Sunday, 3 January 2010

A new year

Bye bye 2009.

Here comes 2010, and as the author of a gaming blog I must say Im looking foward to 2010. Great game releases, dante's inferno,darksiders, final fantasy 13, god of war 3, kingdom hearts birth by sleep, shin megami tensei strange journey, infinite space....... so many great game releases coming up! I seriously cannot wait. And if some rumours suffice, etrian odyssey 3, persona 5 and devil may cry 5 are coming too, though they arent 100% true,well being rumours.

Also, there are many changes to my current great life here. One, my brother will be starting school soon, so no more playing left 4 dead 2 with him, which sux. The AI can be a huge pain in the ass. Two, I will be receiving my O level results soon.

This can only mean 2 things.

1. I get a good, desired grade. Then I will have an additional 3-4 months of holiday.
Wooooooohhhooooooooooooo. Then when poly starts, I'll start my game media design course. YYYEEAAAAHHHH.

2. I get a bullshit grade. My life will be destroyed, I have to take O levels again and I have to go to school AGAIN for another FRIGGIN YEAR!! This sux, I SERIOUSLY HOPE NOT TO GET THIS.

Well Im gonna go cry myself to sleep(just joking).