Opening Songs
OP 1 - Voice (ZAQ)

Ending Songs
ED 1 - Van!shment Th!s World ( Black Raison d'être)

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Episodes: 12

When something works, its okay to go for more. And that's why we have a second season of "Chuunibyo"...that's that. I say so because to me, the 1st season of "Chuunibyo" did a great job in closing out the anime, and it didn't really need more, that's why a 2nd season...wasn't really needed. Still, we got it, and its out there, and people still love it. You'd think that things would have changed dramatically at the end of "Chuunibyo"'s 1st season, but instead, we have more of the same in this 2nd season. So, there's really not much else to say. If you enjoyed the 1st season, then you'll like "Heart Throb", no problem. Though the show doesn't really progress much forward from what season 1 did, if you enjoyed the light hearted silliness that this franchise provides, there's really no reason to refuse a second reason of "Chuunibyo". 

Rika. Rika all the way.

The opening theme is "Voice" by ZAQ, which is not too different from the opening theme in the 1st season. It gives off a very fantasy-ish feel, which suits the theme of "Banishment, this world!". Its a nice change of pace, but that's that. "Van!shment Th!s World" by Black Raison d'être is the ending theme, and its good. Its by the seiyuus of all the girls in the anime, and like in season 1, this one sounds like a "K-on!" ending theme as well. Its a fancy rock song that'll definitely stand out more than the opening.

Rating: 7.5/10

While I thought that a second season was totally pointless, it still provided me with a good deal of entertainment. Since Rika already loves Togashi at the end of season 1, there was not much point in continuing the franchise unless the people want to see 12 episodes of Togashi doing lovey dovey stuff with Rika. At least the show does the right thing of adding a love rival to make things at least slightly interesting. "Heart Throb" continues the trend of presenting us with tons and tons of light hearted, comedic scenarios that don't really go too overboard. One thing however, the imaginary fight sequences are still as entertaining as ever. Flashy and visually attractive, these fight sequences must as well be the main attraction of this franchise. What's more, we get to see MORE characters doing these ridiculous mind battles, adding more variety to the mix other than just Rika, Deko and Tohka all the time.

You shall not pass.....DEATH!

Once again, the story stars Togashi Yuuta as its protagonist, now a second year student, he chooses to pass through high school without any problems....or any relation to his old 8th grader syndrome habits. However, this isn't possible as we all know, because his now girlfriend, Rika, makes it all the more difficult for him to live a normal life. Rika's 8th grader syndrome has grown stronger than ever after forging "a contract of lovers" with Yuuta, and while she goes through the troubles of a young girl in love, she's in a dilemma as she also wants to keep doing 8th grader syndrome things, along with her "servant" Dekomori. Things continue as per normal as they remain in their club room to screw around day after day, until Togashi's middle school friend, Schimiya moves above him. Schimiya is also suffering from 8th grader syndrome, and to make things worse, she constantly clashes heads with Rika. AND, to add on top of that, she seems to be too close to Yuta, so much that Rika feels uncomfortable...

And that's that. "Chuunibyo"'s 2nd season does well enough to act as a successor to the original. While it doesn't really bring anything too new or spectacular to the table, the light hearted comedy and fantastic imaginary battles play a big part in making this show an enjoyable experience. The romance factor has been toned down, since there's really not much to improve upon. Its still THERE, but it wasn't as impactful this time around.