Saturday, 26 September 2009

house of the dead 4(arcade edition)

Gamespot score:n/a

my score:8.0

Ok,before i give any bad impressions,this is my 1st arcade game and I know arcades are nothing but places that cheat your money,but there some exclusive games only played there,such is house of the dead 4.

Many gamers that visit arcades will at least know of the insane zombie shooting house of the dead series.Well I just visited the arcade 3 times this week(thats new,even for me)and all of the times,without fail,I have played this game.House of the dead is an arcade shooting game that functions almost like that of the popular time crisis games,where you just spam bullets on hordes of enemies(minus the hiding and shooting).House of the dead 4 is sega's latest house of the dead installment and hell is it badass.Get ready to spam some tokens!

House of the dead isnt a button-fighting based game thus it isnt cheap.2 tokens,no more no less.If you ask me it aint cheap,but hey,what can you say to a game this awesome?If you ask me I think its rather worth.Go give this game a spin you crazy arcade lovers!

Well being an arcade game I didnt really catch the story since my friend was just spaming the skip button.But from the looks of it,it seems that the main character and his collegue are trapped below the subway in an underground research lab,when hordes of zombies start coming after them and them only.It also seems that the main character has some kind of connections with the zombies as he keeps saying that"its happening again" or "its just like 3 years ago".Maybe he is in one of the earlier house of the dead games?I dunno.

This is personally one of my favourite arcade shooting games. The shooting style is great,no fancy hiding/shooting like time crisis.No fancy requirements like saving hostages.Its just holding on the trigger and spamming them all the way!And there is even a grenade system...killing hordes of enemies in one mighty blow.

As for graphics,for a game you have to pay for everytime you play it,I think they are decent.Its slightly better than some of the other 2 token games,which is good,since scenery counts.The zombies look..retarded...just the way they are supposed to be!They come is a real variety,normal guys,axe wielding guys,slimy guys,fat guys,fire gas tank wielding guys and tall guys too.There are even maggots!GOD DAMN FKING MAGGOTS!Killing these zombie hordes are not hard at all,they are pure enjoyment and you feel a great sensation getting to spray your bullets all over thier dead deceased bodies.

Bosses are hard stuff.They are fun,but they are hard stuff.These guys are the main source of all your money scamming.If you can beat them without "game over"ing one time,give yourself a pat on your back.They always look big,grosteque and mostly,awesome!Try your best against these big baddies,hopefully you can best them without having game over.

For an arcade game,I'd say sega did an awesome job.A great game,2 thumbs up.Best played with friends,to feel the enjoyment.

Happy gaming.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

disgaea DS

gamespot score:8.0(great)

my score:7.5

Disgaea,described as an evil strategy RPG with an exceptionally evil main character.This game was originally released for PS2,but since it was so fun it came out for PSP and DS.I have played all the versions,but I got the furthest with the DS version,so im reviewing it today.There is slight or no difference at all between the few versions so dont think that the game is at all different between the DS,PSP and PS2 versions.

The underworld,a place for souls to feast in the afterlife.The demon king has died for 2 years and powerful demons all over the underworld want to take his throne.But in the small unknown area of the demon king's castle lies his sleeping son,who is awaken from his 10 year slumber by his very"humble"vessel,etna.Well the demon prince,laharl,is on a mission to claim the throne that was rightfully his,to do that,he goes through fight after fight against greedy throne claimers.

Disgaea is a strategy RPG with a roughly large amount of gameplay value.Like any other strategy RPG,you select a character on the map,select a place to move to,and end your turn,use an item,cast magic,or attack an opposing enemy.Simple.But your characters dont start together in one area of deployment like many strategy RPGs.In this game,there is a deployment point,where you select it and choose whatever until you want to deploy and just send him or her into the fray.So its like you just spam all your fighters out in an instant to fight the enemies.But of course,you can only send out a selected few amount of fighters to the few,or the game would be terribly easy.Other than that battle on the field is rather simple,with expection of the grid attribute info and some combination attacks,the game is quite easy to understand.

The game doesnt stop here.Laharl,being demon prince,can choose at any time to create fighters to battle for him!Be it brawlers,warriors,clerics,mages,anything!Just name it and you have it,he can even summon demons which he has defeated before!Besides that,if you ever think that the equipment that the shop sells is a tad weak,you can post a bill in the demon court,to increase the quality of the sold items.Now thats reality,in the underworld!There are many other things in the game thats too much to talk about.The characters are also very likeable.The artwork is unique,unique in a way not the way that thy're drawn,but the way they are designed.Who would know that underworld freaks would look so much like humans,and yet to different at the same time!

Overall disgaea is a rather fun and addicting game at the same time that will rob you of most of your daily life for the 1st few days.You will slowly decrease your playtime since training wont get very entertaining later on.Oh yea,there are prinnies too(I did a reveiw on the game Prinny!can i really be the hero).Get it if you're into strategy RPGs or just want to try this genre.If you dont have a DS,you can always get the PS2 or the PSP version.

Happy gaming!

Oh yea im almost done.

After the duel go to the stadium where you did the tag duel tornament.Talk to the MC and tell him you're ready.Time to face off against a bastard that you couldnt for a long long time!

deck name:For duel's End!!
deck power:1250
Despite his dam ass ugly as hell face,trudge aint easy.He has quite a few monster removals and he always preps his field and hand for a goyo gurdian synchro summon.A few tips to beat him easy,pack trap cards that kill monsters when they attack(sakuretsu armor,mirror force,dimensional prison etc.),only use them for goyo gurdian,his other monsters are managable,just kill htem via battle.

After the battle,save,then talk to the MC again.Tell him you're ready.

Hunter pace
deck name:wheel on fire!
deck power:1290
Hunter pace packs the 1st ever zombie deck you face on turbo duels.Well,bad news for you,hes pretty hard.Plague spreader zombie,mezuki,ryu kokki,you name it,he has it all.Unlike many of the zombie strategies you have been using,avoid spell cards since speed world is at your disadvantage.Pack more monster removal traps and monsters.

After a fairly challenging match,you're outside again.Save and talk to the MC once again.

deck name:Card bomb!Boom!
deck power:1360
Apparently these fortune cup bastards dont come easy.Heres another annoying customer.He has alot of monster removal packed just for you,so get some handy s/t desturction on the go.He has a summon,magic,trap reactor deck ready for you.They alone arent much of a trouble,but if you are unlucky like me and he manages to get out giant bomber air raid,you're pretty much screwed.

Yes!After the sweet win you're out of the prelimenaries.The game fasts foward a few days which places you back is blister's hideout.After the short talk.head back to the stadium,and you will see luna and leo.Talk to them if you want but if you dont talk to them i dont think it affects the game.Anyway save and talk to MC.Tell him that you're ready.

deck name:fit for a knight
deck power:1420
A disappointing match.How did he even make it past the preliminaries?Anyway,he packs a mystic knight and silent swordsman hybrid deck.Just kill them before they level up and the entire match is smooth sailing.If he uses level up just activate a bottomless trap hole or something.

After the win save in the waiting room,talk to MC again to begin the 2nd match against my favourite character!:)

deck name:cold burning fire
deck power:1450
Ahhhhhhhh!Now shes hot and shes powerful as heck.Her black garden deck has became much stronger.She has stuff like copy plant to let her tune up and synchro some deadly monsters.She still does her camelia trick,expect with many backup cards to prevent its destruction.She has wall of thorns trap card,a bloody gey card that has the same effect as mirror force,so its like she has 3 mirror forces,plus her very own,so 4.GEY.Just try your best and bring many s/t desturction.

After quite a hard fight,save and talk to the MC once more,time for a fight you have been waiting for!

deck name:warriors aligned
deck power:1500
difficulty:2.5/5 seems the real tournament guys are weaker than the preliminary guys(with execption of akiza).I know you have been looking foward to this,but yusei is a disappointment.His deck is just plain dumb,all his monsters are pathetic,the only reason why his difficulty is 2.5,is cuz he has some powerful synchros.Besides all that,hes easy.

After all that,you will pass out and be taken to the crimson dragon altar.Save if you want.At this point,make sure your deck is powerful as heck,cuz the upcoming duels are pure hell.If you need cards head to world championship mode and buy them.My characters,Iris had a lightsworn deck,wil had a tele D.A.D deck.Both won,but iris barely survived with less than 1.5k life points.Anyway,when you're ready,time to face the toughest challenge the game have to offer!You have to win 4 ridiculously hard duels,with 8000 LP!!They wont regenrate after 1 duel,they are carried over!Prepare yourself!

deck name:undead return!
deck power:1550
Another zombie deck...(dam the game sure loves to spam zombie decks).This one is slightly easier than the one you faced with hunter pace.The only problem is that he has some sort of glitch or something.He always seemed to draw zombie world on turn 1,but nevermind.Lightsworn should plunder through this like it is nothing,tele DAD might have slight problems,but with many monster removals its all good.

deck name:cold frozen world
deck power:1550
Hmm,a legendary ocean and ice deck hybrid.It can be troublesome if he manages to stick you in a situation where you cannot attack.Pray that you get your mystical space typhoons or heavy storms when he brings out his gey spells.Lightsworns can win this deck like its nothing,just abuse lynia's ability,or even judgement dragon.Tele DADs shouldnt have a problem if you get dark armed dragon on the field,just abuse his desturction ability.

deck name:just judgement
deck power:1550
Come on everyone,say it with me.I HATE LIGHTSWORNS(not when im using them of course).This guy is nuts.If you are using lightsworns you should know what to expect,he uses gey as hell effects to beath the crap out of you.His lightsworns effects are more than enough to gey you out,let alone thier insane attack points.If you see judgement dragon bottomless trap hole it or something before he uses its effect.Lightsworn decks against this one ranges on how well you built your lightsworn deck,but meh if you are using lightsworn yours should be betther than ganma's.Tele DADs will have problems if you get a good hand.Unlike me,but luckily i dragged the match when i summoned my magical android to heal my Lp to carry over to the next fight.

deck name:dark eq'd dragon
deck power:1550
The strongest tier deck in the game.A tele DAD deck.Seriously unless he gets a bad hand you cant hope to win him.The deck's strategy is to prep the grave for a DAD summoning and removing power dark monsters from play and then re-summonng them via dimension fusion.You may seem like you're winning sometimes but then in 1 turn,he can just kill you.Lightsworn users,this is where you depend on luck,if youre lucky like me then good for you(I had judgement dragon on my field at the last min,and i had around 4.2k LP,so thank god i could still use its effect and live).Tele DAD users,you will just have to see how well your deck is built.I won by summoning DAD and using dark eruption to bring back krebons to synchro summon pyshic lifetrancer,then use DAD's effect to crush all opposition.

After you win,celebrate,the game is as good as clear!!After a short scene,save and go settle 1 last score.

deck name:king's pride
deck power:1580
Bleh,comparing to the lightsworn and tele DAD deck that you just fought,hes a joke.Basically his deck strategy is not known to me,but i think it is the big piece golem-medium piece golem-small piece golem + 1 tuner monster combo.Meh just kill big piece golem and his strategy is destroyed.Overall,quite simple.

After you win,you are the new king!!Enjoy the ending!

Yes!!After months of posting,this project is complete!!I enjoyed this project but it was tiring as well.

2.gamefaqs(helped me when i still had not cleared the game) codes)

Friday, 18 September 2009

Jak 2

Gamespot score:9.1(editor's choice)

my score:8.2

Oh yea time for a game of awesomeness.Sorry for not posting over the past...*ahem*,week.Busy with prelims and other PSP and PS2 stuff.Really crazy.Anyway,here is jak 2,an editor's choice game for the PS2.Honestly,overrated,but,it still is fun.It is an adventure game,which is a genre i seldem even touch.If I play it,it means its that great.This game is extremely long lasting and will last any casual player for a long time.

Ok,Ive never played the 1st game,but i still fairly understand the game story.Jak and his friends built some sort of time travel portal machine.When they used it,well they screwed up and went into the future of haven city,where jak got captured and experimented on dark eco.Two years later,daxter,his pal,saved him(sure took his time).And the game starts,with jak finding out more about his new dark powers.He does other stuff such as joins resistances,work for bastards,enter insane race cups and explore ruins that noone would ever want to.Awesome eh?The game never stops,going from street to street,avenue to avenue,haven city is just huge for a person like jak to explore.

As an adventure game,it really is simple.You need to get to a point of a stage,but to do so,enemies stand in your way.Well what to do,either bash them up or shoot them up.Simple?Duh.Well the stages in Jak 2 have a huge variety,altough you will be doing some revisisting,new monsters/mobs will appear,giving players a different taste.

Well some of the enmies you will encounter...the crimson guards.The dudes who implanted dark eco into Jak.They are weak shyts and they just die in a matter of punches and kicks.They however have bosses such as gigantic tankers and even squid like battle ships that kick the shyt out of you.Nasty.

Next we have metal heads.These are alien like monsters with yellow gems for eyes.They come in many varieties,big or small,thin or fat,4 legs or 16 legs,flying or walking...Ill stop here.Anyway you get the picture.For metal head bosses,you have big ass centepedes and other crap.

There are other enemies but there are too many to list,the game provides all.

Besides kill mobs,there is just so much!!You have an awesome disposal of weapons to use to slaughter any crimson guards or metal head in your way.You have a shockwave weapon that blasts all enemies way,or a yellow laser blaster,firing the f*** out of your foes.Also,the free roaming factor is awesome,you go around,hijacking flying cars(yes the cars are flying),going around crashing into others for fun.But hijacking crimson guards' cars or attacking them on the road will alert the entire crimson guard faction to come after you.Woot,its awesome.

Theres not just wacking and shooting for jak.There are certain missions that require him to use his skate board,which can rack up seriously nice stunts.Oh yea,the skateboard can be used to wack enemies too(who knew).There are also insane racing missions and sneaking missions,too awesome.
Jak 2 is all fun,but the difficulty factor is annoying.One wack from the enemy takes off 2 life points,and jak has only,8 life points.Jak 2 will also keep you playing in a way that you will keep losing and will want to keep retrying to clear that part,now thats the work of a gamer.
Overall a great gaming experience.This was one of my 1st PS2,I was looking through my stack of games when I saw this,then I reminded myself of good times.Recommended to ALL gamers.

Happy gaming.

Thursday, 10 September 2009

best game character:10 september 09

Been 2 months already hm?Oh well didnt have much time so here is today's best game character.

Naoya,originated from shin megami tensei:devil survivor(which I should comment on is an extremely awesome game),is much like a person with evil intentions.He,being the main character's cousin,is helpful at times,but on the other hand,he wants to kill god and his angels!Damn cant help but likeing the fact that he is sooo bad,but is on the good side since he wants to help you...become demon king.

Naoya appears early in the game,warning the main character and his friends about the lockdown and strange things that are going to happen,as well as telling them to stay alive for the next 7 days.Well apparently everything came true,so I think he is kinda psyhic.But it is cool!!Imagine that the day before a demon invasion that is not known to world is about to happen and someone you know pops up,tells you to survive and it all happens!

Being a "mystery helper".Naoya suprisingly never appears for the next 60% of the game.The main character and his friends survive for 5 damn days,and suddenly,he appears again.The good guys,who have suspected that he must have known something,searched for him for 3 whole days,but to no avail,and naoya just godamn pops up,summoning demons to challenge them.

Not bad for a mystery helper.

Naoya fights like the rest of the characters in the game,via summoning demons and using magics and skills of his own.Naoya,being the scheme-making kinda person he is,has very high int,meaning he will do god knows how many damage when casting spells.

Overall,naoya is a badass guy whose personality is that of a helpful game master,whose objective is to wipe out all players in the game that he so called creates.He helps the good guys,but at the same time traumatises them with non-sensicle riddles and tough as nail challenges,so awesome!

Here is a pic I found from the net,awesomeness!Naoya is the one in the far background,the one with the green coat,see his awesome pose!!Or rather,see the awesome picture!!!


Tuesday, 8 September 2009

summon night:twin age

Gamespot score:7.0(good)

my score:7.3

Here it is.Actually,theres nth special about this game lol.Its just that it was my birthday present last year,or was it the year before.Lol cant remember.Anyway,those who played summon night swordcraft story on the GBA should think that this game should be something familiar.Actually this game is different.I was expected the GBA kind of gameplay,the old summon night was awesome,I absolutely loved the gameplay,and the story wasnt half bad too.Well this summon night is different,and different in a bad way.I prefered the old one alot.But well this game is actually pretty good too,i didnt regret buying it and managed to finish the entire game without complaining.

Well,the story is about a boy and a girl.Actually its a summon beast and a girl.Aldo,the summon beast,with an appearence like a human boy,has been living with reiha for ages.They became like brother and sister.One day,around the area they are living in,the spirits suddenly starting acting weird,causing monsters to go gaga.They fought and after that decided to invesigate what happened to the spirits.Along the way they form allies with many of thier interestingly designed friends and a few annoying enemies.

Well,summon night twin age is the easiest DS game I have played.The entire game itself is stylus played,making gameplay so dam easy.On the field,you get to choose to play as aldo or reiha,and just use your stylus to tap away.Tapping an enemy attacks it.Tapping a skill along the side screen and then tapping an enemy again executes the skill on the enemy.Easy peasy.

Though game controls are easy,the monsters and bosses are nothing like that.Oftenly later on,monsters will gang you like utter losers,causing you to die like a prideless asshole.Some of the later bosses also have devastating AOE attacks,wiping out the entire team in one blow,its not that easy at all.But,like many games,the counter to these well,training.Training is key.

Besides all that,on the field the characters are pure tiny.I think they are designed that way to look "cute".Any way,during story conversations,I like the personalities of the characters,they are likable and thier portraits aint half bad.A thumbs up for such good drawings on the characters.

Overall,quite an okay game.Nothing too good,nothing too bad.I would recommend this game to casual players who are looking for an easy to understand game to play.Peace.

Happy gaming.

Friday, 4 September 2009

marvel vs capcom 2

Gamespot score:7.0(good)

my score:7.5

Welcome to PS2's marvel and capcom 2D platform fighting crossover game.Marvel vs capcom 2 provides massive fanservice for marvel and capcom fans(obviously).With characters like ryu,megaman and chunli taking the stage for capcom,or cyclops,wolverine and spiderman fighting for marvel,what can go wrong?Basically,nothing,this game is obviously fun,but leaves too much to be desired,since the characters dont have much moves in the command list.

No story,duh,a crazy 2D fighting game is thats all there is to this game.Well,you play through 7 stages of insane fighting with no story link whatsoever and you land up fighting the final boss abyss with 3 forms.Well,pretty ok for a fighting game.

This game's characters may have little moves,but the game character roster is HUGE.With a total of 52 characters with 26 from marvel and 26 from capcom,this game is a 3 on 3 fight,so the team possibilities are almost unlimited.With team-worked special skills,you can wipe the opposite team of 1 of thier members in no time.

The thing about this game is that,if you have friends to play with,it gets more enjoyable.You get to feel the heat and tension through battle and experience fun like you never experienced through arcade mode.

Well the bad side to this game is..the unlocking of characters.Every time you clear something,you get points,and points are needed to buy characters.Some characters require a HUGE amount of points,meaning you have to clear arcade mode around 3 or 4 times just to buy that 1 character.The other bad only start with 20 characters,that means you have to unlock 32 characters.Better start playing arcade mode.

Well this game is for the PS2,but it is also available in arcades.In arcades,the gameplay difficulty is much harder than it is on the PS2.You know why?Cause the arcade machine wants to con your money.To top it off,the arcade machine has this dam ANNOYING feature that when you are playing through arcade mode,someone opposite you in the arcade inserts a token.....initiating a battle against him...and most arcade challengers are crazy veterans,meaning that they will pawn you...thus scamming yet another token of yours.I recommend the PS2 version more than the arcade mode,you will get more fun and playtime out of it.

Well to all who want to get this game,get the PS2 version,do not play the arcade version,unless you have free money to spare.

Happy gaming.