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Parties in RPGs - Final Fantasy XIII

The famed worst "Final Fantasy"!!!

Bullshit. It may be different from other games from the franchise, but that doesn't particularly makes the worst. Its all opinion, and while I do think "Square Enix" is walking the wrong road here with making "Final Fantasy XIII-3", the original FF 13 was quite enjoyable.

XIII-2 was the one that brought it down IMO.


Heroines in the franchises shouldn't be that badly favored....

Name: Lightning
Traits: Commando, Ravager, Medic
Rating: 9/10

In my opinion she's easily the best character in the game. Though her crystarium route gives her little HP compared to the rest of the character cast, I really like her character specific roles. Commando, Ravager and Medic are easily the best 3 roles in the game to have in a character. The physical damage from Commando, the magic damage from Ravager, and the heals from the Medic really makes her a great pick in most party compositions.

Since her base stats are pretty much a balanced batch between the magic damage and physical damage, she works well as both Commando and Ravager, so at any time you can have her at any of those roles to deal damage since she does well at both. Though I must say come late game, her exclusive Commando ability "Army of One" (can't really remember, I might be wrong here), totally wrecks the shit out of enemies, even better than almost everyone else.

Man that shit is pretty Yaoi.

Name: Snow
Traits: Commando, Ravager, Sentinel
Rating: 5/10

I hate Snow. That bloody shonen hero attitude shouldn't be in a "Final Fantasy" game, but well, here it is. Snow is the very manifestation of the word "tank" in a party. He's the team tank, but honestly, you don't need one in "Final Fantasy XIII", which makes Snow's placement in any team rather questionable. He's the tankiest guy in the game, but that's it.

Let's take a look at his roles. Commando, Ravager and Sentinel. Honestly, his damage is very very sub-par, probably the lowest in the game, which makes his Commando and Ravager roles pretty much shit next to anybody else's in the game. His only redeeming quality is Sentinel, which is by far the most useless class late game because every boss tosses huge AOE crap on your team. You basically only need Sentinel on every character for damage reduction with the guards, nothing else.

There for comedic relief, is a black. Good guy Sazh.

Name: Sazh
Traits: Commando, Ravager, Synergist
Rating: 8/10

Sazh is pretty good, believe it or not. His health growth is actually pretty respectable, and he has some sweet combinations when it comes to roles. He can take on many different combinations and honestly, he's pretty good at most of these roles, but excels most in his Synergist role. He's a good pick for your team if you need him.

Commando, Ravager and Synergist. These are some nice roles. He packs a bigger punch in Ravager than Commando, so he's a better spell caster if you ever need damage. He picks up good Synergist spells faster than any other character in the game, so he's actually a great Syngergist,  better than Hope until Hope gets all of his spells, then they are pretty much on par.

No one likes whiny kids, but at least he gets better.

Name: Hope
Traits: Ravager, Medic, Synergist
Rating: 8/10

Hope is awesome sauce. Although he has like, the worst health in the game, his crazy magic damages makes him pretty much the must have for spell casting. I swear, I hated him more than Snow as a character, but at least he bucks up in the character development area and becomes a better person. In battle though, you will have to like this guy because of how useful he is.

Ravager, Medic and Synergist. He is pretty much the best Ravager and Medic in the game, there is simply close to no contest because he has insane magic stats. His Synergist role is all right, though I prefer Sazh for this, because Hope's spells in this role don't pick up as quickly. You can even have him as a Commando when you unlock all roles for everyone, as a ruin spamming hope destroys everything.

For the millionth time on this blog....MOE MOE KYUN!

Name: Vanille
Traits: Ravager, Medic, Saboteur
Rating: 7/10

I honestly just hate Saboteurs, because the debuffs are pretty minor for the most part on bosses. Vanille is another high scaling magic damage character, but not as insane as the levels of Hope. And for people complaining how Vanille is annoying as a character, they definitely haven't  seen the definition of any annoying character before, because she is NOTHING compared to some others.

Anyway, Ravager, Medic and Saboteur. As I said, I hate Saboteurs, but Vanille is probably the best one in the game. Debuffs galore, she gets the job done if you actually NEED a Sabotuer, because debuffing usually does damage too, and it scales well with her magic. Other than that, her Ravager and Medic roles are pretty much just slightly weaker versions of Hope's.

Jetch? Why did you go for a sex change?

Name: Fang
Traits: Commando, Sentinel, Saboteur
Rating: 8/10

Despite having two of my hatest roles in the game, Fang deserves a score of 8 just because of her obscene physical stats growth. Her physical damage is INSANE, probably higher than or on par with the magic scores of Hope. Also, she is pretty much an all in character, so if you have support-ish characters to back her up, Fang is pretty much a star in your team.

Her Commando role is pretty much the best in the game. Watch her damage a staggered enemy and watch her do a digit's extra worth of damage to the enemy than the rest of your team, yes, she's that crazy. She opens up great paradigm shifts as the lead commando, and let her sit for the SEN, MED, MED combo for some easy fights. She can work as a Saboteur, but just for the debuffs, since Vanille's do more damage.

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