Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

(+)pros:- best experience to get out of tekken 6 is through the arcade machine,- great visuals combined with excellent loud and booming sountrack through arcade machinge speakers,-most competitive gameplay through plenty of human challengers,- more challenging in terms of difficulty in arcade mode

(-)cons:-console users may not be used to arcade controls,- rather non- user friendly toward new comers

gameplay time:n/a for arcade games

Well as promised Ill only be doing tekken 6 reviews for the next 3 posts. Tekken 6 bloodline rebellion has been in the arcades for quite a bit now and even until today it is played by many users who visit the arcade. Its welcoming machine design, accompanied by great arcade mechanics make the game itself successful and popular among players. This is truly a game not to be trampled with, possibly the most played fighting arcade game of 2009, possibly...

Since I will explain the story in the PS3 version and that there is no core storyline provided in the arcade, I will jump straight to the gameplay. Tekken 6 as many know is a fighting game, with good gameplay mechanics and tons of moves for every character, though the arcades provides no command list in the game itself, making learning to pound up and perform combos hard for new comers. The game is best played on the arcade, with the speakes booming with impressive soundtrack and sound effects, the experience on consoles or portables hardly makes it up to the gameplay experience and standard of the arcade machine. With the big arcade screen accompanying these factors, the core gameplay rarely ever gets old in the arcade, delighting players ranging from new comers to veterans.

Tekken 6 on the arcade is well, for arcade purposes only. The game only provides its arcade mode, where one fights through 8 stages, along with one bonus stage. Thus the game is shallow, with just fighting through stage after stage with no goal set in mind. Not that its bad, since fighitng games on the arcade only provide as such. But the like any other arcade fighting game like blazblu or street fighter 4, the competitivity is extreme. Since tekken 6 has alot of players, they mostly like challenging each other, with people streaming past , you wont know wheter they will stand and watch, or put in a token in the machine and pit himself( or herself) against you. And the fun thing is, you wont know wheter hes a new comer or a veteran! This is on the disadvantage for newcomers though, since they have already difficulty pitting against the AI.

Tekken 6 bloodline rebellion is fun and prestigous, the fighting is pure beautiful on the arcade screen. Everytime you play its a different experience. With 40 characters to play from, this provides lots of fun. There are many choices offered to players, altough its just arcade mode. They can choose to master characters of thier choice, or just try out each and every of the 40 characters available. And since a full set-ed command list isnt available in game, this makes learning of moves more difficult and challenging. The AI in the default arcade mode isnt very friendly too, able to block or even pull off some of the game's most powerful combos at times, they can provide entertainment to players at times. Along with an overpowered last boss( as always) and an impossible bonus stage , this game is great on the arcade itself.

Though shallow at times, tekken 6 is a great experience for veterans of the series , or even just a newcomer wanting to try a new game, with such a great provided exprience on the arcade machine, who can say no? So, then are you ready to play?
Well, insert a coin!

Happy gaming.