Boss health

tower knight
Skills: lance swipe, lance thrust, stomp, shield drop(vertical)*, shield drop(horizontal), shield drop(recovery)*, magic lance

crossbow man
Skills: arrow

Times died on 1st playthrough:1

Okay! Today theres gonna be another demons' souls boss analysis. The boss today is tower knight, the 2nd boss I killed on my 1st playthrough. 1 word to describe him, cool. The moment you walk past the fog into the battle arena and see the opening scene that follows, you'll think exactly the same. Tower knight is the boss of 1-2, phalanx archstone.

Tower knight is a big, cool, armored piece of shit. He may seem intimidating, but after you get used to his attacks, he ain't as difficult as you thought him to be. Lets take a look at his moves.

Lance swipe- Boss does a horizontal 180 degree swipe in front of him.

Lance thrust- Boss does a quick thrust straight in front of him.

Stomp- Just his regular walking animation, this somethimes causes a slight shockwave however.

Shield drop(vertical)*- This is a bit unexpected and tricky at times. The boss drops his shield vertically, and causes a medium sized shockwave. Rather quick execution.

Shield drop(horizontal)- Boss's shield starts glowing like mad, and he lifts his shield pretty high up in a horizontal view, then he slams it downwards in front of him, causes a huge shockwave. Very slow execution.

Shield drop(recovery)*- This gets me all the time. Boss does a shield drop(vertical) when he stands up, after recovering from a fall. Rather quick execution.

Magic lance- Boss's lance glows, and throws a lance shaped magic blast towards your character. Boss uses this only when you are at a higher pavement.

Woah, theres quite a lot to talk about. Thankfully most of his attacks arent much to worry about. The attacks marked with * are ones that should be noted off, the rest are pretty normal and not that dangerous. Anyway when the battle starts you will immediately notice some crossbowmen stationed across the pavements up above. Make a mad dash past the tower knight and head up the pavement and follow it 1 entire round, killing all crossbow men along the way. If you leave them be, you will be endlessly pelted throughout your battle with the tower knight so its a must to do this.

Take note that when killing all crossbow men at the upper pavements, the tower knight will use his magic lance attacks at you. These have slow startup times, so you should have noticed him charging it before he launches it, but they hit pretty hard. These are avoided easily all you have to do is just keep moving foward, never stay in one spot execpt to kill the crossbow men. Note that if you want to heal, do so behind the small bunker like houses or at the highest center pavement, his magic lances cant reach you there.

There are 2 ways to kill tower knight, ranged or melee. If you want to range him do so with magic. Stay on the upper platforms , wait for him to charge up magic lance, and just fire at his head. When he charges magic lance, his shield moves away for abit, making his head wide open. Doing this is very easy, but prepare some spices. Just remember to move away from magic lance, since they will hurt.

If you're man enough, fight him the melee way, which is what most will do. His lance attacks arent too much trouble, but if you try to circle around him, which you shouldnt, his lance swipe will take a toll out of you. What you will want to do for the most of the time, is wait for him to charge up his horizontal shield drop attack, and run towards him. By the time he lands his attack, you will already be behind him, since you be running in between his legs. There, start your assault, hit his legs. You can speed this up by using turnipine, your choice. Make sure to hit both legs, or else he wont fall. After hitting his legs for some time, he will fall, this is where you take it out on his head, 2 handed style. He will get back up on his feet after awhile, but his legs will alredy be half broken by then, so it will be easier to make him fall again. Rinse and repeat until he falls.

Note that most of the time, when you are behind tower knigth and are attacking his legs, you are safe. Dont however, keep attacking him like no tommorow, since he still has some attacks that can hit you, namely the vertical shield drop and his stomps. Unlike the horizontal shield drop the vertical shield drop almost has no warning, and has quick execution. Always take note of his shield when attacking. The stomps are mostly not too much trouble, but when he stops moving, be careful, he might do a backstep that will hurt you. This isnt too damaging, but it never hurts to be more careful. Also, when he stands up after falling, he'll do a recovery shield drop, which functions the same way as the vertical shield drop, so after he starts getting up, move away, dont get greedy and keep attacking him.

Thats it, wheew I wrote a whole lot. For a boss, he's quite easy, probably wont give you too much trouble after you've died once and known all of his attacks. I died once, so dont feel too sad if you've died too.

All in game boss HP amounts have been taken from demon's souls wiki.