Tuesday, 2 June 2009

best game character:2 june 09

Yay,today we talk about naoto XD.Look at the picture>>.A guy? Or
a girl?The answer is,well,its a girl.The boyish -girlish tomboy ace detective is originated from persona 4.Being the last character who joins the party in the game,she got her persona when she confessed that she did not cherish herself for who she was as she had always wanted to be a boy,since boys are usually detectives,not girls.

Well despite that because of her doubts in herself and not wanting to accept her other self,her shadow went berserk and the party had to face it(disappointing though, it was quite easy).After that she joins and confesses that she is a girl.Altough she is a tomboy and always wears a male uniform to school,there is no denying that she is cuter and much hotter than the other in-game females XD.

If you actually decide to date her for chrismas she wears her female uniform,which she looks absolutely adorable!!Anyway time for her fighting style,being an ace detective a pistol is her weapon of choice,and her persona is a fly like thing that is around only 1/4 her size,its name is sukuna-hikona and when evolved it becomes yamato-takeru.Her fighting style in battle is cool,her stance and battle speeches and winning poses and all,one might actually mistaken her for a boy.

This is what naoto looks like as her persona,like a little fairy :D.She has the maniless and coolness as a boy and the body and face of a cute and sexy female,that is what makes her deserve the best game character title.
"I dont think this is a game either,"-naoto shirogane