Boss health

armor spider
Skills: fire ball(single), fire ball(tri-spread), web shot(single), web shot(dual), leg swipe, slam*, inferno*

Times died on 1st playthrough:1

Once more, Im doing another demons' soul boss profile, you know, yesterday's post gave me motivation to do another one. So here it is, my 3rd boss, armor spider, the ruler of 2-1, stonefang tunnel archstone.

Being a boss, he's pretty badass. Giant spider bossses are always badass, so armor spider is damn cool. But, he doesnt really look armored at all! Ah well, here are his moves.

Fire ball(single)- Fires a fast moving fireball in a straight direction in front of him. Goes all the way through the tunnel.

Fire ball(tri-spread)- Fires 3 fast moving fire balls in a tri- spread pattern, he does this in rapid progression 3 times. That means he shoot a total of nine fireballs :o. Moves only halfway through the tunnel.

Web shot(single)- Shoots a strand of quick moving web towards your character. Does minor damage, but the character will be slowed and cannot roll for a brief amount of time.

Web shot(dual)- Shoots 2 strands of web together. Kinda the same as web shot(single), but shoots 2 instead of 1.

Leg swipe- Swipes his front 2 legs in front of him. Covers a huge area, but is easily blocked.

Slam*- The boss shakes up a bit and slams his entire front body downwards, crushing all blocks and doing major damage.

Inferno*- Boss starts foaming flames at his mouth and charges, then after a while, breathes out an endless sea of flames that cover only the melee-ing portion of the map at 1st, then spreads to around the 1st 1/3 of the whole tunnel.

Armor spider is quite tough. Be sure to come in with lots of grass and some sticky white stuff if you're planning to melee him all the way, since he's weak to magic. And since he like to play with fire, bringing in purple flame shield will help you alot. Cresent/ moon weapons help alot too.
If you want to be cheap you can buy lots of arrows, then at the start of the tunnel, hide behind a small wall lump and start pelting the boss until he dies. This is very easy and you wont even need to do any dodging or shit.

Now then for those who intend to fight the boss fairly, equip at least one, either the purple flame shield or the flame resistance ring. For purple flame shield users you can charge in guns blazing while holding up your shield. The boss's fire ball attacks do moderate damage, minimal if you're equiping fire resistant ring. Fire ball single is lame and you only need roll to the left or right to completely evade it. The triple fire ball attack is quite deadly, but only reaches half the tunnel. Just wait for the attack to subside, and rush into melee range with the boss, since the attack itself has a long cooldown. Note that the fire ball attacks alone arent too much trouble, but the web shots can really change that. The webshot attacks alone are easily evaded by a simple side roll, but if you are hit you will be severely slowed and cannot roll, meaning you are vunerable to fire ball attacks. Make sure to block when you are webbed, dont bother advancing foward to the boss.

Now finally, when you are in melee range of the boss, things heat up. Boss's leg swipe attack covers a large area, but can be blocked easily. He usually uses this twice or thrice, before using his deadly slam attack. Slam cannot be blocked, and does major damage, it can 1 hit kill in NG+. When you see the boss shake up like some ectasy addicted fool, MOVE away. When he slams down, you will still be hit if you are within the range of his 2 front legs, so be extremely careful. But after the slam attack, this is the time to strike, since it has long cooldown. 2 hand your weapon, use sticky white stuff, and slash like mad! Or if you have spells, abuse them! When the boss gets back up, move away and get back into blocking stance, since he'll do rapid leg swipes again.

Note that once you are within melee range, that doesnt mean you can already rinse and repeat until armor spider dies. After a few repeats of leg swipes and slams, he charges up for inferno. This is where you start running. Inferno has a rather long startup, giving you a lot of time to run back to the beginning of the tunnel. If you dont run, you will unfortunately be caught in an inferno of flaming doom that will eat up most if not all of your HP. Remember to always run when you see the boss charging up his flames. When you are back at the start of the tunnel, start from square one and move yourself back into melee range and continue attacking him. Rinse and repeat until the boss falls.

Armor spider is one tough cookie, fighting him alone can be tough, summoning blues to help you always helps when you cant seem to win. Just getting past his webs and fireballs are already annoying enough to creep you out. Overall his difficulty ranges from moderate to difficult, somewhere in between.

All in game boss HP amounts have been taken from demon's souls wiki.