Opening songs
OP 1-Sky's the limit (Shihoko hirata)
OP 2-Key plus worlds(Shihoko hirata)
EP 1 OP-Pursuing my true self (Shihoko hirata)
EP 9 OP-True story (Rie kugimiya)
EP 15 OP-Burn my dread (Yumi kawamura)

Ending songs
ED 1-Beauty of destiny (Shihoko hirata)
ED 2-The way of memories-Kizuna no chikara (Shihoko hirata)
EP 13 ED-Koi suru Mentantei (Yui horie)  
EP 18 ED-Honto no Kimochi(Shihoko hirata)
EP 25 ED-Never more(Shouko hirata)

Genre:Comedy, Mystery, Drama, Fantasy, Horror


So here we are, another anime done, and like with shana, I'm sad to see this one go. Persona 4 was (and still is) one of my top 3 favourite games of all time, and seeing an animation being announced made me go gaga. Just like the game, the anime introduces a fantastic plot with an amazing twist towards the end, making it a great anime to invest your time on, even more so when you have yet to play the already enthralling game. Even for me, when I have played the game, the anime was brilliant to watch, and while the animation style is a little old looking compared to other animes, it doesn't make this any less of a masterpiece when standing side to side with other awesome anime.

Hrmmm, lots of songs here. Most of them are sang by Shihoko Hirata, who has only done songs for Persona 4(the game). There are 2 openings and 3 other insert openings. The 1st opening is "Sky's the limit" and its awesome, hands down. Its funky beats totally suit the series and the vocals are just so captivating. "Key plus worlds" is the 2nd opening and while its great in its own right, it loses to "Sky's the limit". "Key plus worlds" has a more "rock" feel to it. "Pursuing my true self" is the episode 1 opening, and its the game's opening :p. No comments there. "True story" is episode 9's opening, and its by Rie kugimiya (Yay shana!), the voicer of Rise! Its rather cutesy, but still manages to be catchy. The episode 15 opening is "BURN MY FKING DREAD", which is the opening theme from persona 3. FK YEAH.   

Some love for Naoto? Yeaaaahhhh!

The ending songs are also pretty good. "Beauty of destiny" is the first ending, and its possibly my favourite among the endings. With lotus juice rapping in the background, its just that awesome. The 2nd ending is "The way of memories-Kizuna no chikara ", which is more of a slow tune. Its not bad, and the chorus part is especially catchy. The others are insert endings. Episode 13's ending is "Koi suru Mentantei" by Yui horie, Chie's seiyuu. Ehhhh its too cutesy for me. "Honto no kimochi" is alright but not really my choice of song. "Never more" is by Shouko Hirata(a relative or sister?LOL), and its pretty damn good for a final episode ending, being a ballad and all.


I don't know if its my plain bias-ness for the game, but I freaking love Persona 4:The animation. Its great, and has a mixture of a ton of genres. My only major complain is that they kind of rushed the social links (well they HAD to fit everything in 25 episodes), and the combat isn't that focusesd on that much. But all of these were probably due to the fact that they had to cramp everything into 25 episodes, in my opinion, 25 episodes is definetely not enough for such a long game. But still, they pulled it off, and I'm impressed they even managed to fit every social link in there. Overall, 2 thumbs up for this great anime.

This is downright orgasm worthy when I saw it in the trailer,
even better when I saw it in the real anime itself.

The anime places its male high school lead as Yu Narukami, a man of little words. Yu is from the big city, and due to his parents' jobs, he is transfered to the quiet town of inaba, where he is to live with his uncle, Ryoutarou dojima. In this small peaceful town, when he arrives, a series of murders take place, that involve people getting hung up on antennas. As he mixes with his school friends, one of the victims that was murdered, turned out to be a close friend of one of his new companions. Coordinating with the midnight channel, a channel that shows the person who turns up dead, they decide to go into the TV world. There, Yu awakens to a new power, persona. From then on, he and his friends work together by exploring the TV world and saving victims, as well as discovering the mastermind behind this serial murder case. 

Just like the game, the anime is great, though it is a little rushed. If they actually spent more episodes showing Yu build his friendship with all his social link friends, or some episodes of him actually exploring those dungeons and fighting off those shadows as he faces the mini bosses, it would be really great. But for most of the story compartment, they nailed it. Persona 4:The animation is a great watch for both fans of the game, and newcomers alike.