Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Moe! (Lucky star review)

Opening songs- OP 1: Motteke! Sailor fuku

Genres: Slice of life, comedy


And here's another anime review. This time its a show most would know, lucky star! I have been wanting to watch this show since last year, but didnt have the time beacuse of Os and all..... anyway I finally found the time to watch it this year, and yes, its one nice as hell show. It makes you go weeeeeeeeeee.

Opening song is win. Motteke! Sailor fuku is a ridiculously stupid sounding but addicting song, how do they do it? And seriously, I cant believe it is sung by aya hirano, how did she change her voice like that?

Rating: 8.0/10

Well like many shows out there, lucky star is another show that is about nothing. Im serious, watch K-on, haruhi suzumiya and those kind of shows, ITS ABOUT NOTHING. And seriously, even after watching so many shows about nothing this show still entertains me.

This show has a cast mostly made by females, with I think only 2 or 3 male characters. The show's main character is konata, some game addicted girl ( rare to find those). She goes to school and has 3 "good" friends, kagami, tsukasa and miyuki. Episode after episode they are talking about stupid things and make fools of themselves. Though the show has around 10 girls as characters in it, more than half the show focuses on the 4 girls , and them going through everyday lifes. At around episode 15 or 16 a lot more characters start popping in, though its too bad by that time the show is already ending. All the characters in the show have bizarre personalities, ranging from doujin artists to smart and clumsy kinds. Though my favourite character is kona's father, he is one of the only show's male characters and he is win.

Overall its a mighty pleasant and fufilling show. You might find that this show is nothing special during the 1st 5-6 episodes or so but you will grow to like it, and when you have reached the last episode you will be sad to part with it. Recommended to... everyone?