Thursday, 17 November 2016

Great Game OSTs (Part 10)

Song: MUST DIE (Susanoo's Theme)
From: Blazblue: Central Fiction
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

Well, Ishiwatari is at it again. "Blazblue: Central Fiction" is f**king amazing and so is the theme for our ultimate big baddy, Susanoo. The perfect unison of the weird chants, screaming and ancient japanese music synchronizes so well with the metal and rock. Its a mighty fine theme for a crazy, brutal, savage combatant like Susanoo, who completely gives in to his wild side. This theme just makes you want to go crazy and murder your opponent in cold blood.

Song: Yomotsuhirasaka (Hades Izanami's Theme)
From: Blazblue: Central Fiction
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

The good themes just can't get away from the villains. One of the main antagonists in "Central Fiction", Hades Izanami, also gets one of the best themes in the game. "Yomotsuhirasaka" is pure, metal, rage and rock. From the moment the theme starts playing, you know that its going to be crazy as hell. For someone as powerful as she is, the chanting in the background as this theme starts ramping up just gives me the goosebumps, and when the guitar and drums just unleash their full fury, you can't help but feel the heat.

Song: Sky Must Be High (Arcade Boss Theme)
From: Guilty Gear Xrd: Revelator
Artist: Daisuke Ishiwatari

To be completely sure, this is most certainly NOT Ramlethal's theme, it's the boss theme of the arcade mode in "Revelator", just like what "Fatal Judge" is to "Chrono Phantasma" (I just used this picture because of how badass it looks). There's a vocal version that kicks just as much ass, but for today, we're going with the instrumental version that plays in the arcade mode. Its incredibly high tension just makes you want to go all out against your foe, which is what you should always want to feel in a fighting game, especially on the final stage. I found myself head banging at the intro ALL the time.

Song: Laser Beam

From: Persona Q -Shadow Of The Labyrinth-
Artist: Shoji Meguro, Lotus Juice

Without a doubt, the best song in the game. "Persona Q" has an incredibly kickass soundtrack by the gods behind the original "Persona 3 & 4" games, which only reinforces the fact that its OST is amazing. The main boss theme for a majority of the bosses, "Laser Beam" is everything that you'd want from a "Persona" song. High tension, solid rapping, and a hype as f**k atmosphere. I'd just purposely drag out my turns just to let the song play out more.

Song: 13th Reflection
From: Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix/Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix
Artist: Yoko Shimamura

It still pisses me the f**k off that we, the English audience, don't get to hear this magnificent piece until nearly 10 years later because Square refused to localize Final Mix for PS2. Oh well, we finally do get the data battles in 2.5 HD remix, but the remastered OST doesn't sound AS fantastic as the original IMO. Still, this is a song that'll get you pumped to fight the Castle Oblivion organization members. It beats 13th Dilemma and 13th Struggle by a far mile, its elegant, graceful, and even calculatingly tenacious, much like the members of the organization that you fight with this theme playing.

Song: Class Trial -Future Edition-
From: Super Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Artist: Masafumi Takada

I'm still convinced that Takada is a freaking god at composing video game music, because the "Danganronpa" series has some one of the best game soundtracks that I have ever heard. One of the new additions to "Super Danganronpa 2" that I never seemed to grow tired of is "Class Trial -Future Edition-". As with most of the class trial themes, this one usually plays after a non-stop debate or during an intense segment of the trial, which leads to epic head banging while characters dish out their arguements. Probably not as intoxicating as the non-stop debate themes, but outside of those, this one seems to be my favorite.