Due to me having gone to arcades for more oftenly, I have played lots of the available machines (except SSF4, too many pros), blazblue:continuum shift being one of them. Since I owned the console version of the game itself, I pretty much knew what to expect, and yes, what I played was what I thought it would be. It didnt take me long to finish my experiences with the machine to think up of a possible verdict, so here it is. Like most fighting games BB:CS only comes up to the cost of 1 token. This is, of course, good, and kinda expected at the same time. With fighting games having superior graphics such as SSF4 or tekken 6 costing only 1 token, a game using 2D animations and sprites couldnt hope to cost twice as much as those. Still, the game is worth, probably the most cost-worthy fightning game machine in the scene. The game provides 10 full stages, compared to many other game's 7 or 8, BB:CS gives players alot of play time, same as its predussecor, BB:CT. . The fighting game engine for BB:CS is kinda hard to grasp, for beginners, they will be struggling quite alot. Of course, like any other fighting game, the game is button mashable, but it wont get a player very far. If those familiar to the 1st game were to play this, they would find that its mostly unchanged, expect for the bursting crap, everything else is the same. You pick a character and start duking it out. Every character has a super bar, which is calculated to 100, 50 points of a bar allows the use of a super. Everything else, from health to the button attack functions, are self-explanatory, all of which, light,medium,heavy and drive attacks. Light, medium and heavy are kinda "just there", but drive attack vary in huge differences for each character. .

There are 2 characters that are new to the game, hazama and tsubaki, the rest are from the previous game. Needless to say the old characters play exactly the same, but along with hazama and tsubaki, they vary differently from each other. Hazama plays as an anchor character, and is able to close in gaps between his opponents, tsubaki charges to give different effects to her respective moves, be it increasing range or damage. The old characters have thier own special attributes as well, such as taokaka being able to zip around the field really quick, noel being able to chain her attacks into an unstoppable string, or hakumen being able to counter attacks, everyone is special in thier own way. And playing through the arcade with your favourite character always feels great.

BB:CS on the arcade moves and feels great, it is a blast to play. But seriously, its basically BB:CT ver 1.5, with 2 new characters. Make no mistake, they are great additions, but having only 14 characters in a fighting game roster is seriously lacking. Also, with much of the in-game terms being very complex and hard to understand, begeinners will have hard time grasping even the basics of the game concept.

BB:CS on the arcade is a great game, just that without the great modes that the console version hard, it doesnt deserve that much of a score for just its arcade mode. Its still a great fighting game though, no arguments there.



-Good varied roster

-Worth your 1 token's play

-Excellent control scheme

-Great visuals and sprite animation


-Only 14 characters

-Abit tough for beginners

My Score:8.0

Happy gaming.

Friday, 25 March 2011

Silent hill: Shattered memories

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:7.8

(+)Pros:-Chilling and creepy story,-picture taking system is horrifyingly good,-simple yet fun puzzles,-chasing segments are fun and scary-multiple endings provide replayability,-choices made affect big parts of the game.

(-)Cons:-Very short,-horrible mapping system,-some incredibly confusing areas.

gameplay time:Less than 10 hours

Silent hill....a name many around would be familiar with, gamers and non-gamers alike. The silent hill franchise should be no stranger to many, especially the gamers, its existence has haunted the lives of many up to this very day (with the upcoming release of silent hill 8). The silent hill franchise started out good, fufilling its purpose as a horror game for the 1st 3 installments, but started to degrade after that, for as you see, the next few silent hills( the room,orgins, homecoming) werent very scary at all, and the game took a more combat based approach more than a horror based one. Well with the release of shattered memories, many of those new things are casted away, and once again, Im glad to say, silent hill has returned to its horrific roots.

Shattered memories puts the players in the shoes of harry mason, an ill-fortuned man who was driving with his daughter, sheryl, when suddenly something happened, and his car is sent crashing down a slope through the side rails. All hell breaks loose as he finds out that his daughter is missing after he awakes from the crash. Harry, in a desperate attempt to locate his daugther, sets off with just his phone and torchlight in hand. After travelling awhile, he realised the disappearance of his daugther, is not an ordinary matter, and also starts to encounter weird creatures, as well as the freezing up of certain areas. So Harry's journey begins, to search for his missing daughter, in the one and only lonely town, silent hill.

Those familiar with silent hill should be quite at home, since the core basics are all here. You roam from area to area, room to room, looking for key items required for you to proceed. However, hardcore players would immediately notice something different. In shattered memories, there are no confusing puzzles, no intense backtracking or any crazy skull cracking problems to solve, most of the puzzles in this game are much more managable. To the hardcores, this can be disappointing, but to more casual players, such as myself, this is a good thing. No longer do we have to rave through the internet skimming through faqs to search for things such as keys or rings, most of the things in shattered memories are simple enough to DIY. Though the puzzles are simple enough for a silent hill game, for an average gamer, they are at standard level in the universal gaming heights.

The more recent silent hill games have been very adept at focusing on combat rather on the horror elements. Shattered memories takes it away, and adds horror in again. While navigating through the areas, you can see silhoutes of a little girl wandering around, with heavy static sounds, very creepy stuff. Also, picture taking is a scary thing, you will see unseen stuff when the picture is taken, though there is usually a silhoute beforehand, after taking the picture, you will still be creeped out. As for combat, they took it out completely in this game, and fret not, its for the better. The combat is replaced with chases, which is exactly what it means. You run from crazy mannequin like monsters that relentless hunt you down. Heres the thing, you cant just run, the mannequins will absolutely run faster than you do, and just continous running will do you no good. You have to make use of your surroundings, you can hide under tables, in cabinets, and hope the enemies just walk past, not noticing you. You can also make jumps, topple cupboards or crawl under holes, anything, you can practically do anything do make yourself not get caught.

Shattered memories is probably one of the best silent hill games yet, but it still has its issues. This game, in trade for all the awesome stuff it has, is made shorter. You will spend no more than 5 hours clearing the main game once, hunting the other endings will make no significant changes in time played, since you will by then have known solutions to all the puzzles. Also, the areas are very confusing, some of them anyways. The school and the forest especially, combine that with the horrible mapping system (which you access by taking out the phone), you get very very bad navigation.
Shattered memories is a very good game, but not yet in the great standards. With the release of silent hill 8, who knows? I may not be picking it up, but if I somehow manage to play it, I hope its a good game. As someone suayed into the silent hill's fan base through this game, i would say shatted memories is a good game to start with if you're not into the series.

Happy gaming.

Wassup people, its the lazy ass owner of the blog here. Been wanting to post the review of silent hill shattered memories, but im too lazy to do it :p. Well there are a couple of reasons for it. Been slacking off alot lately( im having holidays, what do you expect?), going out, hanging with friends, talking crap, playing games (duh) so on and so forth.

I can only describe the past 2 and a half weeks of holidays in 3 letters and 1 number, MVC3. MVC 3 here and there, through my holiday it has been alot of MVC 3, playing PSP, DS and PC of course. For the PSP, I recently began dissidia 012 and have been playing to aru majutsu no index before that. DS was filled with lots of nonsense such as ghost trick and etrian odyssey 3, and Im currently playing 999. PC was kinda hectic, been playing shit like crysis and killing floor, both of which were amazing stuff.

I have a load of bull to say about MVC 3, mostly about the online. Offline is great, but there aint much to do :X. Anyway, I had alot of online shenanigans, my team changed constantly. Back then, my main team was Dante/Zero/Ryu, with subs Wesker/Dormammu/Spencer and Chun li/X-23/Super skrull. Wasnt doing that well with Dante/Zero/Ryu online, so i alternated betweem the 3....only to find myself losing alot. I had more loses than win before, then I told myself fk it, and made a new team, out of 2 of my teams' best and 1 overpowered fag. Guess who it is.

Sentinel, sentinel, sentinel, still quite the overpowered fag arent we?
Yup, through my 1st few 20 or so matches, it was sentinel spam all the way, my team couldnt do squat. So out of pure rage, I decided to give them a taste of thier own medicine. My new team now is Wesker/Dante/Sentinel, awesome eh? So after I learnt some basic sentinel Bnbs, I went to kick ass, and have been successful since then. Now with a 5th lord title and a 151/58 W/L record, Im saying I did well.
The online is pretty damn.....annnoying. Aside from lots of sentinel users(whom I have grown accustomed to figthing), there are alot of other annoying guys to fight with. Weskers are pretty bad, the good ones at least, they teleport like mad and its hard to fight them, especially when Im teleporting around as wesker too. Amaterasu can be pretty fked as well, since 99% of amaterasu users fking spam the ground cirlce combo, which hits a lot of times and can end with a super, which hurts as fk.
Next up would be 3 very similar faggots, wolverine,akuma and zero. Wolverine's DRILL CLAW DRILL CLAW DRILL CLAW and BERSERKER BARRAAAGE!!!! can be very very fked up. Akuma's tatsu spam>low kick>tatsu spam is very very VERY hard to break. And a good zero rushdown is scary as hell. These 3 give you almost no chance to fight back, even if you block, they just keep hitting you, and leave no chance to hit back. Other than that the obvious spammers are kinda stupid as well, doom/iron/magneto beam spams......those are really stupid.
Anyway, thats all for now, not sure when next post will be( probably sometime later this week), for now, chill!

Gamespot score:8.0

my score:8.0

(+)Pros:-Like all other AA games, it has a great story,-superb cast of characters,- character control feels good,-satisfying cases,-rebuttals are as awesome as courtroom battles of the previous games,-tons of cool cameos,-great music.

(-)Cons:-veterans of the series will find the game too simple,-kay (one of the best characters in the game and edgeworth's main sidekick) doesnt make her appearance until mid-late game

gameplay time:20-30 hours

Ace attorney is a superb series, probably one of capcom's best franchises. It came off as a sad thing when phoenix got removed from the scene in apollo justice, but instead of continuing apollo's story, capcom decided to switch the game's storyline back to the past, and star as edgeworth now. I kinda wanted to continue the apollo timeline...but how can any AA fan say no to playing as the one and only miles edgeworth! So without further ado, heres the rundown of miles's journey, which is a long awaited one, about damn time for everyone's favourite prosecutor to shine.

The story of AAI takes place after trials and tribulations, which is the final of phoenix's games. It shows miles coming back from a trip overseas back to his office, where a murder has taken place, thus the beginning of the first case in the game. As with the other AA games, miles's journey spreads over 5 cases, all of which are interesting. In this game, all the cases are tied to one connection, which is the thief miles is trying to catch throughout the whole game, the yatagarasu.
The yatagarasu is basically the ultimate thief, escaping everything vile it has done, and has never been caught, it is the number one blacklisted criminal. Well, just the perfect opponent for miles. When phoenix is out of town, only the 2nd best can take his place, which is of course, the one and only miles edgeworth.

AAI is different from the AA games, for a couple of reasons. Firstly, you are no longer playing a defense attorney, which means.....no more pressing the witness and shit. And secondly, no more playing in the character's perspective, now, you control miles himself, in a map based system. Basically, no more clicking "move" and you go to another area, now you will have to walk from area to area, to gather evidence. Unlike before though, there are no proper courtroom proceedures in AAI, most of the stuff are done on the field. For example, gone are the days of courtroom battles, and say hello to rebuttals, which is more of a "detective's argument" than a courtcase witness pressing. But of course, the core requirements to gather evidence before you go for a battle still stands. You will have to walk around areas, examining areas, talking to bystanders and witnesses to get the information you need.

Rebuttals function much like the courtoom battles of the previous games, just that instead of pressing a witness, you are going against another "sophisticated mind" in a head to head productive argument. Instead of hearing a witness's crap, you know listen to the opposing side's argument. The rest however, functions the same as the previous game's witness cross examination. You can read through the opposing's argument as many times as you wish, and press each and every sentence, be it to collect new info, or add new statements. Then when you find a contradictiono, present evidence to counter them. BAM! Phoenix style bee-yotch! The opposing side can be anyone, be it prosecutors, detectives or even civillians, so you can kinda know what to expect. Also, like in previous games, mistakes made equals life lost, but im not sure what miles has to lose outside of a courtroom. The thing is this, rebuttals may not be the exact same thing as the courtroom battles of the previous games, but rest assured, the enemies you face, the arguments they give...combine that with the awesome music going on, you've got some really impressive stuff going on.

There really ins't much bad things going on in AAI, but there are difficulty issues. Though the game still penalizes you for mistakes you make, you now have alot of hp in AAI, so you have a lot of liberaty to make mistakes. Also, most of the cases and investigation scenes arent that difficult anyway, so giving you that much hp is just pointless, especially to those veterans that have been following the series. The 2nd thing is kay. Shes an amazing character, much more cool and charismatic than maya (altough both of them are brimming with personality). To makes things better, shes miles's partner, sweet. But, the game takes its own sweet time to get her introduced. While the other partners maya and trucy get introduced as early as the 2nd case, kay gets introduced in late chapter 3, and that means she doesnt get much screen time in AAI, and shes miles's partner!
AAI is a great addition to a great franchise. Many fanboys' dreams came true the day AAI was announced, and to me, playing as miles was a fantastic experience. While he may not be the same as phoenix, doing things his way are new and exciting. Now lets all hope Capcom gets thier lazy asses off and make a new AA game ( i mean like, continue with apollo's story).

Happy gaming.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Demons's souls boss profile: Dragon god

Boss health

Dragon god
Skills:Punch*, Fire breath,Flame exhale

Times died on 1st playthrough: 1

After the flamelurker banonza, proceeding through the following hellish fire gate to kill the stonefang tunnel's final boss sounds reeally tempting. Of course he is, since following doown that straight simple path to kill this heck of a simple boss....is an easy task. Dragon god is undoubtly one of the most intimidating looking bosses in the game, but seriously, he isn't too difficult. Dragon god is the boss of 2-3, flamelurker archstone.

Dragon god is very very big and scary, and the moment you enter that fog and see his face, theres no doubt you'll be pissing your pants, but seriously, after you beat him you'll be disappointed.

Punch*-The dragon god throws his fist at you, striking down pilllars and killing all that are unfortunate enough to eat it. He lets out a huge roar when he does this.

Fire breath-The dragon god lets out a frigthening breath of fire that sweeps the lower levels.

Flame exhale-The dragon god exhales some flaming fumes that do average fire damage.

Take heed that the dragon god will most probably one shot you if you get hit by any of his attacks. Oh and take note that arrows and spells will not hurt him. Then, how do you beat him? Its not that hard actually.

The fight with dragon god is different but simple at the same time. It works like a spy game, you have to avoid the dragon god's line of sight, move along the path and activate harpoons to severly wound him, until to a point where he can no longer stand, then you can finish him off. So the whole fight you will just be moving around sneakily, until you reach the harpoon.

The start of the fight is the tricky part actually, and is how I died the first time I fight him (pure underestimation). On the left there is the dragon bone smasher(one of the best weaps in the game), but our main focus here is to the right. When you walk in the dragon god will roar at you, and will do so everytime he sees you. Note that if he sees you and roars, he might not attack you, but if he does, you know you are dead.

A simple spotting from the dragon god will cause him to punch you, and if you are hiding behind a pillar, he will break through it and smash you to bits, so its highly advisable to not be seen at all. Just wait for him to look away and make your way right. If there is rubble in the way( most of the time there will be), hit it once with melee (make sure you are dual wielding) and run back to your hiding spot. If the rubble breaks, run past as soon as he looks away, if not, rinse and repeat. You will soon reach the 1st harpoon.

The 2nd harpoon's run takes place at the lower levels, which is much easier. The dragon, now 1 arm short, is only able to hit you now with his flames. The good thing is you will have much more time to run about unseen, since he tends to look up now. There will still be rubble, so do as you did above. The lower levels are much easier, you have a lot of allowance to hit the rubbles and move on. You will soon reach the 2nd harpoon.

Now critically wounded, the dragon god is just awaiting its death. He will be lying head first, so the obvious reason is to hit the horn it has. It will be exhaling fumes so be wary, they dont do alot of damage, but its always good to be cautious. Hitting the horn a ffew times will make him flinch, do it a few times and he's dead. If you are that afraid of his flame breath, just range it with arrows or some shit.

The dragon god is easy, and as long as you stay sneaky (think solid snake), this fight is a breeze. Dont think you can take a hit from the dragon god, because you most probably cant. Enjoy the souls and the freedom to now use firestorm!


Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Shit happens

Been rushing lots of crysis lately, great game.

Anyway, with the crap thats going on in japan now the whole world's focused on them, its really hard to keep this up. As with many others my prayers go to japan and Im considering helping out via donations.

Why would disaster strike to japan, the home of all awesome games, anime, manga and so many other cool tech? This world is just really really cruel, japan is like, the coolest of the coolest!

I hope japan will recover, sratch that, I KNOW japan will recover, its just a matter of how long it will take. Any help directed towards japan will increase thier rate of recovery so its always good to help out! If you cant, just pray, if there is a god, it should be answered, seriously.

Long live japan.

PSS.Regular posting still on-going, cleard crysis, got lots of free time.

Friday, 11 March 2011


Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:7.5

(+)Pros:-Interesting and creepy story,- fun combat with frightening enemy pop-ups,-great atmosphere,- going back in time is a really innovative gameplay element,-ice visuals look great

(-)Cons:-starts off boring,-performance issues,- some of the flashbacks are ridiculously long and can be tedious

gameplay time:Less than 10 hours

With this gen being very short of good horror games, cryostasis comes off as a good surpise. Games like resident evil which use to be scary are now whimpy action games. Cryostasis stands out to be an ACTUAL horror game, like the geniuses that were dead space and alan wake, it features a creepy story, frigthening enemy encounters and an intense environment. While cryostasis may not be one of the most memoriable games out there, it sure does well in making a quick impression and hopefully will be able to convince many of the olden day players that horror games still do exist, even though many of the old horror franchises are dead.

Cryostasis takes you on a role as an unnamed explorer. You roam the areas of a forgotten ship full of dead people and zombie like freaks. The story goes as you are stranded in the ship after a freak avalanche wif your dogs barking, and you are forced to move into the ship. There, you find of what happened to the unlucky crew, and find a few photos and learn about some ancient beings of the past. So as the explorer, you are to find a way out the ship, saving the crew along the way, so it seems. Your character has a mysterious ability to go to the past of a dead fella and undo his mistakes, to make him "live longer", and he goes around the ship to save these people, hoping to change the entire fate of the ship itself.

Cryostasis is a FPS horror, as said before you take the role of an unnamed explorer and navigate around an abandoned shipped filled with nightmarish horrors. On the ship are many dead men, and many a time to move on in the game you have to find a dead person( they are marked with a shining light around them), go back in time with thier lives and do what they should have done in order to keep them living. Its common that a dead guy is blocking the way and you have to save him to get him out to move on....but its also common that a guy you saved will be dead later on and have to save him again, go figure. But still its a cool mechanic, you go from saving people to saving animals, even. Most of the time the flashback trips are a good experience, and provide some puzzle value.

With the tense atmosphere in cryostasis, the enemy encounters have to be just as horrifying. Like dead space or other horrror games, enemies in this game pop out of doors, sneak up behind you or simply just walk through walls and scare the shit ouit of you. The variety of enemies aint much, since they are simply just the previously crew members, they come off as just normal deformed humans that have gone simple mad. There are however, more deformed monsters like people that have a pair of insect wings stuck to them, or a guy with a ring of keys pierced to his mouth, these are pretty scary if you give yourself a moment to think about it. You also have to combat the cold. The ship is freezing cold, with ice cracks on the walls and frozen planks that may break if you just step on them. Even your vision gets screwed up real bad just cause of ice cracks around your goggles. You have to search for heat sources, light bulbs, fireplaces,kettles... anything that may help your combat for survival. No heat=constantly decreasing health, yep, its that bad. The in-game weapons however arent worth mentioning since they are your average everyday WW2 guns, rifles, lever actions...you know, the usual. The melee weapons too, you get something as stupid as a pad-lock chained onto your fist(seriously?) and something as awesome as a fire axe.

The game comes off as a great horror experience, but is sadly plagued by some issues. Since the game runs on the PC, it has some noticable lag. I tried this game on two computers (both fairly good), and there seems to be lag issues. I double checked gamespot' s review and it seemed they have stability issues too so it was safe to put that down. The start of the game is boring as well, and it takes awhile to become interesting. There are no monsters, nothing, and the first few flashbacks (of yourself) are rather annoying and just came off as "being there". Finally, there are times where you may fail at flashbacks, and have to do it again. But moreever so, everytime you fail and have to redo a flashback, you have to see all the scenes again. Yep, you cant skip them, its annoying especially cause some of the scenes are ridiculously long and tedious.
Cryostasis is a recommended game for those looking for creepiness. The enemy encounters may give you a jump or two, but the main thing is the creepy, dark and mysterious story, it doesnt fail to suck you in. Once you unravel the mysteries of all those wierd dialouge and speeches, you will go "ahhh, I gets it now", and will feel a slight shudder. Overall, a good horror games, those awaiting one should get this pronto.

Happy gaming.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Pac-man championship edition DX

Gamespot score:9.0(editor's choice)

my score:7.8

(+)Pros:-Offers lots of fast paced chasing action,- sleeping ghosts ideas is cool and get net a lot of points,-quite a lot of modes to play and master,- slow motion is pretty cool,- lots of customizable options.

(-)Cons:-Poor leaderboards,-only hard mode offers a true challenge,-bombs are lame and spoil the fun by making the game too easy.

gameplay time:10-20 hours

Been busy lately, now that my school has finally ended, there are no thorns on my side and I can
fully enjoy my time. These few days I have been going out and having fun, so I had little time to post. Today, heres pac-man championship edition DX. Thats quite a mouthful, so I'll just call it pac man DX. The Pac man franchise should be no stranger to any gamer, its old school core gameplay was one of the best ever made. Playing as pac man, you had to run for your life and eat pellets like mad. Often you would find your self surrounded and would eventually die out. It was fun as hell, and sure was challenging. Does the latest pac-man game live up to its name?

The pac man games were never one to have any story. All you have to know is that our hero pac man is always being chased by 4 pesky ghosts, clyde, pinky,blinky and some other random bloke whose name I cannot remember. Anyway, in the long history of pac man games, including those 3D versions, its always these losers.

In championship DX, the gameplay is very fast paced, which is a good thing. Going too fast is never bad, and it makes the game more intense. The basic core of pac-man action is still here, you run from ghosts, eat pellets, fruits,other insane items and the glow pellet, which will make the ghosts vunerable, and then you can eat them. Its good that way, the core basics of pac man need not be changed. Anyway, in this game, there are alot of new gameplay elements. Since its a championship game, you no longer just play to survive, you now play to get the best score possible. In the maps you play (which have quite the variation), you are given 5 or 10 mins (in score attack) to eat as many things as you can to get as much score as you can. The gameplay varies alot depending on what map you choose. There is the classic championship mode, where everything is as normal as can be, corridor, where you will be popping around here and there, spiral, where the map is just a small area but is easy to get points, darkness, the crazy dark area where surviving is so damn difficult, and many more. The many modes available in the game is probably what makes it so damn fun.

The new gameplay elements make pac man DX a good integration of pacman. Before a match starts, you can change visuals, music and how the on screen characters look. Thats surely a welcoming addition. Also, during matches, while you still get the classic 4 ghosts chasing you around, sleeping ghosts are thrown in to make things more hectic. As you race through the mazes you will pass some ghosts which appear to be sleeping, and they will wake up and chase you. The more sleeping ghosts you pass the more that wake up and chase you, this will add to a huge chain of ghosts which you can eat all in 1 shot when you get a power pellet, this can add to a MAJOR amount of points. This is generally a cool idea, and its fun to attract so many ghosts and then eat them all in 1 fell swoop. To makes things even cooler, now when you are close to death (when ghosts are THIIIISSS close to eating you), the time slows down and zooooms all the way into pac man and the ghost, where you are given a split second to change direction or decide to use a bomb(more on that later).

While pacman DX sounds like a perfectly flawless game, it is not. Checking leaderboards is a pain, you have to cancel menus and enter in and out just to compare scores. Next up is the difficulty. The game is terribly EASY, only on hard mode you start to feel the old pac man classic feel. Chases are not even hard, you know you will outrun them, and since only the sleeping ghosts are chasing you from behind, you only have to worry about the neautral ghosts, which are few. And finally, they think things werent easy enuff, and added the bomb. The bomb resets all ghosts back into the ghost house in the middle of the maze, in other words, it saves your ass. Thats so lame, it totally destroys the pacman spirit, you already have so many lives, and you still want to save your puny ass with bombs? Get real.
Pac man DX is highly overated, I dont see how such an easy game could get a 9 or a 10 from IGN even. Its an 8 at best and they know it. Anyway, pac man fans can give this a spin, the price is cheap as well, so its quite a worthwhile buy.

Happy gaming.

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)Pros:-Accepting quests are less of a pain now,-incredibly long and entertaining journey,- a ton more characters than the original tales of the world,-lots of stuff for you to play around with and experiment,- combat is still fun and engaging.

(-)Cons:-repititive quest objectives,- still having repeat skills

Gameplay time:40-50 hours

The tales series shouldnt even be unknown to those who do gaming. The series is known for thier long string of RPGs, eternia, destiny, phantasia, vesperia and many more. From all these, they decided to pool in all thier characters into one game, for all the camoes. Thus, tales of the world was born. While I think the 1st tales of the world is a pretty good game, the world of game reviewers saw it rather differently, and it didnt get alot of good reviews. Well screw them, because of that now, namco didnt localize tales of the world 2, and now even 3! Fck them reviewers. Anyway, here is the breakdown of the great game that is tales of the world 2.

Radiant mythology 2's story is almost identical to that of the prequel. You play as a descendant of the world tree, and one day are sent flying to van eltia, an air ship from eternia. You are found by the ship's crew, and are taken in as a "freeloader". Of course, ship leader chat wont let you do that, you are recruited as one of the ship's crew, and are to do quests with all the other ship crewmates. After alot of quest doing and character recruiting, the ship's guild is named ab libitum (out of pure coincidence Im sure), and are commited to doing quests to help the people out. And of course, once again out of pure coincidence, a world eater emerges and its up to the ab libitum to stop him!

Gameplay in radiant mythology 2 work very alike the 1st game. You accpet quests, do them, clear them, get rewards,get fame, rinse and repeat. And the moment you get a certain amount of fame,you get to do a story mission! These are the key ones you need to complete in order to proceed onward into the game, and are the ones that are more epic (they mostly have bosses). The quest system in this game is much less troublesome than the 1st game. Unlike before, where you have to go through the trouble of going to the client, finishing the quest, and going back to the client, you know have to do one step less. You only have to report to chat, you dont have to find the client, since the whole game itself is on the van elitia!

The battle system is very much like any other tales games, or more specifically, like tales of the world 1. You run around in the dungeon until you run into a monster, and you are sent to a small battle arena where you and your party members can run around and beat them up. Doing so is fun, since you can beat them up in a number of ways, depending on your class. There is quite a variety of classes, and they are mostly fun to play as. The class names are self explanatory, swordsman, fighter, mage,priest,thief and so on, they are all in the game. However not all are available from the start, there are some that require unlocking via quests. The moves you use in fights are rather cool looking and some are very flashy. And of course your party members have equally flashy looking moves of thier own, so you can imagine that most the time, the field is filled with lots of flashy looking moves and combos.

Like in radiant mythology 1, the 2nd game suffers 2 of the same 3 flaws. However, now all tales characters are playable! Thats a good start, I mean, come on, even chat is playable! Thats cool, but the other 2 flaws remain. 1 is that the quests are repititive. You wont get much variety besides, kill this, get that, find me this, its kinda boring since once again, you are doing them for the whole game. Finally, skills, everyone has what they have, and others have it too. Some characters do have exclusive skills on thier own but its like the same character all the time, just with different looks.
Tales of the world 2 is definetely a successful improvement over the 1st. The game is much longer, and battles are as, if not more engaging than the 1st game. There will be a ton of cameos, even more than that of the 1st game, which makes things even more interesting. Lets hope the 3rd one wont disappoint eh, mines arriving soon.

Happy gaming!

Well I wanted to do a review of tales of the world 2 today, but I am abit low on juice now. Just yesterday I wrote up an extremely detailed review of Marvel vs Capcom 3( 1800+ words) and submitted it to gamefaqs.

Needless to say that was my very 1st gamefaqs submission, and guess what, it got accepted! Rest assured though I did a review of MVC 3 over there, I will still do it here (though it will mostly be copying, pasting and summarising here and there).

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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Top 5 badass villians(gaming) 02/03/11

More villians on the way! Its really been awhile since the previous post about villians, but here we are. Here are today's picks, on 02/03/11.

As usual, spoilers ahead, so be warned.

5.Team rocket


Up in 5th place is team rocket from pokemon. Nothing much really, if you even know an OUNCE about pokemon, these guys should come to mind.

Needless to say pokemon has always been a pretty friendly series, and therefore the villians havent always been too violent or evil. However for team rocket, unlike all the other wannabe teams in other versions, leave the most lasting impression, and no its not for the 2 twits jesse and james in the anime.

Why do they leave an impression? Thats because they STARTED the tradition of the team shit. All the teams in later games like team magma and shit, they all follow what team rocket first started, and didnt do it as well. Team rocket actually went to cut slowpoke tails, and if im not wrong, they even killed a mother marorawk. Pokemon dont die! And they did it, they killed a pokemon!


From:Devil may cry 3

Now everybody should know vergil, and I say, many would even claim him to be of a higher tier rather than number 4.

Vergil is a son of sparda, twin brother to dante. Dante has never been the kind to go serious, and I can pretty much say that the only fight I have seen him go serious for, is his fight with vergil. Now vergil didnt really do anything memoriable as a villian, he just tried to open the demon gate for the sword that laid between, but he got thwarted by arkham(which isnt that bad of a villian himself).

Vergil makes himself up here for sheer badassness, not for his deeds as a villian. He is probably one of the strongest beings in the DMC universe, and his playstyle is just badass. A cool ass katana plus that demonic sword and devil trigger? SOLD! Though I would say dante has more verstile weapon choices, vergil as an overall, is much more badass. (Though vergil loses to DMC 4 dante by a TON)


From:Call of duty:Black ops

In 3rd place, we got quite the bastard, dubbed dragovich, from call of duty:Black ops. He should be well known, since blackops has quite the fanbase.

Who is this guy? Dragovich is the mastermind of all of the events in black ops. Mason and co tries to kill him for the whole game, but level after level they try, but to no avail, dragovich was never killed. The man has 2 bad enough henchmen, steiner and that one musclehead which was responsible for woods's death. Steiner is a crazy scientist, who developed that crazy bio weapon.

Dragovich, being the scheming cowardly villlian that he is, hides behind it all. He programms mason with numbers and coordinates, which leads to the whole black ops story. Though its really reznov that fked mason up, dragovich still played a huge part in it all. Even towards the end of the game, its the final epic showdown with dragovich that has to be settled before mason can escape from the sinking ship.

2.Kendra daniels

From:Dead space

For our 2nd position villian today, we get a female, for once, we dont really get that many epic female villians anyway. Kendra is from the hit horror series, dead space.

Kendra starts off friendly, as one of the surviving crew mates of the engineering crew that went to repair the ishimura, she follows obidiently with hammond and issac. When things get from bad to worse, and when issac finally finds an alternative to escape with kyne, she kills kyne and takes the ship for herself.

Why? What the hell???!! She acted all nice and then, when its time to go, she kills the one who provides the ship and drives off, LEAVING THE GUY WHO DID EVERYTHING FOR 9 DAMN CHAPTERS TO ROT. Looks like she used you, big deal, she just wants the marker, what ever. Know what, issac even manages to anti grav her back, but thats not the end. During the whole time where kendra showed issac the video of nicole to keep him motivated, it was just a fraud, shes dead! She even shows that full video in the end to deliver a great emotinal blow to issac. Thats a great deal of manipulation right there, what a scheming bitch!

From:Ghost trick
As for number one today, high up in the tops, we have the great yomiel, from the very recent ghost trick.
Yomiel is COOL as fck, though he was a villian for only a bit. Three things about yomiel, 1, he sure knows how to deliver a shock to the player. I mean, what the hell, how does it feel to see a living sissel up and about killing inspector canabella?! 2, he knows how to act really badass. Rising from the dead, igniting an explosion and getting off unharmed while killling 1 and fatally injuring another, smashing his fist into a piping hot stove to intimidate his victim(and doesnt even feel hurt), stand up after getting shot, and stylishly using his ghost tricks to get a pistol from the good inspector and just shoots him. Finally number 3, he is also the cause of all the game's nonsense, where he took lynne 10 years ago and got hit by the temsik fragment.
Yomiel is near unforgetable, both as a villian and as a character. He later helps the sissel in discovering the truth, but even as a villian, he is truly badass. Having the power to manipulate both living and non living objects? Thats too cool! He totally outshadows sissel and missle in every way. Still during the chapters where he were bad, he totally stood out, as one of gaming's best villians.