Thursday, 17 March 2011

Demons's souls boss profile: Dragon god

Boss health

Dragon god
Skills:Punch*, Fire breath,Flame exhale

Times died on 1st playthrough: 1

After the flamelurker banonza, proceeding through the following hellish fire gate to kill the stonefang tunnel's final boss sounds reeally tempting. Of course he is, since following doown that straight simple path to kill this heck of a simple an easy task. Dragon god is undoubtly one of the most intimidating looking bosses in the game, but seriously, he isn't too difficult. Dragon god is the boss of 2-3, flamelurker archstone.

Dragon god is very very big and scary, and the moment you enter that fog and see his face, theres no doubt you'll be pissing your pants, but seriously, after you beat him you'll be disappointed.

Punch*-The dragon god throws his fist at you, striking down pilllars and killing all that are unfortunate enough to eat it. He lets out a huge roar when he does this.

Fire breath-The dragon god lets out a frigthening breath of fire that sweeps the lower levels.

Flame exhale-The dragon god exhales some flaming fumes that do average fire damage.

Take heed that the dragon god will most probably one shot you if you get hit by any of his attacks. Oh and take note that arrows and spells will not hurt him. Then, how do you beat him? Its not that hard actually.

The fight with dragon god is different but simple at the same time. It works like a spy game, you have to avoid the dragon god's line of sight, move along the path and activate harpoons to severly wound him, until to a point where he can no longer stand, then you can finish him off. So the whole fight you will just be moving around sneakily, until you reach the harpoon.

The start of the fight is the tricky part actually, and is how I died the first time I fight him (pure underestimation). On the left there is the dragon bone smasher(one of the best weaps in the game), but our main focus here is to the right. When you walk in the dragon god will roar at you, and will do so everytime he sees you. Note that if he sees you and roars, he might not attack you, but if he does, you know you are dead.

A simple spotting from the dragon god will cause him to punch you, and if you are hiding behind a pillar, he will break through it and smash you to bits, so its highly advisable to not be seen at all. Just wait for him to look away and make your way right. If there is rubble in the way( most of the time there will be), hit it once with melee (make sure you are dual wielding) and run back to your hiding spot. If the rubble breaks, run past as soon as he looks away, if not, rinse and repeat. You will soon reach the 1st harpoon.

The 2nd harpoon's run takes place at the lower levels, which is much easier. The dragon, now 1 arm short, is only able to hit you now with his flames. The good thing is you will have much more time to run about unseen, since he tends to look up now. There will still be rubble, so do as you did above. The lower levels are much easier, you have a lot of allowance to hit the rubbles and move on. You will soon reach the 2nd harpoon.

Now critically wounded, the dragon god is just awaiting its death. He will be lying head first, so the obvious reason is to hit the horn it has. It will be exhaling fumes so be wary, they dont do alot of damage, but its always good to be cautious. Hitting the horn a ffew times will make him flinch, do it a few times and he's dead. If you are that afraid of his flame breath, just range it with arrows or some shit.

The dragon god is easy, and as long as you stay sneaky (think solid snake), this fight is a breeze. Dont think you can take a hit from the dragon god, because you most probably cant. Enjoy the souls and the freedom to now use firestorm!