Monday, 18 January 2010

Tekken 6 PSP

Gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:7.7

(+)pros:-better gameplay experience than dark ressurection,- certain remixed soundtracks from the original and arcade tekken 6 sound great,- default gameplay is more challenging than the PS3 original,- faster load times than its console and arcade counterparts

(-)cons:- graphically inferior to tekken 5 dark resurrection,- less gameplay modes than the console brethen,- replay feature is gone!!!

gameplay time:20-30 hours(average)

Forgetful and silly me. I have been so lazy lately that I forgot to place this game under my currently playing games and forgot to remove phantasy star zero and drone tactics.... Well been kind of a fag lately, I havent been touching my handhelds and all I do is play the dam PC with private servers of online games. Ah well guess Ill update the column after this.Anyway on with the tekken 6 fest, here is tekken 6 PSP. I personally am disappointed with the game, dark resurrection was without a doubt, more enjoyable from this. A step down for the tekken franchise on the PSP indeed.

Tekken 6 PSP has the same storyline as the PS3, and I will explain it for the PS3 post. For the PSP review today I have prepared some notes I have been cocking up about this game which I have been only playing for a week. 1st, tekken 6 on the psp is smooth. The game's characters move and execute thier attacks quickly and without delay. There arent many or any framerate issues with the game. I say namco did a good job on the game. But obviously this comes at quite a price, with degraded graphics, only this becomes achievable. The screen at times has a cloak of.... foggy-ish blanket which makes the screen SLIGHTY, ONLY SLIGHTLY unclear. Im not sure if this was part of namco's idea but the character models look funny and 3rd gen-ishly weak. The new character models are really....bad, in a way. Lars, alisa, leo and others new characters look bad in weak graphics. The old characters in dark resurection look mostly the same, though some look worse.

Well take a good long look, this is as good as it gets. As you can see, graphics are really degraded in this game. Even the new environments originally designed for the 4th gen consoles look bad on the PSP. In this screenshot eddy(an old character) looks just like he was in dark resurrection, miguel looks like shiiiiit(hes a new character). The new characters are inferior in any way, hair, body strucure, clothing folds, everything, they just look bad. This game is just a tekken 5 on steroids...bad steroids.
Well they did import over the rage system and it seems to run fine in this game, so no complaints here. One thing I like to rant here. Replay is gone. Boom, smush , flushhhhhh, its 100% gone. Whenever you win a round, it just proceeds on, no replay of you stylshly beating your opponent down. SUCK.

Despite the downgraded visuals, tekken 6 PSP has the brought over soundtrack of its console counterpart, which is great. The sountrack has been modified in the PSP version, and rest assured its for the good. The new sountrack is better than before, though only a few of the music pieces have been modified(etc electric fountain, the new music when in mode select). And along with the improved sountrack comes something even better. Load times! Instead of taking near MINUTES to load a fight, this game barely takes 3 seconds to bring up a battle to the next stage. Now this definelty brings up gameplay experience.

As last words for tekken 6 PSP, it isnt a bad game. It just failed to be the great game that it could be. If they added over some gameplay modes from dark resurerection Im very VERY sure that this game would turn out better, oh yeah lets not forget the tweaked graphics.Although with load times being better, this increases the replay value, which is good. Nothing else to say here, expect the PS3 review in the coming days.

Happy gaming.