Monday, 11 January 2010

Issue on results


I just got my results today, and to tell the truth, I was kinda scared shitless when I was in the hall, waiting to receive my results. Well now its all over.

I get to live happily. :D

My results werent perfect, in fact, I thought that I should be doing better, but well I did better than the latter of my peers. In simpler terms, I did better than friends I knew. But obviously some of them out scored me. I wont say my results, but I would say that Im more relieved than happy.

Well my result slip stated the subject code of my desired course, and many more. Im happy that I can take the course I want. I get to relax for a few more months now, thats great. My holiday just extended april.

To all that received results today, I salute you guys. The long road of O levels is finally over, peace to all!