Opening songs-OP 1:treasure

genre:comedy,drama, slice of life


Another passing of a good show.... Why do many good shows end at 12/13?? Same with Chaos head and haruhi suzumiya 1, 13 eps only. What the hell man. Im very sad to part with this show, since the comedy for 1 was hilarious, the drama is real and touching at times, and it really shows how fun being in a student council with 4 girls and with you the only guy can be.

The opening song is good. No scratch that, its great. It has such a nostalgic and sad sense to it. The lyrics are sad, the song it great. Combined is a song that you wan to hear frequently, but sad feeling as you dont want to part with it....just like the show, I dont want to part with it :(. There had better be a second season, altough its very unlikely.


I love seitokai no ichizon's plot. Why? Cause its about NOTHING. Absolutely nothing. Great show here, the show is about a boy in a student council of a school beacuse he topped the school in terms of results, and hes the only boy there, with 4 other cute girls. Always saying very oftenly THIS IS MY HAREM, the show itself is hilarious, with comedy as its main genre. Bringing in other shows to boost its funniness is great. Ideas from death note, bleach and haruhi suzumiya are brought into this show to give everyone a good laugh...great indeed.

Besides comedy being the main genre, the slice of life is here too. It just shows how every day of the student council goes by, and its really good and meaningful at times.
The drama part is good too. It goes to show how a reject can become a successful person with topping results and cheerful personality and letting go of his painful past.
About how someone can achieve total courage and respect amongst friends. There are other touching moments along with the core show itself. It good.

Seitokai is your run of the mill coemdy high school show, with more stuff thrown it to make it all a great new fresh experience. A highly recommended show to all.