Tuesday, 26 January 2010

wolfteam-wolf conquest mode

Today I will be continuing on the wolfteam project.

Anyway today's topic of discussion is about wolf conquest. Its a mode in wolfteam that involes wolves fighting against humans with a objective of taking 5 bases. Anway in wolf conquest there are 5 bases on the map, to end the match, one team has to take 5 bases, either that or the team with the more bases at the end of the match wins.

Well heres the gist of it, humans(red team) have insane base capturing speed. Standing next to a neutral base will make it thiers in about 2-3 seconds. Thats about 5 seconds to totally de-capture a blue team base and make it thiers.

Wolves(blue team) have slow capturing speed. Taking about double of human timing to take a base.But of course in return they have increased speed and the ability to 2( or in some cases 1) hit KO humans.

Well here are some tips and advice.

- For wolf users, use ghost/ghost 2 to sneak into enemy territory for backstabs at the start of the match. Since ghosts are fast, they can sneak in without being noticed. In paien lab and power plant watch out for turrets if one intends to use this tactic.

-For human users, always have at least one human maning the turret behind, ghosts always try to backstab, this counters it all. Also good for killing gurdians.

-For human users, always have a launcher in the ready, many noob wolf users like to use wolves with low hp,such as smart, ghost/ghost 2,ice wolf, pyscho wolf. One blast will be able to do away with these jokers.

-For human users, NEVER use a sniper in wolf conquest, besides gurdian, basic/power and berserker, you will most likely not be hitting anything most of the time.

-For wolf users, getting pissed off after being killed by a turret? when you respawn, use the berserker wolf, hold right click and let go after the flame charges. The explosion blast will most problably be powerful enough to blast the turret user to oblivion. This can be used to create an opening to attack for your mates too. A note to those who want to use this tactic, multiple berserker wolves are needed if there are multiple turrets, so take note.

-For human users, shotguns are your friend, use them as wolves will be coming up to your face all the time. Click away at thier faces.

-For human users, pyscho wolves are screwups that ruin your day. Do take note that if you get hit by one of thier pyshic balls you are screwed. They do however tend to miss, when you see one fly past you, be alert as theres one crazy pyscho out to get you. Just dodge left or right to avoid the balls, though its hard as they are very fast, practice makes perfect.

-For wolf users. There is abolutely no use for ice wolf in a wolf conqeust match. Besides geying the fk out of your enemies by tossing wanabe ice balls, you die pretty quickly. Refrain from using them too much. They can however be used as openings for your team mates to move in for kills but its still not recommended.

-For human users. Here are a list of whats good to play for maps. Power plant, bridge and paien lab. When choosing for rooms, look out for these, as theres are high chance of winning(unless of course your team sux).

-For wolf users, always take note that spamming of gurdian is a really really cheap tactic for winning. But when losing badly, dont hesitate to use it, just be prepared to be called a noob.

-For wolf users, backstabbing isnt a crime, but many people will insult you for it. Ignore them and go ahead, since going up front most of the time will end up with you winding up dead. This applies to humans too, do not hesitate to backstab.

-For BOTH human and wolf users, let me get this clarified. Humans should stick together, just in case someone gets killed the rest can shoot the killer. They can also cover each other. Wolves should stay away,since most wolves manage fine alone. 2 ghosts camping in the same spot is just plain awkward and stupid.

-For human users, when you finish a clip of ammo and start reloading, dont jus stand there! You will die before you reload completely! Take out your pistol and fire at your enemy, he will most likely die soon, cause if a wolf doesnt die after 20-30 ammo of constant firing something is wrong.(unless of course its a gurdian)

-For human users, I have said this before and I will say it again, DO NOT KNIFE A WOLF.

Okay thats it. Wow thats alot of crap I just said. Oh well peace.