, and thats what this song is. Once again, not really my cup of tea and while I think it is better by kinjirareta asobi, I still do not enjoy it. Yeah, sadly, both songs arent really to my liking XD.


Rozen maiden is very much like an everyday average harem show, as I mentioned earlier. But, it attempts to be different and it definetely succeeds. By introducing dolls as the average girls that many other shows use, the show is funnier and undeniably more enjoyable to watch. Do not mistake it for a children's show or something for lolicons, its pretty legit and can be more fun to watch than stuff like, lets say kiss x sis or ladies vs butlers, or even kannagi. Its also not a pure comedy show like both of the above mentioned shows, there are some adventure and drama elements in it, primarly making it something SLIGHTLY similar to shakugan no shana, but on a less epic scale. Still, its a great addition to the storyline and makes for an awesome buildup to the second season.

Belive it, she's a doll, NOT a human girl.

Rozen maiden's protoganist is a troubled kid by the name of sakurada jun. Jun is an anti social kid with some weird problems. He refuses to go so school due to a previous incident, and can get super paranoid at times. He stays locked in his room all day and refuses to go out at all. He has an older sister who goes to school and participates in school activities like a normal girl, but she has to take care of jun, by making sure he eats etc. Jun however, treats her like a slave or as if she's non-existant, ignoring her day after day altough shes trying her best to encourage to jun to be a better person. He even yells at her if she tells him to go to school. Yep, he's a troubled kid all right, and he tends to preorder supernatural scammy products everyday to entertain himself. One day, he orders a "rozen maiden", another of those supernatural products. Thinking its another scam, he just treats it normally and tries to activate it, not knowing that the doll would actually wake up and speak to him. A suprised jun is then attacked by a floating doll that just crashed into his room, the rozen maiden saved him and formed a contract with with. The maiden introduces herself as shinku, and jun, after forming the contract, suddenly started to have a more busy, troublesome and exciting life.
Rozen maiden is pretty good, altough season 1 is just a build up to season 2 (which is no doubt, much better), its still a good watch and introduces a crap load of interesting characters. And it also shows alot of good character developement in jun, our main character. Definetely an interesting show, and its one you probably wont forget anytime soon.

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Gamespot score:9.5(Editor's choice)

my score:8.8

(+)Pros:-Great graphics,-nanosuit is incredibly fun to play around with,-amazing environments and terrains,-fun to drive around in all the different kinds of vehicles,-alien enemies are great to fight against,-allows weapon customization according to your likings,-smooth learning curve,-cloak mode and maximum strenght are absolutely badass,-campaign is suprisingly long for a shooter.

(-)Cons:-Aliens take far too long to appear for you to fight,-nanosuit becomes quite powerless against aliens.

Gameplay time:10-20 hours

Ahh crysis, crysis, crysis, what an overrated game I thought you were. A gamer ranking average of 9.0? From professional critics? Come on....thats what I thought anyway. After playing the game, obviously, my opinion changed. I always disliked the shooter genre by nature, but just awesome. Seriously, it has been awhile since a shooter has kept me so interested. I would place crysis on par with bioshock, which is already my favourite series from the shooter genre. For all those haters out there (I doubt there are anyway), unfortunately for you, crysis, is one hell of a kickass game. If you don't agree, you either never played the game, or cant enjoy a quality shooter. Crysis rocks, and I bet the entire world agrees with me. Heres my review.

The story of crysis isn't anything special, but it at least makes sense and the game tells the story properly. The story takes place in a deserted island where possibilities of an alien invansion have been sighted. An investigation team is sent there, but they are captured by north koreans taking hold of the island. As part of a special forces team, you are sent to the island to rescue the captives. Your team is clad in the latest technological nanosuit, suits that enhance combat ability by providing a vast amount of abilities. Of course, your team is going in only thinking about fighting off north koreans, but little do they know of the incoming alien threat and how they are in grave danger by just disembarking on the island. As team mates are lost one by one, your mission becomes more clear, and it soon becomes known that north koreans arent the only ones on the islands...

Fill your weapons with cool and kickass upgrades.

Crysis is a first person shooter game, but its not your everyday generic COD ripoff, hell no, its definetely not. Crysis badass beyond belief. You traverse through well designed jungles, caves and alien labrinths in style, taking out enemies in a variety of ways. Most of the game takes place in the island jungle, providing some kind of a jungle warfare scenario. The island is packed to the brim with north korean soldiers, and while your objectives might only point you to either go from one point to another or just activate a few computers, killing these soldiers one by one is a LOT of fun. As mentioned, don't think this is a COD ripoff where you just bust into a crowded area, take cover and shoot everyone to death like rambo, no. In crysis, you die pretty damn quickly, even with your state of the art nanosuit, it takes less than 5-6 shots to kill you even in armor mode.

Let me explain, there are a variety of ways you can use to take down your opponents in crysis using the different modes implied in your nanosuit. Theres armor mode which is the suit's "default" mode. It allows you to take a couple more hits, and serves as the "power saving mode". It doesn't really do much. Maximum strenght gives you crazy power, allowing you to kill most enemy soldiers with just a melee smack. You also jump higher. Cloak mode makes you invisible, letting you kill your enemies before they can even find you. Cloak mode is one of the game's primary modes, since you will probably be doing alot of sneak killing. Finally you have maximum speed, used to run incredibly fast. It can be used as a form of travel or to circle a single enemy during combat and fill him up with bullets. Not really useful in battle.

Hey, check out mah bazooka!

As you can see, you can take your enemy in many different ways, and its definetely great fun. Its fun as heck to go cloak, sneak into a group of 8 korean soldiers and kill them 1 by 1 without the rest noticing. And even if they do notice, they will just wander around helplessly trying to find you while you are just sitting in one corner in cloak mode....hilarious. Of course, they are not entirely stupid, they will still frag suspicious areas or fire at areas where they think you might be at, sometimes even hitting you. While fighting these korean soldiers gun to gun however, you also have some advantages over them.

Your weapons can be customized with whatever attachments you want, making it look super cool and high tech. These attachments are great and help a lot, be it laser pointers, zooms or attached grenade launchers...they feel and play awesome. Figthing aliens are a different story, they are much stronger and take alot more hits to go you might have to play a lot differently than when fighting with soldiers. Of course, the game makes you go through different situations where enemies gradually increase and become stronger, so you will eventually feel ready to fight the aliens. Also, the vehicles in the game are incredibly fun to drive. Some of the jeeps may feel normal and boring, but fear not, there are other badass vehicles for you to drive such as boats, tanks and even helicopters. Most of these piloting of vehicles are done on your own, so it never feels too scripted.

The light! My EYEESSS!!!!

Crysis, no matter how awesome it is, has flaws. For one, the aliens take far too long in the game to appear. They only appear like after th 3/4 mark...or maybe even later. This is sad, given the fact that aliens are kind of the main focus of the storyline. Also, when aliens appear in the game as enemies for you to beat, it kind of takes away the freedom of choice you have in battle. Against the koreans, you could use whatever you had at your disposal to toy with and play mind games with them. Against the aliens, these prove useless. In cloak mode, aliens can still see and attack you. If you go maximum strenght, you cant one shot them like you can one shot koreans, and at close range, aliens can one shot YOU without armor mode. It just boils down to just generic shooting to bring these suckers down.

Crysis is awesome. It beats out most other shooters like COD, brink, operation flashpoint and all the other whatnots. Crysis is far more innovative and gives you much more choices to take down enemies. For a game made back in 2007, the graphics are pretty damn good, and the campaign is surprisingly long. While most modern day shooters take less than 10 hours to complete, or at most 10-12 hours, crysis took me about 15 hours to play through. All in all, crysis is definetely worth your time. If you hunger for a shooter of great standards, look no further, crysis will without a doubt satisfy you.

Happy gaming!

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Shin megami tensei:Persona 3 portable

Gamespot score:8.5(Great)

my score:9.2

(+)Pros:-Same great persona 3 story,-female main character adds a new perspective to the story and provides something new for those who have played the game before,-new quick traveling system is easy to adapt to and doesnt take too much experience away from the game,-lots of new features including new demons and social links,-controlling of party members is definetely a plus,-new soundtrack is awesome for the female MC.

(-)Cons:-Dungeon crawling is a little repititive.

Gameplay time:50 hours+

The persona series is one series that has gained a lot of famed during the PS2 era. Persona 3 was so awesome that it had a remake with new tweaks and features, named persona 3: fes.Persona 4 was another awesome game, too bad there were no direct sequels or spinoffs for that (but theres an anime coming soon,YES!). However, that did not stop atlus from pulling off persona 3 portable for the PSP. Persona 3 portable featured even more new features and changed the game to be more suitable for the PSP. The new features are great, including the introduction of the female main character, providing veteran players with a brand new reason to start the persona 3 story again and dive into the world of shadows and the dark hour. In short, persona 3 portable is nothing short of an awesome remake and is probably the best literation of the game yet.

If you are familiar with the original story of persona 3, then nothing will suprise you. Once again, you play as a regular high school student with deceased parents, and are transfered to the gekkoukan high school dorm to live. Along the way, you discover a hidden power within you and another world that exists. Enter the dark hour, an hour that occurs every night at 12am. During the dark hour, regular humans transmogrify into coffins, and those unlucky enough not to be are preyed upon by shadows, monsters that dwell within the dark hour. The dark hour isnt recorded in the clock, and regular people are unaware of it. Of course, your main character can actively move during the dark hour, and eventually you discover that you can combat the shadows. Not too long after, you also discover that you aren't alone, and that your dorm mates too, can fight shadows. Together, you and your shadow busting friends are known as SEES, and you all strife to purge shadows from existence and to erase the dark hour. Even as the female main character, the core story remains the same, but there will be changes, and it is slightly different from that of the male main character. Its a nice change, definetely.

Enter persona 3 portable as either the old school male
character, or a brand new female character.

Persona 3 portable comes as a brand new game to almost any player, wheter or not you played the previous literations. There are many new tweaks made to the game, making it and overall more enjoyable experience.Lets start with the biggest and most obvious new feature, playing as the female main character. I am going to talk about playing as the female character for most of this review, since thats the biggest change and is practically the main new change towards persona 3 portable. Of course, you can still choose to play as the male main character, but you will already have seen most of what he has to offer during persona 3: fes. But, if you haven't played any persona 3 game, by all means, go ahead and use him. Back on topic, the female main character, her story, conversations and social links are mostly different from the male main character.

While playing as the female MC, you are refered to differently, you get different treatment, you do different stuff from the male MC, hang out with different types of friends and even fight differently! Its like playing the game in a whole new perspective. Speaking of perspectives, you no longer walk from place to place, theres a new traveling system, where you control a cursor, move around a place and communicate with others. Its convinient, and in a way, it doesnt destroy much of the original persona 3 experinece. In other words, the female MC does everything the male MC does, but in different ways. Otherwise, everything else is almost the same. You spend time day after day, going to school in the morning, hanging out with friends after school in the afternoon and during the night, you either go fool off somewhere in the mall or go fighting in tartarus. Tartarus is where the shadows nest, and is the place you will be exploring through the entire game in old dungeon crawling aspects.

You kicked ass with minato before? Never fear, you can now
kick ass with the female main character!

The dungeon crawling and battle, needless to say, is the main focus in persona 3 portable. You build a party of 4 in the ground level and start climbing the steps of tartarus, kicking all sorts of shadow ass. The battle mechanics are same as before, so I won't be going into great detail. All in all, its just the basic old SMT battle system, where you hit weaknesses of enemies and go for all out attacks. Of course, enemies can do the same, they hit you with something you are weak to, you're gonna get hit big time. And like before, you are the only character in the game who can switch personas at will, while others can only have one. Different personas means different strenght and weaknesses, use them well.

You also get your standard SMT fusion system, in which you can fuse 2 personas together to make a brand new one, inheriting skills of the 2 you used to fuse it. This can get really addicting and is really useful. Creating new badass personas for more powerful thats cool. Plus, with all the different types out there, the possibilities are huge. While battle remains the same, the female MC is a new addition. While she retains the same persona switching ability as the male MC, she fights with a pole arm, where as the male MC fights with a sword. Sweet. Also, in P3P, you can CONTROL YOUR OWN PARTY MEMBERS. YESSS!!! Definetely a plus, looks like they took a thing or two from persona 4, definetely a good choice.

The new traveling system is simple and convinient.

Its hard to actually find a flaw in persona 3 portable...except for those carried over from the previous literations. After all, theres nothing much to fix in persona 3, and atlus cant really revamp the dungeon crawling system. So yeah, expect to be going in and out of tartarus alot. When I say alot I really do mean ALOT. Even though the floor layouts change from time to time, climbing these floors can be quite a pain, since its practically kind of the same thing over and over.

Do I have to conclude? If you have played ANY literation of persona 3 before, you would know that this game is BEYOND awesome. To me, persona 3 portable, is the best literation of persona 3 as of now. Everything has been made better, and with the addition of the female MC, it gives us veterans a reason to play the game again. What can I say? I recommend persona 3 portable to any sensible gamer out there. Wheter or not you like RPGs, this game is a total blast.

Happy gaming!

And its that time of the year again..

Yo people, hows it going. Today, 20 august 2011, marks the beginning of the singapore toys, game, comic convention of the year. Last year, I had a good ass time, and bought a whole shitload of anime related goodies. All was well, and I enjoyed myself, but today....I cant say the same. 

For one, I'll say this, the entrance fee for the convention has increased from $8 to $10. Not much of a deal, its just $2, still this $2 increase is totally uncalled for. Me and my friends went in early today, and we got a free ironman 2 poster that looks like pretty damn plain and stupid (its a free gift for the first 500 who buy tickets). Whats more, I have to say...STGCC this year was a major let me at least.

Yeah, I went in expecting tons of anime goodness, like last year. Last year's STGCC was packed with anime goodies left and right, just check my post last year, it was great stuff. Unfortunately, this year is so different. The moment we walked in, the 1st thing that we saw was a giant thor poster. It turned me off immediately. This year's STGCC was filled with marvel and DC stuff, kind of a let down to me.....

Well...lets get on with some of the stuff I took pictures of...

No idea what this is, looks like some pirate scene with a girl being raped the hell out of. LOL. Just took this because theres nothing else really amazing to take.

Yeah, its blur, lots of people taking this. Its tony stark, aka iron man putting on his suit. Nothing really special, but I like iron man, so....

Not gonna comment, just took this because it looked better than a lot of the other stuff.

All right, an army of storm troopers. Cool stuff. The casing for this is huge, so theres actually a lot more storm troopers than this. Well, you get the picture.

More misc stuff..

Iron man 2 poster. Nothing really special, they were having a ton of these "movie posters" put around the place, framed up nicely. Once again, I like iron man, probably one of the only marvel heroes I like, so I just took a picture of it.

The rocketeer.....well, no idea who he is. Still, I found the design of the poster pretty retro and the rocketeer himself didn't look too bad. Well, I guess Im a sucker for designs based on robots.

Time for figurines to shine! Its too bad Im not really interested in like, 95% of the stuff displayed at STGCC today. Such a pity, I play marvel 3, but still, Im not reeally into marvel and or DC characters. Damn...Still, here are a couple of figurines I liked.

Emma frost! And the japan made version at that, now THIS looks like a figurine I would get. Not really a fan of the original Emma, but this version looks awesome. This figurine belongs to a series known as marvel bishoujo.

Another one for marvel Bishoujo. I didnt like phoenix in marvel 3, at all. Not one percent, zero, zilch. But you gotta agree, her japanese version figurine looks pretty darn good. Dont know why theres 2 versions though.

Unfortunately, thats all I got. Sure, there were others like psylocke, rogue and more, but really, not really much of a need for me to take that much.

More misc stuff..

I have no idea why the hell animax even showed up, there was almost nothing by them but a stupid shangri-la wall! Still, sick art, and that arm with the thumbs up belongs to my bro. Animax came, but they should really bring in more anime stuff!

A haruhi banner once again put there by animax. A pity though, the anime love here is so little, even a small banner like this stands out in the middle of all those comic stuff.

Now for some marvel! Well games is part of STGCC anyway, so its expected they would put up some kind of show. Very very glad to see some marvel 3 being played here. When we first came in to see some matches, the matches were very basic and of mediocre standard. Me and my friend even felt that we could win the tourney! Thats how low the level of skill they displayed was. Pathetic, really.

Fortunately, when we came back hours later, the mini tourney had progressed into the top 16 or something, and we were shocked. The gameplay level then was definetely high, much higher than something I could manage. Crazy dante combos, zero loops, crazy crossups...yep, it definetely felt like marvel. It may not feel like justin wong or combofiend playing, but the standard we saw was AT LEAST something that could be showcasted at EVO. Yep, its that good.

Heres a match taken by my bro, credits go to him.

Now for the main attraction, cosplay! Enkoy!

No idea who this is, Im guessing milky holmes? Anyway, good cosplay, the girl is pretty cute, and she sure got attention.

I know they are from gundam, but I dont really know their names. Well, not too bad I would say, the girl looks pretty good, better than the guy IMO.

Yeah! Angel effin' beats! Didnt see a yuri during cosfest, but here she is in STGCC. Great job on the costumes and poses, for both cosplayers.

Erm, once again, no idea who this is. Im guessing chobits but she looks like a vocaloid too. Well, not too bad.

Cantarella~~~! Every fangirl's dream song from kaito. Well, in this picture, kaito's a girl, so... yeah XD. Not bad though, she looks like a pretty boy, so I guess that works. And from the way they pose, it really looks like a guy X girl pair.

Wohoo! Suigintou baby!  Don't know who the girl beside her is though. Costume is great, to say the least. Still, its rare to see rozen maiden cosplayers, its good to see that the anime is getting some love.

Miku and....unknown person. The miku is alright, but damn, the other girl looks pretty damn tired and ready to take a nap!

Wassup kakashi, looking good. Not many naruto cosplayers out here, so kakashi automatically stands out. Plus, looks and body wise, I'd say the cosplayer fits the role. Great stuff!

Hmm, not a pair you'd see very often. Miku and mio is definetely a weird pair, but seeing as how they are both connected to music...I'd see things work out between them. Both girls look alright, no complaints here.

Magnet miku and luka, and a mysterious third character that looks so much like rin. Great costumes, but I'd say the rin look alike stands out the most.

Tifa lockhart!! As always, its good to see final fantasy love, especially from final fantasy 7. Though I agree other final fantasies need some love as well, 7 is my favourite and its good to see characters from 7 being cosplayed as. Anyways, great stuff.

Alright, moon walk time, cause TK is in the building! Didnt expect to see a TK, but hey, at least he doesnt look bad.

More rozen maiden love! Nice, this time its shinku and kanaria, with a civillian at the center. Once again, nice stuff, and kanaria looks really cute in this one :).

Random girl in random maid outfit? No idea who this is, but...not bad. She gathered quite alot of attention too.

NOT A COSPLAY, R-15 IS REALLY A ROBOT. Great great stuff, they really went to program a real robot that moves around and responds to people. No shit! I was simply amazed. Plus, it looked pretty damn cute moving around and rambling about random stuff.

Kamen fking rider! Superb costume, as expected from a kamen rider. So far, all kamen rider I have seen in all events I have been to have excellent costumes. Must have been made from the same guy...

Yui with cat ears and posing like a cat girl. Cute, to say the least, and she definetely has a good body. I like what I see XD! Great cosplay overall!

Bankai ichigo and Mr "get over here!" scorpion. Ichigo could have been better in my opinion, but scorpion looks just fine. He even yelled his main catch phrase out loud, to fit the character even more. Good stuff.

Call of duty people? Anyway, not the first time I have seen something like that, so it didnt really suprise me. Have seen better soldier cosplays, but this one's pretty okay.

Alot of normal guys here, why did I even take the shot  -.-||? Anyway...I guess this pic is directed more to the 2 corner guys, who look suspiciously alot like arthur and arawn from tears to tiara. Then again, I'm not really sure.

A little bit blur on my end, but its not hard to tell. Its lubu from dynasty warriors. The guy is downright huge, and he has big weapons as well. Great costume.

Lol, it you look closely, its the same angel guy from cosfest! Fancy running into him here. Like before, he doesn't look bad.

Chainsaw lady? No idea who this is, but damn! Good looking chainsaw, other wise, everything else is kinda meh-ish.

Iron man, sweet. Theres a better one later on though, but this guy is alright. He looks a little bit blocky and stiff. As iron man however, he looks great, no complaints.

Now onto my top 3 favourite cosplayers of the day. Unlike cosfest, I didnt get many pictures for STGCC, since the event was overall disappointing compared to cosfest and last year's STGCC. Due to lack of pictures, I'll just choose 3 of the best cosplayers. Once again, these are are in no particular order. Here they are.

AwwrrgghghhHH!! This rin is adorable! Probably the one and only fitting rin in the whole STGCC! Shes short, shes the right size, shes almost like a rin clone! Oh man, this is just too good. To prove it, there were tons of other people trying to take her picture as well. Nice nice nice! NICE!!! Shit, I must be sounding like a lolicon right now.

Yeah, next up are 2 badass bastards. On the left we have a pretty awesome looking predator, and on the right, we have an even more badass looking iron man. The armor is detailed as hell, and it looks insanely cool. Great stuff from both cosplayers.

Awwww yeaaaahhh! Pyramid head bitches! Now this is cool. Look at the dude, he totally looks the part, holind that cleaver and all. Definetely an awesome cosplay, and super suprising to boot. I practically shouted "Pyramid head!" as I ran towards him. Never expected to see him in STGCC, and hes definetely one of my favourites today.

Thats all for today, and perhaps for the entire STGCC of 2011. Theres really nothing much that interested me here. Last year for STGCC I bought my very first figma, the BRS. This year, I got nothing but an A3 K-on poster. I am disappoint, theres really nothing much this year for STGCC. AFA will definetely be a blast, look out for my post this november 11, since thats when AFA 2011 when take place. Lets hope there will be more anime stuff for STGCC next year, since this year's anime related stuff is totally underwhelming. For now....

Peace out!