Opening Songs
OP 1 - Asymmetry (Yui Horie)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Solution (CustomiZ)

Genre: Action, Magic, Drama, Science Fiction

Episodes: 13

I didn't really enjoy "K" after the first season or so. The movie, while decent to some extent on its own, didn't recapture the interest that was already lost after its long absence since the end for the first season. So naturally, I just about burned out from the franchise itself, so I was kind of reluctant going into season 2. However, since its not in my blood to abandon shows that I've already invested time into (just like how I'll find one day to rush every single DRRR season after the first), I ended up fully committing to "K: Return Of Kings", despite not enjoying the first few episodes. To be kind of frank, I feel like its a girl's show. Back then I said that this was suitable for both guys and girls, but the more I watched it, the more I felt that its more leaned towards its fan service in its bountiful of pretty boys. Still, there is serviceable story here, and the animation is pretty damned good. While I didn't enjoy it as much, it surely DOES hold its standards high.

Let's get our pretty boys on in here.

While I do like Angela I feel like I've grown a bit tired of their style of songs, so having the opening theme of "Return Of Kings" sang by Yui Horie was a welcome change. Horie is the seiyuu of Anna, so its quite fitting to have her sing the opening theme here. Its an alright song, it feels edgy enough to portray the show being at its climax, and it has its strong moments. The ending theme is "Solution" by Customiz, and its actually not a bad song. Its a very classic, old school, early 2000s rock song that'll easily pass off as something you'd want to listen to after the first few seconds, instead of skipping it.

Rating: 7.0/10

Remember that this is my own personal rating. "K" had long lost its appeal during the time I watched "Return Of Kings", so it didn't really speak to me that much. What's more, the lack of returning protagonist Shiro for a good early portion of the series had me lost a lot of interest, as I didn't really give a flying f**k about Kuroh or any of the other kings (even though he wasn't that much interesting, I was just used to him being the main dude). Following the story of the movie, the plot for "Return Of Kings" was quite predictable and honestly, quite stale. There weren't many twists and the overall ending lacked impact. The 2 good things the show had were its top notch animation (which had segments that they re-used, mind you) and its music. Other than that, I felt myself dragging through the final few episodes of the show, which says something.

At least we have pretty boys going ham against one another.

Following the story of the movie, the green clan was about to wreck the balance between the other clans and cause some havoc, all because the all-powerful golden clan was finally out of wack since its geezer of a king died. With Anna awakening as the king of the red clan, and with Munakata's reign as the blue clan's king ending, they had to make a truce with one another to stop the green clan and its all powerful king. While all this was going on, Kuroh and Neko were still desperately trying to find their king, Shiro, the leader of the silver clan. They were running out of time though, as the green clan's headhunter Yukari had already set his eyes on Kuroh. With the green clan's rise in power and an all out war between the clans that was bound to happen coming up, Shiro watches from above on the blimp that started it all, preparing himself to join the end everything once and for all.

"K:Return Of Kings" is an alright sequel. For fans of the series, its more of the same with very little that's changed, and that might be a good thing for some. If you're expecting any sort of improvement outside of the animation, there's nothing much going for it, so keep that in mind going in.