Sunday, 26 June 2016

Literally (One Punch Man review)

Opening Songs
OP 1 - The Hero! (Jam Project)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - I'll Find It Before The Stars For You (Hiroko Moriguchi)

Genre: Action, Comedy

Episodes: 12

It's criminal how late I am to the party for "One Punch Man". Despite watching a multitude of clips of it from Youtube without even watching the real thing. I held it off until late 2015/early 2016 before actually watching the show....for whatever reason. When I finally did watch it though, I was overfilled with manliness and pride, even the clips I already spoiled myself on Youtube with were spectacular. From start to end, "One Punch Man" is a great envisioning of how its like to be an overpowered junkie that pretty much defeats any and all enemies standing in your way. Instead of it being a story of a hero trying to take the top, its instead one which starts our hero from the top, trying to find something that can even be a challenge to him. Go into it expecting that, and you'll find one of the most enjoyable and well animated action franchises to date.

Step back, its time for the big boys to play.

"One Punch Man"'s opening theme is probably extremely iconic and popular right now because of the success of the anime. Can't blame everyone though, because "The Hero!" by Jam Project is probably the best song in the world right now that can be used to represent "One Punch Man". Its loud, its scream echo into your soul, and it makes your manliness burst out from your soul. Its pretty good as a song, as the opening to OPM, its amazing. The ending is "I'll Find It Before The Stars For You" by Hiroko Moriguchi. Its a pretty slow and meek ending song, not much else to say here. I feel that it doesn't really fit into the OPM universe.

Rating: 8.0/10

In terms of personal enjoyment, OPM is incredible. Its probably one of the animes I enjoyed the most in 2015, bar very, VERY few others. But here's the thing, it may be incredibly enjoyable, but there's not really much to it. Its very much, as I explained earlier, a very straightforward story about an incredibly overpowered hero that starts a story at the very peak of his strength. Its all about this hero that can overcome anything and everything without even trying, and the rest of the plot is pretty much other heroes that are considered gods in this world who are trying to reach his level. Its an action show, but when the main character is concerned, there is no action, because he literally kills everything in one punch. Otherwise, the animation is top tier, the music is brilliant, and the visual flair is absolutely stunning. For those action show nuts, this is perfect. And of course, its pretty funny too, when our heroes aren't fighting, there are a lot of laughs to be had.

Well, you f**ked it up.

Hero Saitama was once an average man who didn't have anything that he could be proud of. No job, no money, no nothing, he has a shamble of a man. However, a fateful encounter with a crab monster changed his life forever. After beating that monster and saving some people, he decided to become a hero. He trained and trained and trained. He trained so freaking hard that he became bald. He got so strong to the point that he could kill everything in a single punch. At that point, nothing was a challenge for him, and he regretted becoming this powerful. One day, he meets Genos, a half human cyborg, and defeats an enemy in front of the young man. Genos is impressed by his power, and decides to follow him for life to understand the source of his power. He then unofficially becomes Saitama's apprentice, and the 2 go on adventures that can never be stopped.

OPM has become one of the most beloved action anime franchises within such a short time span. Its amazing animation quality and visual style is surely something to behold. One can only wonder what kind of surprises are in stall for this epic punch of a show.