Sunday, 13 December 2009


Gamespot score:6.5(fair)

my score:7.3

(+)pros:-interesting usable characters,-good beat customization system,-free play is fun,-card system is unique

(-)cons:-rather weak story,-small team of usable characters,-unimpressive visuals

gameplay time:10-20 hours(below average)

Draglade is a 2D side scrolling action/fighting game on the DS. This game has been released for quite some time, the 2nd one is out, but Im not too sure about a USA release. Anyway this game is rather "under-rated" by gamespot as some of its player reviews are actually very good. Well Im kinda in for both sides but here is my opinion of the game.

Draglade has no fixed story. It has a total of 8 playable characters,which if you ask me,is damn little. Anyway the story can be played by choosing the 4 of the inital characters. Each one has thier own story,but the stories are pretty much the same, all of them wanna become major grappers. In this game normal people can fight by a style known as "grapping",where they summon thier weapons through the way of music beat style customization. Anyway all of the 4 main characters' story all end up in the same way,so its pretty much lame at times.

Well the story for draglade is weak, but combat wise,draglade has quite a lot to offer to gamers. As a 2D side scrolling game,players will be taking part in a few styles of battle. In story,one will be facing stages,where one scrolls through a 2D level with monsters and robots and ....many random mobs. This is rather boring,though most of the time there will be a mob boss waiting for you at the end. Boss mobs are rather plain and easy,they all have simple patterns to follow and adapt to and then beating them will be a piece of pie(with expection to last boss).

The mob and boss deisgns are rather okay. You have to give credit to the developers as the monsters and bosses require some imagination to make. The monsters are modern day animals with a certain robotish feel to them. They will most of the time look like they have robotic limbs or faces. They also look like they are wearing futuristic armor. Too bad the game isnt too refined on the DS,making the visuals rather plain and sometimes glitchy.The visuals doenst match up to games such as the world ends with you or super robot taisen OG.

Now to cover the last and my favourite part of the game. Player battles. These are found thorughout the game story, you will be battling with other character which may appear as "bosses". They are fun to fight, and most of them can be unlocked, with expection of a few. Player fights are the shine in this game. You are basically fighting someone with equal strenght, they have thier very own moves to pit agaisnt you. To fight against them you can use your own character's moves or use cards which provide supportive aid through the fight. Also, as a special attack, you get to use your beat combo. Beat combos are combos which do massive damage following a certain beat which can be customized. Customizing beats and them testing them against AI players thorugh free play can be satisfying. When you feel like you are ready, head online to display your beat combos. It is very satisfying.

Draglade isnt THE game out there in terms of conclusion and lasting appeal,but this simple side scrolling action game can provide enjoyment and fun to players of the DS out there.

Happy gaming.