Gaping dragon
Skills: Tail whip, Body slam, Dash, Acid spit, Flying slam, Consume*

Times died on 1st play through:1

After Sif, we are permanently done with the darkroot garden. We now move on to the dreadful depths, a place where giant rats, huge eyes lizards and slimes roam about. Its not a place that anyone can gladly hang around, but the boss of the place is a pushover. He looks big and scary, but he's nothing more than a clumsy oaf, moving around ever so slowly, lugging his body around. He is very easy to beat, despite being able to one shot you. He is the boss of the depths. 

He may be way bigger than you are, but you can take him down no problem.

He has a ton of attacks, but none of them are particularly deadly. He only has one attack that can potentially one shot you, and it can be broken out of. His other attacks are so slow and predictable..he won't be much of a threat. As long as you are constantly on the look out and always moving, there is practically nothing he can do to kill you, unless you are a clumsy oaf yourself. You can chop off his tail for a free axe with some godly strength scaling.

Tail whip- A simple attack in which he whips his tail if you're hitting it too much. It hurts, but its easy to see this coming. If the tail even twitches slightly, just move away and you'll avoid this. Note that this can still hit you if his tail is cut off.

Body slam- After lifting his upper torso (he'll be doing this a lot), he slams it down for some major pain. This hurts like hell, but you should never be standing in front of him anyways, so this attack is actually nothing more than a stupid attempt to scare you.

Dash- He only does this if his upper torso isn't lifted. He charges forward and tries to ram you for some nasty damage. Again, you should never be in front of him, so this attack is null and void.

Acid spit- He starts to vibrate vigorously, then after awhile he throws up a huge pile of poisonous acid. The acid spreads slowly, but if you're hit by this, your items will reduce in durability, so make sure you dodge this. Just run away when you see his attack animation, or when you see acid slowly eating up the floor in front of you.

Flying slam- He flies up...and slams back on to the ground. Nothing special, he likes to use this to reposition himself to facing you. Just move away when you see him fly.

Consume*- His only potential dangerous attack. He consumes you and constantly chews on you until you are dead. Keep spamming buttons to break free.

As I said, this fella has a lot of moves, but is easy to take down. He is huge, so hitting him anywhere that isn't his front is a great idea to do tons of damage without receiving any. He will be lifting his torso most of the time, and that's when his consume is available. Just remember not to stand in front of him the entire fight and you're in the green.

Its ideal to be hitting him at his sides or his tail at all times. Chopping off his tail almost disables his tail whip attack and it gives you a free axe, so why not. While hacking away at his tail, be careful of the slightest movement of his tail, since that means he's going to use tail whip, which hurts quite alot. But once his tail is off, you shouldn't be worrying about this attack at all. 

Body slam and dash shouldn't be hitting you at all if you're always behind him. Acid spit can be deadly since it breaks your armor and weapons, so be careful of that. Its easy to dodge though. And since you are always not in front of him, prepare to see flying slam a lot, because he uses this to reposition himself to face you again. The slam can damage you, so get away when you see him start to fly, and once he lands, get around him and continue to hack away.

The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Okay, now time for consume, the attack that can potentially one shot you. This only happens when you're in front of him though, and because of this, you should never get hit by this. But in any unfortunate circumstance in which you do get are probably dead. When consumed, spam attack buttons until he spits you out, because if you don't he'll nom on you until you're dead. Spamming buttons until he spits you out will reduce the damage dealt, but survival isn't 100% guaranteed.

Well, that's really all I have to say for this boss. He is really really easy, and if you really want to, you can even summon sun bro to help you! He can soak up most of the damage from the boss easily. The big guy drops 25000 souls, which is quite a lot for someone so weak. He also drops the key to blight town. Now that's where to go next.


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Katawa Shoujo

Gamespot score:n/a

My score:7.5

(+)Pros:-Most of the girls are pretty lovable, -Emotional story for most of the routes, -Multiple routes allow for longer game play, - Is completely free :), -Most of CG arts are lovely and you'll probably want to go for a 100% completion, -Good use of music at the right time.

(-)Cons:-Lack of any voice acting what-so-ever makes the game a little dry at times, -Rin's route is pretty boring, -Click away~~

Gameplay time:10-20 hours

I'll say this straight, I have never played an eroge. Yea, despite me being a huge otaku, Katawa shoujo was my first eroge, since it was legally free for download when it was announced for an english release. I went to give it a try, and it pulled me into the world of eroge. For my 1st game in the genre, it was a good experience that opened me to something totally new that I have never felt or played before. Katawa shoujo pulled me in with its wonderfully diverse girls, each with different personalities and problems. You think girls with handicapped problems should be shoved off without a care in the world? Think again, Katawa shoujo, as the free game it is now, is a solid eroge that anime loving otakus will enjoy.

Well eroges (or visual novels as an overall),  are all about story, so if you wanna get your visual novels right, your story has to be good. Luckily, Katawa shoujo gets that part right and has a story that is sure to evoke many emotions. It stars the main character as Hisao Nakai, a regular young man who happened to suffer a terrible heart attack at the start of the game, during his first confession (ouch, sucks to be him). After being diagnosed to have a heart disease, he is sent to a handicapped school for handicapped people, since he is no longer fit to attend a normal school. There he attempts to fit into the awkward surroundings filled with people he thought he would never meet in his life, while trying to cope with school life and recover his heart disease. Of course, he also wants to find friends..little does he know that there are five girls out there for him that are looking for love!

Ahhh! YOU! ARE! WELCOME!!!!!

As an eroge, Katawa shoujo is highly text driven, and that can drive people like me (who have never played these kinds of game before) restless. Still, the emotional story and great writing is what keeps me reading. Hisao Nakai is a regular high school kid who is forced to go to a handicapped school because of a heart disease. Immediately you feel sad for him, and the story continues to describe his pain while he is in the hospital. Such writing is what makes this story one that strikes at your heart. Your role as Hisao Nakai is to score one of the 5 girls you meet in the school and try to build a loving relationship with them.

There are 5 girls that you will meet in the prologue, and once you reach the branching path you have to choose one of them. There's Emi, a legless girl who loves to run on metal legs. Rin, an armless girl that likes to paint with her legs. Lili, a blind girl with an "Ojou sama" presence. Shizune, a confident and brash girl who cannot speak. Lastly, there's Hanako, a super cute girl with burns stretching over half of her entire body. Each of the girls has their own personality and understanding them as the game goes on brings you love them more and more...DA POWER OF EROGE!

Choose wisely...they affect the way the girls think of you!

With 5 girls, there are 5 routes in the game, each with its own good and bad ending (some even have neutral endings). The first initial run will take you slightly more than 5 hours to clear, and subsequent runs will take you 2-3 hours each with the skip text function. All in all you'll take about 15 hours to clear the game and get 100% collection (of course, you'll have to save at the right time, before choices). Speaking of 100% collection, its almost impossible to resist the temptation to go for it, since the CG arts are pretty damn awesome (yes, especially the ero ones). Come on, its an eroge, there is BOUND to be that kind of scene sooner or later, and this game has them. You can turn off naughty content but that kind of takes out the point of the game.

That said, the game is strictly for 18 and above, unless you don't give a shit about these kind of stuff (you shouldn't, I started porn when I was 14, and hentai soon after). Another good thing about this game is the right usage of music. Some funky and peaceful music plays at almost every conversation, and during touching moments, the music changes for the appropriate situation with soft tunes. Sometimes during important game changing scenes, the music even stops completely to help you get in the moment. 

CG art is awesome.

Flaws? Well, its not really a flaw, but as I mentioned earlier, the game basically consists of reading all the way, so you'll be clicking the screen over and over until you go crazy. If you cannot take endless amounts of reading, it may be a good idea to take this game slowly (like me, I still enjoyed it though). Also, I thought that eroges should always have voices of the characters in it, to make it more lively and entertaining. Strangely enough, Katawa Shoujo has no voice acting what-so-ever, which can makes things a little dry at times. Another thing is Rin's route. It seemed to be the most boring route of them all. It had a good ending like all other routes, but going through it seemed boring...even the climax wasn't as good as the other girls.

For a free eroge, passing up Katawa Shoujo is just freaking stupid. You may not enjoy it, but at least give it a go since you don't have to pay a dime. And for a free game, it's pretty damn good. For my first eroge, it made me proud to be an otaku. At first I thought 100% completion was only for addicts, but after realizing the nature of this game, it wasn't that hard for me to go for that mark. If you have yet to play an eroge, Katawa Shoujo will help you make that first step. If you have played eroges before....I don't know, I really enjoyed this, so definitely give this a go. After this game, I am inclined to find some more eroge to endulge myself in (I'm currently installing hoshizora no memoria)!

Happy gaming!

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Mobster! (Baccano! review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Guns and roses (Paradise lunch)

Ending songs
ED 1-Calling (Kaori Oda)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Supernatural


Sorry for not posting anything for like, 4 days. I have been rushing a good amount of games and have been quite busy on some other stuff with my friends. Anyway...some bad news. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF MY HOLIDAYS. School is on tomorrow again and its back to my miserable miserable life. Well I'll be sure to enjoy my final day by playing and screwing around as much as I can. Back to the topic....Baccano! Its hard to describe this anime, as it was made by the dudes who did Durarara! They did Baccano before Durarara so there's kind of a old school feel here. Still, they did a spanking good job here!  If you like Durarara, Baccano is something you'll easily enjoy, altough it has a more action theme to it, with more focus on the mafia life.  Like mob related stuff? Baccano is for you.

Prepare for a story involving great characters!

The opening song is aweseomee!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot stress ENOUGH that although "Guns and roses" is a song without singing, it is amazing and I can't stop grooving to it. Being like a mix of light rock and jazz thrown in together, "Guns and roses" is an amazing piece. Lets not forget the opening animations! Its very much like Durarara, and definitely feels epic with it introducing all of the anime's characters. The ending though, it's not so good. "Calling" by Kaori Oda is nothing more than your average run-of-the-mill slow song. Next please.


Baccano loses out to Durarara in my opinion (Duh, Durarara was made AFTER Baccano), but that does not mean Baccano isn't great. Baccano is a great anime, more than most modern day ones. It separates itself from most animes by not being cliche, with a great cast of characters, an awesome plot setting, and tons of emotional impact. It is easy to like many of the characters, and its definitely great to see an anime that doesn't have a generic harem setting. The amount of action is substantial enough to please almost anyone, but don't expect the craziness of animes like Bleach or Shakugan no shana, think more among the lines of Durarara. I can safely say this has more action content thatn Durarara, so more points for that.

Behold! The chick of Baccano!

Like Durarara, there isn't much of a main character to Baccano. It focuses on the lives of different individuals that are part of a chain of events that take place in relevance to each other. Focusing on events that take place in the city, where mobs and mafias are fighting over a war of terrain and ownership rights. Or events that take place on a train, where mobs want to take control of it for taking a certain leader's family hostage, and ended up compromising the whole train instead.  The anime switches between many different characters, a pair of jokers (Issav and Miria), a young mobster (Firo), a wanted wannabe mafia leader (Jacuzzi) or a crazy man who kills for fun (Claire stanfield). Baccano is a story of crazy proportions.

Like Durarara, you need to have the same mindset while watching Baccano. Its an anime where crazy stuff happens, and there isn't a true main character, but multiple ones instead. Its a great anime on its own, but because some episodes are wasted on being pretty boring, I can't really recommend it to everyone just yet. Its definitely better than generic everyday harems, and is no doubt, a great anime. Try not to miss this out if you're an anime lover.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Greatest game character:20 June 2012

Okay, so I'm super mind f**ked right now. I just finished Darkness II, and I just HAD to put this up, because I am so in love with this character right now. Jackie is like, the world's most bad ass mafia leader. Not only is he cool looking, blood thirsty and the wielder of the darkness, HE IS A MAFIA BOSS! BOSS!!!! Jackie is easily one of my favorite shooter heroes now out there, right next to subject delta of bioshock. Hell, I actually think he surpasses subject delta in so many ways. Jackie Estacado is a hero.


So I didn't play the first Darkness, who cares. I base my love off this character from The Darkness II, which I just completed. In the previous game, Jackie managed to seal off the Darkness, which was supposed to be an incredible force that almost nobody can resist. Regardless, he got rid of it, and tried to live his life as a mafia boss for real. Of course things had to go from bad to worse as he gets attacked and is forced to summon upon the power of the Darkness again.

Jackie refuses to let Jenny go, although she is long dead.

Jackie is a stinking bad ass! For one, being the boss of a mafia, he has superior gun play to most other guys. Also, as a boss, he does an awesome  job, because most of the guys in his group respect him for the man he is. I just WISHED I could live a life like Jackie when I reached the mansion for the first time. With people greeting and talking to him like he's a real bigshot! 

Lets not forget his perseverance. Despite the Darkness being so powerful and assertive, he manages to keep it back. This also shows when it comes to his dead girlfriend Jenny. Though this can be quite a bad thing, he never stopped loving Jenny, even when she died. This is another awesome trait to Mr Estacado, and at one point, he even freaking fought against the almighty Darkness to get her soul free again. He - went - to - hell just to save and free her soul! LIKE A BOSS.

Anyone would shit their pants.

Onto the best part....his powers. The Darkness is a powerful entity, and with that, Jackie becomes a bad ass murderer. The mafia guys are happy that Jackie got the Darkness back in the game, and with them, he gets to do some crazy shit. Brutal executions aside, with the Darkness, Jackie knows he can f**k shit up quite easily. Having the mindset of a Mafia leader, he makes sure whoever defies him pays...ten fold. Like this guy named swifty, whom attacked the restaurant at the start of the game....he really went a whole way to making him pay alright.

Jackie can be really bad if he wants to, and he goes to big extents to make that happen. Every time he gets someone cornered and obtained the information that he wants, its killing time, and in a brutal way too. Jackie is like, the perfect host to the darkness, and even manages to beat the new host when he was stripped of his original darkness powers.

All in all Jackie is a character that I respect. I just finished this game 2 days ago, and I just HAD to get this post up because of how AWESOME Jackie is as a main character. Modern day vanilla and generic shooters should take a hint from Mr Estacado when it comes to making main characters, because THIS is how you keep someone interested in a shooter's main character (CoD main characters are shit, with the exception of Mason).

"Ready to go get some f**king answers?"-Jackie Estacado

Gamespot score:6.0 (Fair)

My score:7.2

(+)Pros:-Alchemy system is great, -The plot is a great change of pace from cliche "save-the-world" titles, -Plenty of interesting characters and likable dialogue, -Friendship system is a great way to connect to the characters of the game, -Tons of endings to acquire and achieve, -Overall its entertaining and funny, -Good variety of areas to explore.

(-)Cons:-Graphical style will not appeal to all, -Assignment time constraints are annoying, -Combat is dulled and flawed.

Gameplay time:20-30 hours

Game review time! Atelier Rorona is a something I have been looking forward to for a long time. Even though the game didn't get very good reviews on metacritic I INSISTED that I got this, because I am a huge fan of the Atelier series. While I have mixed feelings after playing the game, most of them lean towards the positive side. What I loved about the series stayed there (the crafting and alchemy), but they kind of changed things up a little bit...making it drastically different from my favorites of the series (Atelier iris and Mana khemia). Since Meruru is already out and this is quite old, there's little point to this review, but I'll do it anyway. Enter the world of Arland!

The plot to Atelier Rorona takes a drastic change from the likes of Atelier Iris or Mana khemia. Instead, the line of the plot drives closely to another entry in the series, Atelier Annie. There isn't any "epic moments" or "great evil that threatens the world's safety". Instead, it focuses on a single girl's personal story. You play as Rorona, a clumsy girl that is the apprentice of a great alchemist known as Astrid. Astrid is lazy as hell, and doesn't do anything to keep her Atelier alive. Rorona always complains about the lack of customers, and nothing is done. One day though, a royal order comes in, saying that the Atelier is so be taken down due to inactivity, and to keep it alive it has to perform a set of assignments issued by the big shots over 3 years. Astrid pushes her responsibility as the owner of the Atelier to Rorona, and now she has to do all those assignments by herself, despite her being a mere apprentice. Thus begins the misadventures of Rorona Frixel as a novice alchemist.

The alchemy system is deep, interesting and addictive.

Okay so if you're a fan of the Atelier series like me, the one biggest reason you'll buy this is for the Alchemy system. The Atelier series has been known for its epic crafting system, and it still stands strong. Basically, through alchemy, you mix stuff together to form something else. To make a certain something, you require a recipe to tell you how to actually make it. Once you've studied the recipe, you are ready to start synthesizing. Synthesizing ingredients come from the outside world, as you go out to gather raw materials from the wild (more on this later). Some ingredients are common market and convenience store items, those can be bought. Some ingredients even come from items you've synthesized before, making quite a loop of synthesizing items.

Of course as you keep synthesizing , your alchemy level goes up, and you can start making more complex items. Depending on your alchemy level, as you fuse lower or higher level items, you can affect that item's quality. If you are of a high alchemy level and you fuse a low item level, it will be of higher quality. The ingredients also play a big part, if your ingredients are of good quality, your final product will be better, vice versia if you're using low quality ingredients. If you try making high level items at a low level...expect higher chance of failure. All synthesized items can be turned in for quests, assignments or personal friend requests. Quests raise your reputation as an alchemist, and assignments are for saving your workshop of course.

Dialogue between characters is usually entertaining to watch.

There are a variety of quests, but these aren't too special other than to raise your reputation. Besides the usual synthesizing and gathering quests, you may be tasked to kill monsters, but that's about it. Friendship requests are the same as quests, but you take them from friends. These do not increase your reputation, but help you grow closer to your friends. These are great as you get to know them more. As you increase friendship for a character, more specific and exclusive cut scenes about that character open up, and these are entertaining to watch. The characters in the game are weird, strange and probably would never appear in an RPG, but here they are. They are certainly top it off, the cut scenes and dialogue usually please me as a gamer greatly.

Be it a pick up line from a wandering bard or a complaint from your ever-so-whiny childhood friend, the scenes are funny, you'll probably be spending your time increasing your friendship with your friends to see these new scenes more than anything else in this game. Other than that you can bring your friends out of town to gather raw materials, and they join you as party members, each with their own specialties and fighting styles in combat. Outside of town, there are a great many places to explore. Ranging from forests, seaside lakes, ghost tombs or ruins, you'll be running into many different monsters and raw materials. Awesome!

Honestly, I'm not too big of a fan of the 3D chibi graphics.

So there are flaws in this game, you could tell already by the reviews. I'll start with the obvious ones. The time constraint. To be honest its not a terrible thing like many reviewers claim it to be. Its annoying at most. Basically for each assignment and quest you take, there is a dateline to meet. Everything in this game takes time, especially traveling to other areas, exploring and gathering items. These datelines restrict us as we have to rush back to Arland to meet them, hampering our exploration. The other thing is the combat. Its dull and flawed. For one you do nothing but normal attack most of the time. Also, using HP for skills are freaking stupid, boss fights are stupid. Its boring and most of the time I like to skip enemy battles. A personal thing for me as well is the character models and graphics. The characters look like chibi models, and that's just wrong to me when someone like Sterk looks like a boy that just reached puberty in battle.

Atelier Rorona isn't the best RPG out there. It's battle system is severly lacking and its restricted by its datelines and time constraints. Still, if you play Atelier for the story and its alchemy system, you won't be disappointed. The story is a nice change of pace, delivering more of a casual feel to gamers. The characters are so unorthodox that they're interesting, and the game is overall pretty funny. To top it off we have multiple endings to encourage replayability (obviously we aren't gonna do that, we're just going to have a save file at the final 3 months to alter our ending routes). All in all, if you're a fan of the Atelier series, Rorona should appeal to you.

Happy gaming!

Opening songs
OP 1-Blood queen (Aki Misato)

Ending songs
ED 1-Hizamazuite Ashi o Oname (Ali Project)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Supernatural


Not much games under my belt yet, so it'll probably be awhile before my next actual game review, so bear with anime reviews for awhile. For today we have another generic harem anime with action and supernatural stuff mixed in. Its quite old, so it may actually be one of the first original harems out there. Still, old or not, its an entertaining watch. It may not be the best, considering the fact that modern anime has improved drastically, but it gets the harem feel right, and the anime didn't list itself under the "romance" genre, which was actually the right thing to do considering there is zero romance in this one. If you want something to fill your daily anime needs, Kaibutsu oujo is an anime that is great for casual viewers.

Maximum harem overload.

The songs are actually pretty good here. "Blood queen" by Aki Misato is a great opening song. Aki Misato has always been a good singer, and "Blood queen" was actually one of my more preferred songs from her discography. Lets not forget that the song name "Blood queen" was great for an anime like Kaibutsu oujo. The ending song with the stupidly long name is "Hizamazuite aishi o oname" by Ali project. It may not be their best, but its still a good song. I still think "Blood queen" is better though, because its just that good.


Its not fantastic, no way in hell. Its generic, yes it is. But there's something about Kaibutsu oujo that I just like. The characters are all pretty likable, and it kind of gives me the "Hayate no Gotoku" vibe. Its like they're just liking their everyday life, but its so fun to watch! To see the characters get into different situations of everyday life is what Kaibutsu Oujo is about, and there are definitely some "unique" creature types that the cast will battle that may or may not pique your interest. While there weren't many epic moments and the anime has a rather incomplete story, as an overall experience it was rather memorable.  

Yes!.....I mean no! Not at all!

Protagonist Hiro is an unlucky young man. He is sent to town because of his Sister's job (they are living together), and on his first day, he sees a pretty yellow haired girl. When construction beams fall  and Hiro saves the girl, he gives his own life in exchange. Though he was supposed to die, he awakes in a hospital and finds this girl in front of him. She has given a flame of life to Hiro, and he is now on borrowed time. To put it this way, he has become a zombie to serve this girl. The girl introduces herself as "Hime" (Princess in japanese), and coincidentally, she is the new host that is supposed to host Hiro and his sister for her job. And thus begins Hiro's new life as a servant to Hime, who has shown herself to be a demon princess.

Kaibutsu Oujo does not have an epic story. In fact, its more fooling around and harem goodness rather than storytelling. Some things clear up towards the end, but if you ask me, its rather incomplete and has some plot holes. I'm not too sure about a season 2 since it has been awhile since its release (the OVA completely disappointed me so I gave that up). Still, if you enjoy lighthearted casual anime like Hayate no Gotoku, Kaibutsu Oujo can easily serve your daily anime needs.


Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Dragon loli OP! (Dragon crisis review)

Opening songs
OP 1-Immortalist (Yui Horie)

Ending songs
ED 1-Mirai bowl (Momoiro clover)

Genre:Action, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy


Dragon crisis is another anime that is simple to identify. Its another standard harem with some fantasy stuff thrown in set in a modern day world. Nothing we haven't seen before, and while it trys to throw in a unique concept/setting, its nothing special. It does get its share of good and epic moments, but these come rarely, and the ending is SUPER chessy, like "love will prevail and save the world" cheesy. Still, there is a hint of romance here, but its not really a huge factor until the end, where something love related actually happens (unlike in most animes). If these sound appealing to you, there's quite a lot to like about Dragon crisis.

Girls galore! There are quite a variety of girls in this anime.

The opening song is "Immortalist" by Yui Horie. Its not the best song, but its pretty good and very memorable once you get into it. It sounds weird at the start but begins to step up and sound more epic towards its chorus and conclusion. Not to mention that the opening animations are quite slick. The ending is another cute-sy song that tries to be catchy. The name of the ending song is "Mirai bowl" by Momoiro clover, and while it is catchy to an extent, its not really something that I would enjoy. However,  Eriko swinging her arms can get a little bit addictive.


There is quite a lot to like her if you like action, harems and romance. There are some scenes with legit action in them, but that's not saying much. Most fights end quick and aren't really epic, but some do draw a little bit of tension and can be enjoyable to watch. There is more basis on the harem and romance part though, and you really do get to see something romance related towards to end. Stick around and you'll be surprised...though I must say they could have done it in a less cheesier way. The setting around breakers and artifacts is pretty damn cool as well, and they really go in depth into that. And lets not forget the character cast! The characters are pretty epic and likable, ESPECIALLY a certain few. They tried not to be too mainstream, and they managed to succeed in some parts, which is definitely a good thing.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is why you don't keep a dragon around the house.

As all main characters have to be, the protagonist for Dragon crisis is another high school kid, and he goes by the name of Ryuuji. He wants an average life, but due to his parents being godly breakers, his life had tons of ups and downs. One day his cousin Eriko drags him away on one of her jobs and they discover a dragon. Attempting to rescue that dragon, they got into a ton of trouble, but eventually succeeded. After a whole bunch of shit, the dragon (named Rose), now lives with them. Strangely, Rose has taken a huge liking to Ryuji, and things start to heaten up as they teach her basic human lifestyle. Now with Eriko leeching off Ryuuji by living in his home with Rose, they begin a life of everything abnormal as Ryuuji and Rose get dragged into Eriko's jobs.

Dragon crisis is a good anime. It doesn't go over the top and plays it safe with its great characters and somewhat interesting concept. Its not too funny to excel in its comedy part, and the action isn't really amazing, so its kind of a half/half deal. Still, putting everything together will give you an enjoyable anime with plenty of things to like. However, I still think the ending battle is too cheesy -.-. One more thing, Rose is voiced by Rie kugimiya, get moving Shana fans.


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Pervertic post 2:Flat is justice!

Greetings and its that time again. I just got a new PC, my pictures and shit were completely wiped so there have been issues, but I'm coping well. During the end of April I shared with you my few favorite anime females with big boobies, but today its all about the lolis. As quoted from Mayushii in Steins gate, she says "Flat is justice!", and that is indeed a wise choice of words. Lolis play a huge part in our anime community, and how can we do without our loli tsunderes hm?

Enter the power of lolis!

Everyone's favorite tomogara hunter

From:Shakugan no shana series

First up, everybody's favorite flame haired hunter, Shana! Shana is hot, that you cannot deny. She is the very definition of loli. She's flat and she is super cute, plus she has quite a lovable body. Ever since she appeared in episode 1, I started to like her already. When she changed into various outfits, my love for her just went higher and higher. Its unfortunate we don't get to see much fan service from her, but I'll just say it, Shana is hot. Also, how can you resist a girl that fights in her school uniform most of the time?

Flatness levels over 9000!

Name:Tachibana Kanade
From:Angel beats

Kanade is practically an angel. Silver hair...wings...a kind and gentle personality. Plus, her body and face just makes you want to hug her and squeeze her tight. She is so adorable, and overall, she's just beautiful. Its hard not to like her, really. Her hand blades are just icing on top of the cake. Its too bad we don't see much exposure of her, since she is mostly just in her school uniform for the entire series. Not to mention, kana hanazawa as her VA....overkill! Still, I must say I am a fan of her monotonous and more emotionless voice, it fits kanade's character.

Sweet baby jesus! That's how you make someone flat look sexy!

Name:Noel Vermillion
From:Blazblue series

Noel is THE blazblue goddess. She is flat, though it doesn't look like it from here, I can guarantee you that she has a very small bust size. Most of the BB female cast criticize and tease her because of her lack of boobs, but still, they all got nothing on Noel! She may be flat, but damn is she hot! Everything about her is sexy, and her outfit plays a huge part in that. Seriously? It exposes her freaking back! Not to mention most of the time during fights, you'll just wish for her to flash her panties in some of her more acrobatic attacks. And her voice is just too awesome! Both her english VA and  seiyuu are AWESOME! Kanako Kondo and Cristina V FTW!

An angel in hell!

From:Disgaea series

There's something about Flonne you cannot deny. She isn't the kind you will drool over and wish that you can hound over her body like a mad wolf. She is just undeniably cute, and you know that's true. The biggest airhead in the underworld, and the cutest one with that voice and bunny outfit, Flonne is the very definition of the ANGEL OF LOVE! Mind you, her case is the same as Noel. Both her english VA and seiyuu do a great job portraying her. Oh and of course, she is pretty much flat, so she instantly qualifies into this category. When you look at Flonne, there are times that you just want to go DAWWWWW


Name:Konata Izumi
From:Lucky star

Konata is awesome. She is just like Flonne in  a way, you won't drool over her. She isn't hot, she's just super likable and super adorable. Being probably the most popular loli chibi in all of anime history, she practically wins in many areas. She is flat, and that just adds to her appeal. She cosplays in many different costumes, and her voice is so ridiculous that its likable! There's not much to describe about Konata, you just like her. If you don't there is something quite wrong with you as an Otaku.

As you can see, there's much to like about the world of loli, but of course, we are far from done! There is still the category that is most overlooked, the ones with medium sized boobs and proportioned bodies. Stay tuned!

Peace out.

Okay, so I freaking love league of legends. I play league almost every freaking day and its so addicting. As a tribute to the awesome game, I'm going to do a series of posts (yes, another one, bear with me) regarding about the champions I use, and why they are so awesome. Take note that I do have a main, but the rest of the champions are just the ones I enjoy using. 

Up to date there are 99 champions in the league, and I have used most of them at least once, but there are a few I like to play more than others, and thus these are the ones I use a lot more. Take note that I am in no way a pro in this game (I still get my ass kicked, despite having a good amount of games under my belt), so these are all based on my opinion and experience in the game. 

Sit back and enjoy!

The Master Tactician

Oh hell yes. Guys, meet my main in LoL, Swain, the Master Tactician. Not only is he a badass looking dude, his play style fits to my liking in almost EVERY way. Swain is mostly played as an AP carry, but I would like to refer to him as a bruiser that deals magic damage. He is kind of like Mordekaiser. In a team fight, he brings more sustain to a team fight rather than the burst that other AP carries can achieve. Still, he is great for bursting single target squishies, and can easily lock down his targets.

I mostly play Swain mid, because he can beat down most other AP mids when played right. But of course there are situations where I go top or bot when mid has an obviously more dominant AP character (looking right at you Brand). His nevermove snare combined with torment and decrepift provides great early game damage, and usually when some is caught by that combo more than twice early on can be considered as gold for 1st blood. When laned with a partner, a nevermove snare can set up an easy kill if your partner is one that can do decent DPS early on.

Tyrant swain looks incredibly badasss.

In Team fights Swain's job is simple. Activate Ravenous flock, nevermove + torment + decrepify the nearest squishy, and just walk around going crazy. When his ult is active, ravens move out of him and hit the 3 nearest enemies, dealing minor damage and healing him for 50% of the damage done. The damage on his ult is low (+0.2 ap scaling, dafuq?), but the ravens come out rapidly, and if Swain is ignored throughout the teamfiight, the damage can stack to quite ridiculous amounts. And IF he is fed and they decide to aim him (the likely scenario when I'm playing Swain :P), his sustain is so ridiculous that he just doesn't die! 

As you can see, I love Swain. As my main and favorite champ in LoL, I do think he is a viable pick, and that he is very under rated. If only a major competitive player picks Swain for a tournament game and manages to do something incredible..maybe then the community's view on Swain will change for the better.

My build for Swain

-Doran's ring/ Boots + 3 potions
-Doran's ring
-Sorcerer's boots
-Rod of ages
-Will of ancients
-Rabadon's deathcap
-Zhonya's hourglass
-Banshee's veil/Rylai's crystal scepter

The Artisan of War

I have no secondary main, but if I were to comment on my current status, Pantheon, the Artisan of War, is my second favorite character at the moment. He is SO fun to play in SO many ways. He is very different from Swain, and is fun in his own way. He may not be very strong in comparisons to other solo tops, but he is an extremely fun pick, and can be quite a bully. Pantheon is supposedly a character that does quick burst damage, but due to his half ass move set, I like to either build him as a full glass cannon or as a semi-tank DPS burster.

Pantheon is mostly played solo top, but I like to go bot with someone with great DPS like pantheon, or someone with a stun, gap closer or fling. Champions like Jax, Volibear, Xinzhao or Sion can do the trick. Pantheon jumps, the other champions stuns, goes in or flings, the enemy champ is dead. He can work in synergy with so many champions its not even funny, and before you know it, your opponent will be hugging the tower for their dear lives. Lets not forget when he does go solo top, he can constantly harass with SPEAR!!!! Scaring the enemy off and dropping their health bar off bit by bit, before jumping in for the kill.


Skyfall is the key, that is the battle call for a Pantheon player. See a team fight happen? SOUND THE BATTLE CRY. Skyfall into team fights, and watch their health bars take a dynamic dip. When you land, stun the squishy and use heartseeker strike. After that, just watch them die! If they aren't dead, SPEAR THEM! That should do the job. However, you're probably going to get focused real quick, not much you can do about that since Pantheon does not have a solid escape tool. Still, if you aimed that skyfall right, the team fight should most definitely be yours. Always remember though, do not engage fights with pantheon. Even if your aegis of zeonia is an awesome initiating tool, going in first like that is only going to get you killed.

Pantheon is a lot of fun. Still, for maximum effectiveness, I suggest playing Pantheon when you have a friend who's willing to pick another stunner and go bot with you, you will, 85% of the time, dominate the lane so hard. Heads up for everybody's favorite sparta!

My build for Pantheon

Bot lane glass cannon
-Doran's blade
-Ionian boots 
-Frozen mallet
-Infinity edge
-Last whisperer
-Youmuu's ghostblade

Top lane Semi tank DPS
-Regrowth pendant + 1 pot
-Philo stone
-Ionian boots
-Infinity edge
-Frozen mallet
-Warmog's armor
-Atma's impaler
-Guardian angel

Shard of the Monolith

Malphite is probably the champion I have been playing for the longest time. When I started league, Malphite was free, and he was the coolest looking free champion, so I went ahead and picked him. Guess what, I loved him, and for quite some time, I was the tank for my group of friends. Most of the time, I picked Malphite. Soon enough, my Malphite became a staple for the team, but of course after I became better at the game, I used different tanks, but Malphite is still seen in my match history once in awhile.

I used to play Malphite bot when I was a noob, but nowadays I either play him solo top or jungle. With a regrowth pendant, he can do anything. His passive gives him a free health shield to absorb harass and minions attacks, and like Garen, he only needs to stand back in a bush to get his armor back. In lane, seismic shard is a good harass, and ground slam is great for farming. In the jungle, his clearing speeds are freaking insane. Ground slam plus brutal strikes make for some crazy fast minion clears in the jungle, and with his passive plus a regrowth pendant, he has practically infinite sustain.

Who doesn't like playing a floating rock?

As a tank, its your job to initiate, simple as that. Malphite's ultimate, unstoppable force, sends him flying to the enemy team and knocks them all up in the air, dealing good damage. Its a good ultimate, but not as good as some others. Still, its his main initiating tool, and its like the war cry to start a team fight. See a malphite pop his ultimate? Go in and slaughter the enemy team. After his ultimate, do your job as a tank and protect your carries by making yourself look as scary as possible. Ground slam will keep those pesky tryns and yis off your Ashe's back, and seimic shard will slow any running or chasing enemies. 

Malphite is a great tank, but most importantly, its fun to play him. Its great to go take hits from your enemies and come back with almost full health, because your shield is so op. Also, its fun to scream SEISMIS SHARD when you skype with your friends as you constantly disc your enemy laners. One thing though, while his jungling is solid, his ganking is crap, so make sure you have some god tier team mates if you want to jungle.

My build for Malphite

-Regrowth pendant + 1 pot
-Philo stone
-Heart of gold
-Mercury treads/Ninja tabi
-Frozen heart
-Force of nature
-Randuin's omen
-Aegis of the legion
-Guardian angel

That's all for now folks, peace out!

Hmm....sorry for the delay folks, I have been busy with assignments during the past week so there has been a lack of posts. Worry not, I'll pick up the slack as my holidays are coming (its only a 2 week holiday, but still). Let's not waste any more time because I have a shitload of work to do. Today's 3 following animes are Asobi ni Ikuyo, Chrome shelled regios and Durarara! Asobi ni ikuyo and Chrome shelled are pretty good, but Durarara is great and anyone who hasn't watched it should give it a spin.

Spoilers for anyone who hasn't watched any of these 3 animes.


Asobi ni Ikuyo

Being your regular everyday harem there's not a lot to Asbo ni Ikuyo other than its slightly superior plot. The heroines are interesting, and its certainly a nice spin to see such an intense love rivalry going on. Other than that the predominant amount of cats can be pretty awesome for cat lovers.

Totally spys:The anime.
Out of the 2 girls caught in the endless love triangle romance rivalry, I would choose Manami over Futaba (even if she's voiced by Kana Hanazawa). Manami is your regular main character's childhood friend who's not ready to take the first step. Being afraid of getting friend zoned, she never dared to get to the next level of friendship with Kio. But little does she know that Kio actually thought Manami already had a boyfriend, when she actually doesn't.

Even after all that, she doesn't go for Kio, and when Futuba finally tells her that she likes Kio, Manami does not protest, and instead decides to help her. Little by little, the jealousy in her built up, until she couldn't take it anymore and let it all out. Manami and Futuba became love rivals, and started competitions of skill to decide the winner.

Her character really grows, and towards the end they all made up like best friends (like they always do). Plus, I always felt that she had more personality in her rather than the over-emotional Futaba or the always-cheerful and not giving a f**k Eris. Also, she's easily the hottest of the 3 heroines. Definitely my favorite girl for the show.

Chrome Shelled Regios

Chrome is a good anime. It had the concept and potential to be so awesome, but it ultimately fell so short. It could have been amazing, but they just had to give us an unsatisfying explanation to the story AND a lousy ending. Still, the anime has a couple of character I really love.

Its rare that our main characters get to be such badasses.

Layfon is really awesome. As a main character, I really like him. He is humble, cool, and conservative of his powers. He knows he is the strongest student of the entire academy city, yet he stays quiet about it and doesn't like to show off. He is the very example of what most main characters should be. And though he acts all humble and "nice guy" like, when he gets serious, there are no survivors.

So on the outside he is this nice guy that just wants to get along with everyone, but when you push him to a fight, you are going to get it. In the beginning when Layfon first joined the squadron he pretended to be weak so they won't expect much of him, but during the tournament match, he kicked the enemy team's ass so hard that they went crying home to their mommies. After making up with his team leader, they started to kick major ass.

Layfon, though being the refined young man that he is, was once part of an organization that was once known as the strongest in the world, the Heaven's blade. He quit the group because he wanted to change his way of living, but that soon came to haunt him as his strength was  so recognized that mercenaries and alike came for him. Still, he showed them who's boss. Layfon is my favorite character of Chrome Shelled Regios.

The chick of Chrome shelled, behold Felli's beauty.

I had to include another character here because she is just that awesome, and she is none other than Felli Loss. Not only was she probably the 1st person to ever converse with Layfon in the city, she one of the cutest things I have ever seen in an anime. Her voice is monotonous as hell, but her reactions are totally like that of a little girl in love, and that is downright hilarious!

Felli isn't much of a combatant. She is the team squadron's main support and telekinesis user. She scouts for the team with her petals and assists the team by revealing enemy positions, attack formations and other stuff crucial to victory. She is also like the "big sister" of the team. While Nina keeps everyone in line and tells them not to slack off, its Felli who backs her up and tells everyone to be careful and not to push themselves in a match.

While most of Layfon's team don't get much action when the big monsters come in, Felli gets a piece of the action by being his support. She is always where the action is, and in the end, I think she gets to know Layfon the most out of the team. Layfon X Felli forever! And lets not forget how stupidly cute she becomes when she wears her maid outfit or gets over flustered with emotions.


Durarara is a gem of an anime. It's concept revolves around portraying the certain targeted individuals living in a modern day japan, and stars many different and interesting characters. The overall plot is great and it soon escalates into an intense thrill ride. I may be criticized as a gay, but my 2 favorite characters are none other than...

Blond man grabbing lamp posts and lifting vending machines? Hell yes.
Shizuo...He's awesome, and you can't deny it. THE MAN LIFTS VENDING MACHINES! HE BEATS UP MAFIA GANGS LIKE THEY'RE NOTHING!  And most of all, HE IS THE STRONGEST OF THEM ALL! To me, Shizuo is the star of DRRR. He beats up all the bad guys, whether or not he knows them, he just beats them up. Everyone who makes eye contact with him gets practically beaten to a bloody pulp.

Every time DRRR goes into its individual story arcs and suddenly Shizuo shows up, you know shit just got real. Shizuo is cool in almost every way. Since young, he had the talent of being able to lift almost everything at least twice his size and weight. When he was a kid, he lifted a fridge, and as he grew up, he gained a notorious reputation for being the strongest, and almost everyday, he was challenged by gangsters and tough guys alike, only to smash them all into the ground.

Shizuo plays a good part in the major story arc later on. During the war between the Dollars and the Yellow scarfs, he was shot by the yellow scarfs because they didn't want to have to deal with him later on. Of course, little did they know that Shizuo won't be killed by a measly pistol! After being patched up by Shinra, he was up and running again. He went to fck major shit up by throwing a big ass sign board at the villains and destroyed the vehicle before they were apprehended. And lets not forget the slasher arc. KOROSU KOROSU KOROSU KOROSU KOROSU...ZENBU KOROSU! 

Now THIS is what you call a scheming bastard!

No homo, I think Izaya is pretty freaking awesome too, on the same level as friggin Shizuo. He is the only man alive to be able to piss Shizuo off...and live. Shizuo proclaims Izaya to be his rivals, but Izaya just sees him as a big obstacle in his plans. Shizuo is god damn strong, and Izaya just isn't happy to have him on his ass all the time. 

Izaya is like, the king of all masterminds in DRRR. He is the cause of almost everything bad in the anime. Being an information broker, not only is he stupidly rich, he can manipulate and give out information to the wrong party whenever he wishes. Also, keeping Celty's head to himself is a pretty bad crime, because I want to see a sexy Celty with her head on.  Lets not forget that while he IS the bad guy, he gets others to fight amongst themselves, so he doesn't actually have to do any of the dirty work himself, like a true scheming bastard.

But perhaps my favorite characteristic about Izaya is the fact that he can be such a badass while remaining a laid back young man. And the fact that Shizuo is always on his ass and then he goes "Oh, Shi-chan is here, gotta run" is always so amusing. Shizuo and Izaya are easily my favorite characters of DRRR, but of course, no homo. That Shizaya stuff can go away.