Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)Pros:-Accepting quests are less of a pain now,-incredibly long and entertaining journey,- a ton more characters than the original tales of the world,-lots of stuff for you to play around with and experiment,- combat is still fun and engaging.

(-)Cons:-repititive quest objectives,- still having repeat skills

Gameplay time:40-50 hours

The tales series shouldnt even be unknown to those who do gaming. The series is known for thier long string of RPGs, eternia, destiny, phantasia, vesperia and many more. From all these, they decided to pool in all thier characters into one game, for all the camoes. Thus, tales of the world was born. While I think the 1st tales of the world is a pretty good game, the world of game reviewers saw it rather differently, and it didnt get alot of good reviews. Well screw them, because of that now, namco didnt localize tales of the world 2, and now even 3! Fck them reviewers. Anyway, here is the breakdown of the great game that is tales of the world 2.

Radiant mythology 2's story is almost identical to that of the prequel. You play as a descendant of the world tree, and one day are sent flying to van eltia, an air ship from eternia. You are found by the ship's crew, and are taken in as a "freeloader". Of course, ship leader chat wont let you do that, you are recruited as one of the ship's crew, and are to do quests with all the other ship crewmates. After alot of quest doing and character recruiting, the ship's guild is named ab libitum (out of pure coincidence Im sure), and are commited to doing quests to help the people out. And of course, once again out of pure coincidence, a world eater emerges and its up to the ab libitum to stop him!

Gameplay in radiant mythology 2 work very alike the 1st game. You accpet quests, do them, clear them, get rewards,get fame, rinse and repeat. And the moment you get a certain amount of fame,you get to do a story mission! These are the key ones you need to complete in order to proceed onward into the game, and are the ones that are more epic (they mostly have bosses). The quest system in this game is much less troublesome than the 1st game. Unlike before, where you have to go through the trouble of going to the client, finishing the quest, and going back to the client, you know have to do one step less. You only have to report to chat, you dont have to find the client, since the whole game itself is on the van elitia!

The battle system is very much like any other tales games, or more specifically, like tales of the world 1. You run around in the dungeon until you run into a monster, and you are sent to a small battle arena where you and your party members can run around and beat them up. Doing so is fun, since you can beat them up in a number of ways, depending on your class. There is quite a variety of classes, and they are mostly fun to play as. The class names are self explanatory, swordsman, fighter, mage,priest,thief and so on, they are all in the game. However not all are available from the start, there are some that require unlocking via quests. The moves you use in fights are rather cool looking and some are very flashy. And of course your party members have equally flashy looking moves of thier own, so you can imagine that most the time, the field is filled with lots of flashy looking moves and combos.

Like in radiant mythology 1, the 2nd game suffers 2 of the same 3 flaws. However, now all tales characters are playable! Thats a good start, I mean, come on, even chat is playable! Thats cool, but the other 2 flaws remain. 1 is that the quests are repititive. You wont get much variety besides, kill this, get that, find me this, its kinda boring since once again, you are doing them for the whole game. Finally, skills, everyone has what they have, and others have it too. Some characters do have exclusive skills on thier own but its like the same character all the time, just with different looks.
Tales of the world 2 is definetely a successful improvement over the 1st. The game is much longer, and battles are as, if not more engaging than the 1st game. There will be a ton of cameos, even more than that of the 1st game, which makes things even more interesting. Lets hope the 3rd one wont disappoint eh, mines arriving soon.

Happy gaming!