Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Demons's souls boss profile: leechmonger

Boss health

Skills: Swing, rampage*, straight fist, leech bomb, regeneration*

Times died on 1st playthrough: 1

Following up today's post will be another boss profile. After my attempt at fool's idol the only 1st world boss left to killed was the one in world 5...and thus the filthy leechmonger. I swear this guy has one of the blandest and lamest boss designs in all of video game history! Its a good thing though, at least this guy isnt too weak and puts up a decent fight. Leechmonger is the boss of 5-1, valley of defilement archstone.

Even for a huge accumulated mass of swarming leeches, the leechmonger, suprisingly, has quite a vareity of attacks. Even if he is nothing but leeches it would be wise to take heed when figthing him.

Swing- Leechmonger swings his arms in a rotatable direction. Does moderate damage but since it has 2 arms it will connect twice. Unblockable.

Rampage*- The leechmonger gets really mad and starts pounding around the field like a child throwing a tantrum. This attack is unblockable which makes it a pretty deadly one. Does moderate- heavy damage.

Straight fist- The boss does this rarely, he straight pounds his fist into the player, knocking them down and doing some damage. He does this more oftenly when you are running down the platforms and are near his melee range, he also does this rarely when meleeing him straight up. Does moderate-heavy damage.

Leech bomb- The leechmonger will launch several leech bombs that explode and do moderate damage. Though this is blockable after the bomb connects, the player will still be clung unto with leeches. While still being affected by the leeches the players will have reduced speed and will take minor damage over time.

Regeneration*- This attack makes the boss one annoying hell of an asshole. The boss will form a ball of leeches around him and gradually restore HP. The HP restored can go up to about 25% of his total amount. Though you can stop the healing by hitting the the ball when he heals, its very hard and by the time you destroy it he will already have regened a decent amount of health.

The leechmonger puts up quite a fight if you are expecting him to be some sort of wuss like the adjudicator then you will be killed mercilessly. I thought him to be a simple dick and died once in the process. Only during my 2nd fight I did it seriously.

1st off if you want to be super cheap, just walk in the fight with a bow, stand at the ledge, and shoot that pile of leeches. He cant touch you this way, and the fight will be a breeze. For those of you who want to do this the manly and honourable way, walk your way down and take the beast head on. You also might want to bring some turnipines to speed up the process, since the boss heals himself from time to time, the battle can get VERY VERY long and annoying.

While walking down the leechmonger will either land you a striaght fist, or launch some leech bombs, both of which are deadly skills. You will want to drop your way down after you are close enough to avoid those. But note that those 2 skills will still be used if you are striahgt up meleeing him. His swings are the commonly used attacks. Depending on the direction he swings, just follow the arms and roll accordingly, its not that hard. Note that all of the boss's melee attacks are unblockable, so dont bother blocking, just dodge. The boss will also use rampage from time to time, in between his swings. Rampage is just him randomly pounding around the field, so theres no way to tell you how to dodge this...I guess the trick is just to stay away from him.

Striaght fist will still be used on the ground, so be wary. At any time of the match he will just throw his fist at you, and you might be too startled to dodge. Also, after a rampage attack be sure to move back into leechmonger's melee range, if you are too far away, he will use launch leech bombs, and you dont want to get hit by those since you will be slowed and will recieve bit by bit damage.

All I have to say is that the boss aint so hard...if not for his regenaration. When you see the boss healing, POUND HIM, dont let him heal, its straight annoying. Now you know how a boss feels when you heal yourself. If you can figure out his attacks( which in my opinion, arent too deadly), you can down this big bucket of leeches, since he has not potential 1 hit KO moves, this fight is already in your favour!