Opening Songs
OP 1 - WASTELANDERS (Sayaka Sasaki)

Ending Songs

ED 1 - Sekai wa Kyō mo Atarashii (Satomi Akesaka, Haruka Chisuga, Satomi Satou, Kana Hanazawa)

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Slice Of Life

Motives and initiatives are extremely important to capture your audience when it comes to starting an anime off on the right foot. There are many ways to start a story, and most recently in comedy/slice of life shows, I've seen the game making theme quite a fair bit. Enough to not be so impressed by it anymore, to say the least. "Girls Beyond The Wasteland" is pretty much that, its a show about an upstart team of teenage miscreants that are off the make a video game. Its a premise that's been done over quite a few times and I don't see it dying off anytime as a fad. Despite having a solid cast of seiyuus, does "Girls Beyond The Wasteland" actually manage to be entertaining enough to compete with other similar shows in its genre? Let's not forget, its another semi-harem/romance type of show too, so we have to take that into account.

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"WASTELANDERS" by Sayaka Sasaski is the opening theme to the anime, and its honestly pretty bland. Sure, its the normal, happy-go lucky, energetic theme that tries to start off the show, but it sounds rather generic and simple. Nothing much to see here. The ending theme is "Sekai wa Kyō mo Atarashii" by the 4 main seiyuus of the 4 heroines. It's your standard affair of a cute-sy ending theme with the main seiyuus of the show, nothing new or special here.

Rating: 7.0/10

"Girls Beyond The Wasteland" is decent enough, but at the same time, its honestly nothing too amazing that really warrants me to issue any sort of recommendation to go and watch it. It's...very simple, you've seen these sorts of affairs before done much better, like "Saekano" that released in the recent years (a second season is even coming out as we speak). In that show we had better visuals, characters and an honestly more appealing story. "Girls Beyond The Wasteland" simply stars an odd set of stereotypical characters, some of which aren't very interesting, along with a story that provides some pretty half-assed motivations. The story here is average at best, and there isn't a lot of character building that's actually interesting. The show itself doesn't actually pick itself up until the end where a real threat is presented to our cast, otherwise, the rest of the show is rather average and sometimes even mediocre.


Hojou Buntaro is the typical nice guy in high school that likes to help everyone. He takes requests from friends all over the school, helping them out with club activities, part time jobs and whatever they need to, without ever wanting to do something himself. Buntaro is a roamer, doing things for others without any concern for himself. The problem is this, he himself, doesn't know what he wants to do, so he devotes himself into doing things for others. However, that all changes when he runs into this beautiful girl with black hair, Sayuki Kuroda. Kuroda senses the talent and drive within Buntaro to want to do something on his own accord, and it seems like she has similar interests as well. She wants to make a game, and with that in mind, she recruits Buntaro as her development team's script writer. She also tasks him with recruiting other suitable team members with respective members for the job, and thus he moves along to recruit 4 other members that will help finish the game, including a seiyuu, an artist and a programmer. With a team on hand, Buntaro hopes to make something worthwhile that will finally make him a happier person with a purpose.

"Girls Beyond The Wasteland" simply doesn't do much that's enough to kick it above the rest, putting it as simply a decent show at best in my opinion. Production values aren't that great for this one too. In my opinion, if you want a similar show, both"Saekano" and "Pet Girl Of Sakurako" do this better.