Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Top 5 badass villians(gaming) 02/03/11

More villians on the way! Its really been awhile since the previous post about villians, but here we are. Here are today's picks, on 02/03/11.

As usual, spoilers ahead, so be warned.

5.Team rocket


Up in 5th place is team rocket from pokemon. Nothing much really, if you even know an OUNCE about pokemon, these guys should come to mind.

Needless to say pokemon has always been a pretty friendly series, and therefore the villians havent always been too violent or evil. However for team rocket, unlike all the other wannabe teams in other versions, leave the most lasting impression, and no its not for the 2 twits jesse and james in the anime.

Why do they leave an impression? Thats because they STARTED the tradition of the team shit. All the teams in later games like team magma and shit, they all follow what team rocket first started, and didnt do it as well. Team rocket actually went to cut slowpoke tails, and if im not wrong, they even killed a mother marorawk. Pokemon dont die! And they did it, they killed a pokemon!


From:Devil may cry 3

Now everybody should know vergil, and I say, many would even claim him to be of a higher tier rather than number 4.

Vergil is a son of sparda, twin brother to dante. Dante has never been the kind to go serious, and I can pretty much say that the only fight I have seen him go serious for, is his fight with vergil. Now vergil didnt really do anything memoriable as a villian, he just tried to open the demon gate for the sword that laid between, but he got thwarted by arkham(which isnt that bad of a villian himself).

Vergil makes himself up here for sheer badassness, not for his deeds as a villian. He is probably one of the strongest beings in the DMC universe, and his playstyle is just badass. A cool ass katana plus that demonic sword and devil trigger? SOLD! Though I would say dante has more verstile weapon choices, vergil as an overall, is much more badass. (Though vergil loses to DMC 4 dante by a TON)


From:Call of duty:Black ops

In 3rd place, we got quite the bastard, dubbed dragovich, from call of duty:Black ops. He should be well known, since blackops has quite the fanbase.

Who is this guy? Dragovich is the mastermind of all of the events in black ops. Mason and co tries to kill him for the whole game, but level after level they try, but to no avail, dragovich was never killed. The man has 2 bad enough henchmen, steiner and that one musclehead which was responsible for woods's death. Steiner is a crazy scientist, who developed that crazy bio weapon.

Dragovich, being the scheming cowardly villlian that he is, hides behind it all. He programms mason with numbers and coordinates, which leads to the whole black ops story. Though its really reznov that fked mason up, dragovich still played a huge part in it all. Even towards the end of the game, its the final epic showdown with dragovich that has to be settled before mason can escape from the sinking ship.

2.Kendra daniels

From:Dead space

For our 2nd position villian today, we get a female, for once, we dont really get that many epic female villians anyway. Kendra is from the hit horror series, dead space.

Kendra starts off friendly, as one of the surviving crew mates of the engineering crew that went to repair the ishimura, she follows obidiently with hammond and issac. When things get from bad to worse, and when issac finally finds an alternative to escape with kyne, she kills kyne and takes the ship for herself.

Why? What the hell???!! She acted all nice and then, when its time to go, she kills the one who provides the ship and drives off, LEAVING THE GUY WHO DID EVERYTHING FOR 9 DAMN CHAPTERS TO ROT. Looks like she used you, big deal, she just wants the marker, what ever. Know what, issac even manages to anti grav her back, but thats not the end. During the whole time where kendra showed issac the video of nicole to keep him motivated, it was just a fraud, shes dead! She even shows that full video in the end to deliver a great emotinal blow to issac. Thats a great deal of manipulation right there, what a scheming bitch!

From:Ghost trick
As for number one today, high up in the tops, we have the great yomiel, from the very recent ghost trick.
Yomiel is COOL as fck, though he was a villian for only a bit. Three things about yomiel, 1, he sure knows how to deliver a shock to the player. I mean, what the hell, how does it feel to see a living sissel up and about killing inspector canabella?! 2, he knows how to act really badass. Rising from the dead, igniting an explosion and getting off unharmed while killling 1 and fatally injuring another, smashing his fist into a piping hot stove to intimidate his victim(and doesnt even feel hurt), stand up after getting shot, and stylishly using his ghost tricks to get a pistol from the good inspector and just shoots him. Finally number 3, he is also the cause of all the game's nonsense, where he took lynne 10 years ago and got hit by the temsik fragment.
Yomiel is near unforgetable, both as a villian and as a character. He later helps the sissel in discovering the truth, but even as a villian, he is truly badass. Having the power to manipulate both living and non living objects? Thats too cool! He totally outshadows sissel and missle in every way. Still during the chapters where he were bad, he totally stood out, as one of gaming's best villians.