Oh yea im almost done.

After the duel go to the stadium where you did the tag duel tornament.Talk to the MC and tell him you're ready.Time to face off against a bastard that you couldnt for a long long time!

deck name:For duel's End!!
deck power:1250
Despite his dam ass ugly as hell face,trudge aint easy.He has quite a few monster removals and he always preps his field and hand for a goyo gurdian synchro summon.A few tips to beat him easy,pack trap cards that kill monsters when they attack(sakuretsu armor,mirror force,dimensional prison etc.),only use them for goyo gurdian,his other monsters are managable,just kill htem via battle.

After the battle,save,then talk to the MC again.Tell him you're ready.

Hunter pace
deck name:wheel on fire!
deck power:1290
Hunter pace packs the 1st ever zombie deck you face on turbo duels.Well,bad news for you,hes pretty hard.Plague spreader zombie,mezuki,ryu kokki,you name it,he has it all.Unlike many of the zombie strategies you have been using,avoid spell cards since speed world is at your disadvantage.Pack more monster removal traps and monsters.

After a fairly challenging match,you're outside again.Save and talk to the MC once again.

deck name:Card bomb!Boom!
deck power:1360
Apparently these fortune cup bastards dont come easy.Heres another annoying customer.He has alot of monster removal packed just for you,so get some handy s/t desturction on the go.He has a summon,magic,trap reactor deck ready for you.They alone arent much of a trouble,but if you are unlucky like me and he manages to get out giant bomber air raid,you're pretty much screwed.

Yes!After the sweet win you're out of the prelimenaries.The game fasts foward a few days which places you back is blister's hideout.After the short talk.head back to the stadium,and you will see luna and leo.Talk to them if you want but if you dont talk to them i dont think it affects the game.Anyway save and talk to MC.Tell him that you're ready.

deck name:fit for a knight
deck power:1420
A disappointing match.How did he even make it past the preliminaries?Anyway,he packs a mystic knight and silent swordsman hybrid deck.Just kill them before they level up and the entire match is smooth sailing.If he uses level up just activate a bottomless trap hole or something.

After the win save in the waiting room,talk to MC again to begin the 2nd match against my favourite character!:)

deck name:cold burning fire
deck power:1450
Ahhhhhhhh!Now shes hot and shes powerful as heck.Her black garden deck has became much stronger.She has stuff like copy plant to let her tune up and synchro some deadly monsters.She still does her camelia trick,expect with many backup cards to prevent its destruction.She has wall of thorns trap card,a bloody gey card that has the same effect as mirror force,so its like she has 3 mirror forces,plus her very own,so 4.GEY.Just try your best and bring many s/t desturction.

After quite a hard fight,save and talk to the MC once more,time for a fight you have been waiting for!

deck name:warriors aligned
deck power:1500
Lol....it seems the real tournament guys are weaker than the preliminary guys(with execption of akiza).I know you have been looking foward to this,but yusei is a disappointment.His deck is just plain dumb,all his monsters are pathetic,the only reason why his difficulty is 2.5,is cuz he has some powerful synchros.Besides all that,hes easy.

After all that,you will pass out and be taken to the crimson dragon altar.Save if you want.At this point,make sure your deck is powerful as heck,cuz the upcoming duels are pure hell.If you need cards head to world championship mode and buy them.My characters,Iris had a lightsworn deck,wil had a tele D.A.D deck.Both won,but iris barely survived with less than 1.5k life points.Anyway,when you're ready,time to face the toughest challenge the game have to offer!You have to win 4 ridiculously hard duels,with 8000 LP!!They wont regenrate after 1 duel,they are carried over!Prepare yourself!

deck name:undead return!
deck power:1550
Another zombie deck...(dam the game sure loves to spam zombie decks).This one is slightly easier than the one you faced with hunter pace.The only problem is that he has some sort of glitch or something.He always seemed to draw zombie world on turn 1,but nevermind.Lightsworn should plunder through this like it is nothing,tele DAD might have slight problems,but with many monster removals its all good.

deck name:cold frozen world
deck power:1550
Hmm,a legendary ocean and ice deck hybrid.It can be troublesome if he manages to stick you in a situation where you cannot attack.Pray that you get your mystical space typhoons or heavy storms when he brings out his gey spells.Lightsworns can win this deck like its nothing,just abuse lynia's ability,or even judgement dragon.Tele DADs shouldnt have a problem if you get dark armed dragon on the field,just abuse his desturction ability.

deck name:just judgement
deck power:1550
Come on everyone,say it with me.I HATE LIGHTSWORNS(not when im using them of course).This guy is nuts.If you are using lightsworns you should know what to expect,he uses gey as hell effects to beath the crap out of you.His lightsworns effects are more than enough to gey you out,let alone thier insane attack points.If you see judgement dragon bottomless trap hole it or something before he uses its effect.Lightsworn decks against this one ranges on how well you built your lightsworn deck,but meh if you are using lightsworn yours should be betther than ganma's.Tele DADs will have problems if you get a good hand.Unlike me,but luckily i dragged the match when i summoned my magical android to heal my Lp to carry over to the next fight.

deck name:dark eq'd dragon
deck power:1550
The strongest tier deck in the game.A tele DAD deck.Seriously unless he gets a bad hand you cant hope to win him.The deck's strategy is to prep the grave for a DAD summoning and removing power dark monsters from play and then re-summonng them via dimension fusion.You may seem like you're winning sometimes but then in 1 turn,he can just kill you.Lightsworn users,this is where you depend on luck,if youre lucky like me then good for you(I had judgement dragon on my field at the last min,and i had around 4.2k LP,so thank god i could still use its effect and live).Tele DAD users,you will just have to see how well your deck is built.I won by summoning DAD and using dark eruption to bring back krebons to synchro summon pyshic lifetrancer,then use DAD's effect to crush all opposition.

After you win,celebrate,the game is as good as clear!!After a short scene,save and go settle 1 last score.

deck name:king's pride
deck power:1580
Bleh,comparing to the lightsworn and tele DAD deck that you just fought,hes a joke.Basically his deck strategy is not known to me,but i think it is the big piece golem-medium piece golem-small piece golem + 1 tuner monster combo.Meh just kill big piece golem and his strategy is destroyed.Overall,quite simple.

After you win,you are the new king!!Enjoy the ending!

Yes!!After months of posting,this project is complete!!I enjoyed this project but it was tiring as well.

2.gamefaqs(helped me when i still had not cleared the game)
3.google(card codes)