Friday, 1 March 2013

KIRINARIMASU (Hyouka review)

Opening songs
OP 1 - Yasashisa no Ryuu (Chouchou)
OP 2 - Mikansei Stride (Saori Kodama)

Ending songs
ED 1 - Madoromi no Yakusoku (Satomi Satou & Ai Kayano)
ED 2 - Kimi ni Matsuwari Mystery (Satomi Satou & Ai Kayano)

Genre: Drama, Mystery


My busy times have come to a temporary end, so its time to post more! 

"Hyouka" is a....decently popular franchise, I'd say. It has seen some great popularity for its novel series and now with an anime to add to the franchise, its probably gained even more fans. Mystery themed animes can be rather rare and different, sometimes it will not appeal to most viewers. Still, there are some which manage to succeed and a small few even become great animes to be remembered ("Kami sama no Memocho" is one). "Hyouka" takes on a more light-hearted theme and setting, it even has an art style that I really like (it looks similar to "K-on"). This makes enjoying it easier for the general viewing public, and I feel that its one of those animes that you can easily watch on a weekend afternoon and have some good fun out of it.

So much moe....

For a light-hearted anime, it sure picked the correct songs in the opening and ending themes. The first opening is "Yasashisa no Ryuu" by Chouchou, the singer of the amazing "Kawaru Mirai". Its a soothing first opening, and it fits the anime pretty well, with the song not being too heavy or too slow. Both endings are sung by Satomi Satou and Ai Kayano, and the first one is  "Madoromi no Yakusoku". I'll say it, its a ballad. I don't like ballads, we just don't mix. Slow songs were never my thing.

"Mikansei Stride" is the second opening, and its sung by Saori Kodama. It fits the light-hearted mood even further, as this is literally an easy-going song that is very good to listen to. Its catchy and sounds great, probably the better one of the two openings. The second ending is "Kimi ni Matsuwari Mystery" and it is NOT a ballad. It lies on the catchy side, though I do think it gets beat by the 2nd opening itself.

Rating: 7.5/10

I wouldn't recommend it to EVERYONE, but it is fun to watch. You won't get hopelessly hooked to it like some of the god tier anime (SAO, Baka test etc), but it can get interesting. You will go "ah" many times throughout the show as these small time mysteries are solved. Still, these mysteries are split into different arcs, the bigger ones anyway, and it can be a pleasure to watch the crew of "Hyouka" as they scramble to find clues or conduct research. The main cast is likable, while the girls (mostly Eru) are completely overflowing with moe (once again, mostly Eru), "Hyouka" has one of the most likable protagonists of all time, because Horeki, is one awesome dude.

Every time Eru becomes curious, it is a moe explosion.

Houtarou Oreki is a high school student, a pretty awesome one at that. He has a vibe for being lazy, and that is just bad ass. His number one oath is to do things while conserving as much energy as he can. That means throughout his life, he has not joined any clubs, and always goes home after school. This time however, his older sister left him a seat in the classics club, and he is forced to join. Thinking that he would be the only one, he is joined by his best friend Satoshi and a girl he has never met before, Chitanda Eru. Together with another girl Mayaka, these four form the classics club, and they spend their time solving small time mysteries that may occur just to feed the curiosity of the girl known as Eru.

"Hyouka" is just an anime that you would watch for fun. Its like "Hayate", you won't benefit from it stopping, but if it keeps on showing you will just keep watching. Its of decent length  so expect to be entertained for awhile. Some arcs are better than others, and all in all its a good anime. Since mostly its just walking us through the life of 4 interesting individuals, anyone can pick it up, though its not really one that everyone SHOULD watch.