We all need some flatness sometimes.

Name: Totooria Helmond (Totori)
Traits: Use items, Duplicate
Rating: 8/10

I kind of gave Rorona a hard time when I reviewed the cast in her game, so I'll treat Totori with proper care. Back then in Rorona's game I underestimated the ability to use items, and without Totori (or any of the main heroines), the party would be dead in seconds. Totori scores even higher than Rorona because I think she's the best out of the three heroines (in battle of course, yes, she's better than Meruru). Using items is a must, and Totori does it best.

Duplicate is easily one of the most spammable, exploitable spells in the game. Its great here (even better in Meruru's game), and it'll really save a lot of asses, especially since battle is a bigger factor here than in "Atelier Rorona". Against long, drawn out battles against bosses (Flauschtraut and Evil Face say hi), Totori's duplicate will really make life a lot easier if you have great quality items.

All main characters need a childhood friend.

Name: Gino Knab
Traits: Physical damage
Rating: 4/10

Man Gino is so F**KING BAD in this game. Same with the case with Cordelia from "Atelier Rorona", I never really gave him a good chance, because he's so damn weak and everyone's so much better. Even with decent equipment, he does NO damage. He's basically there as a stepping stone to help you out for the first few parts of the game, after you get the likes of Marc, Mimi and Rorona, say goodbye to him for good! Because nothing good comes out of putting effort into Gino, not in this game at least.

He does single target damage, and for a good portion of the game, he doesn't learn jack squat until you do his friendship events. Even then, the skills he get are pretty damn mediocre. Having no AOE hurts him, but the lack of massive damage hurts him even more. Get his friendship to 60 ASAP, then just leave him for good, seriously. At least he is MUCH better in "Atelier Meruru"....

Miss greatness!

Name: Melvia Siebel
Traits: Physical damage, AOE damage
Rating: 8/10

She's like Sterk from the first game, just less versatile. She does tons of damage, can tank a ton of it in return, and she joins really early in the game. She's the early spike in power that makes the game really easy all of a sudden. She packs a bigger punch some of the characters than join later on (if you train her), and she's actually a good fit to your final late game team if you need the damages. She's a pretty masculine woman, with a pretty feminine body.

Melvia hits hard, especially for an early game character. Keeping her in your party makes the game very easy for quite awhile, as she'll roll over most enemies. To make things even better, her starting ability lowers the defense of enemies, making her great against bosses. She eventually learns an AOE ability that clears normal monsters very quickly, making her good for normal encounters as well (if you so desire to waste your mana). A good fit for late game if you so desire her strength.

Every game needs a tsundere,

Name: Mimi Houllier Von Schwarzlang
Traits: Physical damage, Speed, High evasion
Rating: 8/10

Mimi is a late bloomer. She joins very early on, but she's no Melvia, she doesn't hit that hard early on, but her damage is good enough for you to keep her in (she at least does equal to or more than the likes of Marc and Rorona). She'll serve as a medium damage dealer for most of the game, and later on, while her damage doesn't immediately spike up to godly levels, she becomes a great pick against bosses because of her high speed and evasion.

Mimi is probably the speedster of "Atelier Totori" (she looses that title to Esty in Meruru's game), she probably will go faster and get more turns than anyone else that's on par with her. She does decent damage with Himmel Waltz spam against bosses, and sometimes I find her lasting longer than Sterk because of her evasion. Stick with her, and you'll be rewarded.

He's no mad scientist, but at least he doesn't make himself look stupid.

Name: Marc Brine
Traits: Physical  damage, Inflict sleep, High Evasion
Rating: 7/10

Marc isn't bad really, but I just don't find need for him in my team. He's got decent damage, though not the levels of Melvia or Sterk, which doesn't make him stand out too much. He's got tricks up his sleeve, and his attacks look funky, however, if you intend on using him, you'd have to make full use of what he can do. He's decent at what he does, but you need a good team to back up what he does best.

He doesn't shine too much in the damage department, he is however, the only character in the game who is able to inflict a status effect on the enemy. More specifically, sleep. Its good to have that ability, but honestly its not too effective in most situations. You'd need to have some good plan to have Marc work, and when you do, he's going to be pretty good.

Hooray for our favorite ditsy alchemist!

Name: Rorolina Frixell (Rorona)
Traits: Magic damage, Use items, AOE damage
Rating: 8/10

Marking the first game that we can have 2 alchemists in the party, Rorona makes herself more useful than she was before. Having the privilege to use items means that Totori can focus on using attack items for massive damage while Rorona focuses on healing items, that or vice versa. Other than using items she still brings some damage to the table, though its not much compared to some others. Having her in the party allows you a lot more room to make mistakes, that's for sure.

Angel fullheart hits all enemies, and her normal attack is a bomb by itself....this means she's great against low level, grouped up monsters. Her AOE makes her a good pick to clear out easy, packed enemies. She is also good against bosses, as the liberty to have 2 item users usually means that you can dish out more damage than any other team combination, as long as you have the proper quality items.

He looks more fabulous with each game....

Name: Sterkenberg Cranach
Traits: Physical damage, Magic damage, AOE damage
Rating: 9/10

Sterk is just Sterk. Remember him from the first game? Yeap, same deal here. He does a boat load of damage, can soak a lot of it in return, and is just an overall power house. He brings all sorts of hurt to the enemy team, and it would be silly to not take him along. He's probably got everything that you want in a character, and that makes him good at killing normal enemies and bosses alike.

Lightning blitz kills enemy mobs in a second, and judgement melts the sorry faces of bosses way to quickly. In all honesty, Sterk plus Mimi is the best boss killing team in "Atelier Totori", and his damage will carry you to victory. His super move hurts more than everyone else's, that means that in long, drawn out battles, he is going to wreck face. He retains the title of the king of all the party members in the game.

My Party
Rorona (Swapped out with Mimi at times)

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