Sunday, 20 June 2010

god of war

Gamespot score:9.3( editor's choice)

my score:9.0

(+)pros:- amazingly fun and addictive combat,- loads of different enemies each with thier own amazing death move performed by kratos,- little but fun boss fights,- amazing story with detailed character backgrounds,- loads of great combos and spells,- puzzle and problem solving add variety.

(-)cons:- combat relies heavily on button mashing.

gameplay time: less than 10 hours( short)

Okay god of war, an awesome game consideredto be a PS2 classic. A classic indeed, didnt play this until I got god of war collection. Great game one of the best action adventure games I have played. With problem and puzzle solving added to the mix its really a game of variety that almost any action loving gamer can enjoy. Part of the god of war collection and has its own set of trophies, like its other counterpart in the collection.

God of war has an awesome story. It really explains a lot about kratos and his past time background. There is a lot of character progression and it all fully develops into how the game is at that very moment. The game puts kratos at the start of the game falling deep down a cliff into the ocean, attempting suicide...and then goes to explain his past unto why he wants to kill himself. It all lays out perfectly, and kratos does a lot of killing before you get to understand the entire piece of this great story.

Gameplay in god of war is really simple. You mash your way through things most of the time. Square is for your light attack. Triangle is for your heavy attack. X is for jumping and circle is for grappling enemies. Then you get your L1, L2,R1 and R2 for other stuff like spells skills and etc. It doesnt sound really complicated, and it really isnt, this makes god of war and extremely simplistic action adventure game thats a lot of fun. Yeah thats right even though the game is easy to understand and get into its still a lot of fun so dun let that simplistic moveset get you down.

God of war is a sweet sweet game. In addition to playing as a spartan who likes to slash around like a madass, you get spells too. Since kratos is figthing for the gods, he has the gods ending up helping him, giving him moves that no mere mortal could ever pull off. His blades combos are already devasting, combined with his spells, kratos is the ultimate killing machine. From poseidon he gets a raging lightning attack that blows all enemies away. He also gets medusa's gaze, turning enemies to stone. From zeus he gets lightning bolts. And finally from hades he gets to summon souls of the dead to aid him in combat. He also gets a secondary weapon, the blades of artemis, which is a great sword that cleaves almost everything in his way. Cool shit man, cool shit. These add to the insanely satisfying enemy death sequences that following. Even the awesome bosses get thier own epic death scenes.

What more to pull this game down? Actually, there really isnt anything to pull it down. Other than the shallow combat god of war is pure awesomeness. Sure the 2nd one got a cliff hanger ending and all which was ridiculous, but god of war 1 is a perfect masterpiece all in all. Dont let the shallow combat get to you, if you want to spice things up go play hard mode or something since its basically harder and you need more strategy to beat enemies, other than random button mashing all the way.
My final words? God of war= cool. Kratos= badass. Too bad he's bald, he should go grow some hair. This in gamespot's book is the best god of war out there, and until I play 3, I must say this is better than 2. A worthy addition to the trilogy.
Happy gaming.